The official My Hero Academia Twitter account released a new action-packed teaser showcasing a number of the students from both Class 1-A and Class 1-A as they face off in the Joint Training Battles.

Source: My Hero Academia Twitter

The new teaser comes as the show’s fifth season is set to debut on March 27 in Japan.

Take a look.

The show’s fifth season will be adapting the Joint Training Battle Arc from the manga, which was covered between Chapters 195 and 216.

The fifth season will put a bigger spotlight on the students from Class 1-B and their Quirks as they face off against the students of Class 1-A in a series of battles.

Source: My Hero Academia Twitter

Not only will class 1-B be sharing the spotlight, but General Studies student Hitoshi Shinso takes part in the exercises and in fact participates in battles against both Class 1-A and Class 1-B.

With pretty much all of Class 1-B’s Quirks not really showcased since the Sports Festival as well as the return of Shinso, My Hero Academia’s fifth season promises tons of action that will push Deku to his limit.

It begins on March 27th in Japan. HITC reports the that March 27th episode will be a recap episode with the first episode of Season 5 debuting on Saturday, April 3rd.

What are you most looking forward to in My Hero Academia Season 5?

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