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Today, we’ve got more stupid, including Joe Biden, Kathy Griffin, the city of Oakland, CA, and a particularly sh–ty Black Lives Matter protestor.

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1. Joe Biden’s Train Of Thought Goes Off The Rails, Off A Cliff, Into A River

Ah, Joe Biden. That old Daily Stupid mainstay.

On March 25th, during the first press conference of his Presidential career, President Biden was asked about his thoughts on the ongoing debate surrounding the elimination of the filibuster.

After speaking for over a minute on how he “strongly supports moving in that direction”, Biden eventually boasted that he had “never been particularly poor at calculating how to get things done in the United States Senate.” Yet, mere seconds after he spoke so highly of his own competency, he lost his train of thought so badly that his entire speech devolved into incoherent babbling.

I can’t believe this is the man who is currently in charge of the United States. A man prone to severely regular forgetfulness, who almost seems like he doesn’t know what room he’s in. And yet he’s trying to earnestly convince us that he’s able-minded enough to make tough decisions regarding changes to America’s political system?

This entire moment is just incredibly, incredibly stupid.

2. Kathy Griffin Doubles Down On Covington Kids

Remember when the media accused students from Covington Catholic High School of being racists for mocking and disrespecting an Indigineous Peoples’ march in Washington, D.C., only for it to be later proven that they were, in fact, the ones being harassed and insulted?

If you do, you may remember that among the many, many blue checkmarks on Twitter who self-righteously defamed the students was Kathy Griffin.

Archive Link Source: Kathy Griffin Twitter

At the time, the failing comedian called for the students to be doxxed and accused the school’s basketball team of throwing up a ‘white power’ symbol during a basketball game (as she falsely believes the ‘ok’ sign is a white power sign), failing to realize that the gesture is commonly used in the sport to signal and celebrate three-point shots.

Source: Kathy Griffin Twitter

Now, despite the aforementioned disproving of the media’s narrative surrounding the Covington Students, Griffin has decided to double down on her defamatory tweets.

Archive Link Source: Kathy Griffin Twitter

On March 26th, Griffin announced to her Twitter followers that the Covington Catholic students, who had lost their previous bid to sue her over her calls to dox them, “are appealing the Kentucky state court’s dismissal of their case against me for tweets I sent out during the incident on the national mall. They want $$$ and to set a precedent.”

“I will not back down,” concluded Griffin. “Ever.”

Archive Link Source: Kathy Griffin Twitter

Imagine being so full of yourself that you cannot admit, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, including videos and apologies from a number of those who made similar accusations, that you were in the wrong. 

Welcome to the Daily Stupid, Griffin. We’ll see you the next time you need attention.

3. Oakland, CA, Excludes White Families From New Low-Income UBI

On March 23rd, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf announced that low-income families would begin to receive a no-strings attached universal basic income of $500 a month, courtesy of the privately funded Oakland Resilient Families program.

While this is great news for the poor families of Oakland, there is a catch, as these benefits will only be available to the city’s black, indigenous, and “people of color” communities. In other words, white families are specifically excluded from the program, even if they would normally qualify to receive the monthly payments.

Source: Black Panther (2018), Marvel Studios

The fund argues that white households in Oakland on average make about three times as much annually than black households, citing research by the Oakland Equity Index.

Yet, the city-funded project fails to distinguish between the recent influx of wealthy white residents from the surrounding areas and its resident population of low-income white families, grouping them together in one generalized ‘white’ category.

In fact, by the OEI’s own admission in their most recent report, published in 2018, they identified that 8.4% of the cities low-income residents were white. So what happens to them? Apparently, they’re S.O.L.

However, there’s also another reason why white families are excluded. In the words of Jesús Gerena, whose Family Independence Initiative is a partner of Oakland Resilient Families, it’s being done to honor the legacy of the Black Panther political party.

“Guaranteed income has been a goal of the Black Panther platform since its founding,”  said Gerena. “Direct investment in the community in response to systemic injustices isn’t new.”

Congratulations, Oakland politicians. Not only have you lost the Raiders, but you’ve also lost any shred of integrity, as your city will now stand as an example of the racist endgame of critical race and social justice theory. You’ve proven just how stupid you are.

4. Black Lives Matter Protester Arrested For Smearing Feces on Statue of Abraham Lincoln

On February 1st, a statue of Abraham Lincoln found in the city of Boise, Idaho’s Julia State Park was defaced by Black Lives Matter protestors who draped it in a BLM flag, and covered it in paint and fecal matter. They also placed a sign asserting that “the prison industrial complex is modern day slavery” in the monuments hands.

Source: KTCB, Sharon Culley (2021)

Now, just a little under two months later, authorities have reportedly arrested 37-year old Black Lives Matter activist and Boise State University associate professor Terry Wilson in relation to the February vandalization after physical and electronic evidence led law enforcement officers to secure a warrant for his arrest.

According to a police press release, Wilson attempted to flee as they arrested him, but “officers chased after Wilson and were able to stop him and take him into custody, at which time Wilson was found to be in possession of a firearm, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.” 

Source: Ada County Sheriff’s Department

They further noted that after his arrest, “Wilson was taken to the hospital and was medically cleared before being booked into the Ada County Jail.” He has since been charged with “several misdemeanor counts, including injuring monuments, ornaments and public improvements, resisting and obstructing officers, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Wilson’s actions speak for themselves. What a sh–ty way to make the Daily Stupid.

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