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Today, we’ve got more stupid including Canadian police raiding a church, people getting V tattoos, a BLM activist threatening riots, and Mimosa girl.

Let’s get to it.

1. Canadian Police

Canadian police raided GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada.

Rebel News reporter Ezra Levant reported earlier today that “Alberta govt agents are raiding Grace Life Church in Edmonton, erecting fences on the property to lock down the church.”

Source: Ezra Levant Twitter

In a subsequent tweet he revealed, “I count thirteen vehicles as part of this police raid on a church. They’re erecting steel fences around it. Like China does when they uncover an illegal ‘house church’. Except this is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The same church whose pastor was thrown in prison for 35 days.”

Rebel News reporter Sheila Gunn Reid further reported that “GraceLife is being walled off by two layers of security fencing and a black tarp to obscure the entrance to the church.”

She added, “RCMP and private Paladin security are here. RCMP have no documentation to present to the church re: closure, but are keeping members off the property.”

Twitter user Thersiasmith52 shared a photo of the fencing to Twitter. She wrote, “Police and security are putting up a fence around Gracelife! Please pray for wisdom as our elders navigate this new development!”

Source: Thersiasmith52 Twitter

It’s unclear why the police have raided the church, but the church’s pastor James Coates was previously arrested back in March and spent 35 days in the Edmonton Remand Centre for violating lockdown laws.

It’s probably safe to assume Canadian authorities are shutting down the church due to lockdown laws. It’s utterly stupid. But worse than that it’s evil. The government should not be preventing people from worshipping God.

2. V Tattoos

Twitter user PonoPuck showed off his stupidity when he responded to Twitter user Mmpadellan.

Mmpadellan tweeted, “I don’t get what’s the big deal about the vaccine passports. When I finally get mine, I’ll flash it with pride. And I’ll continue to wear my mask as long as it’s recommended.”

Source: Mmpadellan Twitter

In response to this, PonoPuck shared a photo of a V tattoo and wrote, “I got a vaccine tattoo. V for vaccine, v for victory over ignorance and bigotry. I wear it with pride.”

Source: PonoPuck Twitter

That v doesn’t stand for vaccine or victory. It stands for vacuous. Who in their right mind is going to get a tattoo saying they got a vaccine. Only vacuous people like PonoPuck that’s who.

3. BLM Activist

Black Lives Matter activist Maya Echols posted a video to TikTok threatening that cities will be on fire if the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial does not find Chauvin guilty.

Echols has since deleted the TikTok, but it was shared to Twitter by Disclose TV.

Echols states, “If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced. Just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just saying.”

Just cue the Billy Madison clip. That’s how utterly stupid this is.

4. Mimosa Girl

TikTok user Autumncathey6 posted to the social media website a video of her enjoying bottomless mimosas. 

The video shows a compilation of people sharing how many mimosas they’ve had. Eventually, it gets to a man saying he’s had all the flights of mimosas. The video then cuts to Cathey climbing on the top of a man’s shoulders.

From there, it cuts to her bleeding from the mouth and a number of her front teeth knocked out.

 Take a look.


Bottomless mimosas are a drug // wait till the end. TikTok took it down

♬ original sound – Autumn Cathey

Cathey would eventually post an update revealing her video was “from a month ago” and that was “able to have all my teeth put back in almost immediately and finally my smile is back to normal.”


My last video was from a month ago, luckily I was able to have all my teeth put back in almost immediately and finally my smile is back to normal! 

♬ original sound – Autumn Cathey

Cue the Back to the Future clip. This is about as stupid as jumping in front of a car!

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