Supergirl Cast Shares Their Frustration On Social Media After Arkansas Bans Gender-Affirming Healthcare To Transgender Youth

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Earlier this week, Arkansas became the first state to ban transgender drugs and surgery for minors, and the insufferably woke cast of The CW’s Supergirl show are outraged over this recent news.

Source: Supergirl Season 4 Episode 19 (2019), DC Entertainment

To contextualise, this new law, HB 1570, will prevent physicians from providing transgender people under the age of 18 with gender-affirming treatment, including puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and sex reassignment surgeries.

The Arkansas legislature actually overrode Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s (R) veto of the new state law, which would’ve actually allowed physicians to provide the aforementioned treatment to transgender individuals.

Source: Batgirl v4 Issue #19 (2013), DC Comics

As it is to be expected, some of Hollywood’s more woke individuals, took to Twitter to express their opinions on the matter, including a number of Supergirl’s cast and crew members

In response to Arkansas’ new law, Transgender actress Nicole Maines, who portrays the similarly transgender superhero Dreamer in the series, wrote, “This will hurt kids. You should all be ashamed.”

A transgender activist herself, Maines’ character Nia Nal came out as transgender during episode 19 of the show’s season 4, in what is arguably one of the series’ wokest scenes.

Source: Nicole Maines, Twitter

It didn’t stop there, as Maines takes things one step farther. Twitter user @Kimsky242 asked “as someone who did take puberty blockers, how do you think your life would be different now if you were denied them?”

“I wouldn’t be alive,” Maines responded, while heavily implying that suicide was on the table had it not been for puberty blockers.

Maines’ response is very irresponsible, even if it comes from experience, since comments like that can end up triggering someone and leading them to commit suicide. Someone who has over 69K followers on Twitter, plays a character in a popular TV show, and is considered an influencer should know better.

Source: Nicole Maines, Twitter

Echoing Nicole Maines’ sentiment on the new law, Alex Danvers actress Chyler Leigh expressed her opinion that “This a matter of LIFE & DEATH for transgender youth!!!#TransRightsAreHumanRights.” 

Leigh’s character, much like Nicole Maines’ Dreamer, is also a member of the LGBTQ community, coming out as a lesbian in season 2 of Supergirl. Leigh is also a lesbian in real life, so her response to Arkansas’ new law shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Source: Chyler Leigh, Twitter

Lex Luthor actor Jon Cryer is the one member of the cast who seems the most outraged over and willing to take a political bent to the news, blaming Republicans for the passing of HB 1570.

“Elected Republicans think that they can win politically by denying the basic humanity of trans people,” read Cryer’s post on his Twitter account. He added that the legal change is “truly disgusting”  included the TransRightsAreHumanRights hashtag.

In case you’re wondering, Jon Cryer isn’t a member of the LGBTQ community, nor is the character he plays. As of this writing, the CW’s Lex Luthor is still a white straight male…for now, at least.

Source: Jon Cryer, Twitter

Here’s where things get rather interesting, as Supergirl writer Eric Carrasco only stated, “This is sickening.”

Not interesting enough? His response is expected, but what’s fascinating is what follows, since he didn’t stop there and decided to go the extra mile in one of his replies.

Source: Eric Carrasco, Twitter

In response to Twitter user @AjC1138, who asked “What is wrong with the middle of the country?”, Carrasco wrote “It’s just the people in power.”

“Plenty of people in Arkansas aren’t like this, including the people who’ll be harmed by this,” he added. “But everyone who voted to overturn this veto is a monster, and I wish them nothing but misery.”

Source: Eric Carrasco, Twitter

Carrasco wishes nothing but misery to those who voted to override the veto of Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson(R). Is this the level of moral high ground that leftist, woke SJWs seem to hold? Just riveting.

What do you make of the comments by the Supergirl cast? Let us know in the comments section down below or on social media.

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