Woke Hollywood Elitist Seth Rogen Calls Texas Senator Ted Cruz A Fascist And Attempts To Define Their Ongoing Social Media Feud

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The apparent “feud” between woke Hollywood elitist, comedian, and left-wing activist Seth Rogen and Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon – at least, not after what the Superbad actor recently said about the politician.

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The feud between Rogen and Cruz has been going on for a while, with the most recent exchange between the two took place in January of this year when Cruz shared an article that criticised President Joe Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, to which Rogen simply replied with “F*** off you fascist.”

Cruz retaliated by calling out the comedian’s hypocrisy, especially coming from a Hollywood elitist like Seth Rogen. “Charming, civil, educated response,” replied Cruz. “If you’re a rich, angry Hollywood celebrity, today’s Dems are the party for you. If you’re blue-collar, if you’re a union member, if you work in energy or manufacturing…not so much.”

Source: Ted Cruz, Twitter

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Recently, the Pineapple Express actor decided to once again call Cruz a fascist, insulting the Senator and attempting to justify the descriptor during his latest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

When Colbert asked Rogen about his “Not-A-Feud” with Ted Cruz, the actor stated “I guess feud implies equal ground.”

“If someone’s trying to murder someone with a baseball bat, and someone’s yelling at that person to stop. Is that a feud between the baseball bat wielder and the person yelling at the baseball bat wielder?” Rogen continued. “I don’t know if that’s a feud. Feud implies two people hitting each other with baseball bats.”

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, YouTube

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The actor went on to further assert “Ted Cruz is a fascist,” adding that “[Cruz] denies the reality of the election.”

Rogen then went on to make quite the accusation against Cruz, claiming that “His words caused people to die,” excusing his own hypocrisy by telling Colbert that “I’m making jokes about it. Is that a feud? I don’t know. To me it doesn’t sound like a feud.”

“To me it seems like I’m pointing out the fact that he is a terrible man whose words have resulted in death,” Rogen repeated.

Source: Invincible Season 1 Episode 2 “Here Goes Nothing” (2021), Amazon Studios

It didn’t stop there, however, since Rogen then went on to make an analogy that basically argued that Republicans want to destroy the country.

“It speaks to what I think is a bigger problem in America, which is a false equivalency…” the actor continued, adding, “and I was going to use the term ‘between the right and the left,’ which makes it seem like two appendages of the same creature, which I don’t think it is.”

Source: The Interview(2014) Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Rogen then asserted, “I think one is a creature and the other one’s just trying to stop it from destroying the country,” going back to his definition of feud, adding that “So, I don’t know if, like… is that a feud? Are those two things on the same level?”

Once again, Rogen attempted to explain his concept of the feud by using baseball as an example.

“I think it’s easy to say, like, that maybe the left feels ineffective in comparison to how they should,” explained the comedian. “It’s like if you were playing baseball and you’re trying to get a lot of runs and the other team is trying to bludgeon you to death. Is it shocking that you aren’t scoring as many runs as maybe you should be scoring?”

“No. The other team is just trying to beat you to death with baseball bats,” concluded Rogen.

You can watch the full interview down below:

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However, thanks to the people over at Fox News, who got in touch with Cruz for comment regarding the actor’s unfounded comments, we also have a formal response to Rogen from Cruz’s team.

“We know Sen. Cruz is busy fighting to save the country from Biden’s disastrous policies. It’s surprising to see that he’s living rent free in Seth Rogen’s head at the same time,” read the statement issued by a spokesperson for Senator Cruz.

Unsurprisingly, Cruz was not without his supporters on social media.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman actor Dean Cain — who, like the iconic superhero also stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way — called out Seth Rogen’s hypocrisy, and the replies to the actor’s tweet are definitely worth taking a look at.

Source: Dean Cain, Instagram

“Well @sethrogan doesn’t seem to understand what the term ‘fascist’ means…,” wrote Cain in response to Rogen’s interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “And his analogies are terrible and wrong, but sure-let him try and define ‘feud.'”

Source: Dean Cain, Twitter

Conservative YouTubers Keith and Kevin Hodge showed their support for Senator Ted Cruz on Dean Cain’s tweet, simply replying, “@SenTedCruz Cruz owns @Sethrogen.”

Source: @hodgetwins, Twitter

“One thing I appreciate about Seth, his movies always have profound subtext as a cautionary tale against fascists,” said @FartyMeldmanEyz, before revealing, “I’m just kidding. I haven’t seen any of his movies.”

Source: @FartyMeldmanEyz, Twitter

Making allusion to Rogen’s rather confusing analogies, @AmandineAnne_ mentioned that “He doesn’t even make sense !!!”

They’re not wrong; his analogies truly don’t make any sense.

Source: @AmandineAnne_, Twitter

“Did his strange breathing/gasps for air make anyone else really uncomfortable?” asked Twitter user @NosDontLie after watching Rogen’s interview.

Source: @NosDontLie, Twitter

Addressing what Rogen said about the Right and the Left not being part of the same appendage, @MarkSchuth said, “Yeah Seth, the Left is so far removed from reality..from everything that is American…that there is no way we’re parts of the same entity any more.”

Source: @MarkSchuth, Twitter

“My grandfather fought fascists, I heard the stories about what he was up against,” asserted @ws29100681.”Cruz is not a fascist.”

Source: @ws29100681, Twitter

@adam_hamby facetiously excused the actor’s behaviour, stating, “In his defense, Seth Rogen has the intellectual capability of a beached starfish.”

Source: @adam_hamby, Twitter

“Is Seth Rogen related to Biden?” asked @John92800535 after listening to Rogen try to convey a single, coherent idea.

Source: @John92800535, Twitter

@LarryLarrym614 criticised Rogen, but also praised him for the work he and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen have done via their HFC nonprofit organisation raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

“He has Canadian public education and let’s face it probably didn’t do well,” hypothesised the user. “Then add in the fact he’s high most of the time. So his brain is a little scrambled.”

“At least he does good stuff for Alzheimer’s charity. His heart is good for some things,” the user concluded.

Source: @LarryLarrym614, Twitter

What do you make of Seth Rogen’s comments against Senator Ted Cruz? Let us know in the comments section down below or on social media.

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