Academy Award-Winning Actor Jon Voight Has Some Harsh Words For “Liberal Non-Thinkers” Who Promote Antisemitism

Source: Verdict with Ted Cruz, YouTube

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight took to social media to share his opinion on the attacks against the Jewish people as a result of the recent conflict between Israel and Palestine; wholeheartedly condemning the attacks.

“How do I approach this matter? How can we see the truth? What’s wrong with everyone? Can’t you see this horror?” asked Voight in a statement shared on his personal Twitter account.

The Coming Home (1978) actor continued, “I’m sick and tired of you, followers, you liberal non-thinkers who only follow and bash and don’t see what the truths are. The Jews have been attacked for centuries. Hitler took down millions of innocent Jews and babies, and put them in gas chambers.”

“What is wrong with you all? How dare you attack the righteous souls of God’s highest truths in our own streets in Beverly Hills?”

Voight went on to express his disappointment in what he labels as “liberal fools,” and stated that their lack of values are actually harming our society.

“What are you? You liberal fools. That’s right. Fools,” Voight fervently asserts.

Source: CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube

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Voight then adds, “What have you been taught to do? Ruin lives. Steal. Distort the idea of freedom. Freedom is the American dream. The Jewish man was taught to love, honour, and respect the morals of the Ten Commandments.”

Voight proceeds to explain that the United States as a nation stands with Israel and reasserts his stance on the hypocrisy of liberals, calling them a disgrace to our world.

“What are you liberals teaching? Taking down Israel? You claim to be good. You are a disgrace to this planet earth. We as a nation will stand with Israel, and we will not allow your barbaric words of injustice to destroy God’s land. This holy land where Jesus crossed over,” adds Voight.

Source: Jon Voight, Twitter

The Academy Award-winning actor reassures that “We and God will take down anyone who will destroy any innocent soul. The power of God.”

“You antisemitic fools will pay the price when God intervenes, because no man will destroy God’s land, Israel, the Holy Land of miracles and prayer,” added Voight. He closed with a “God bless.”

Jon Voight is a devout Catholic but his message transcends the boundaries of religion, since he’s mainly calling out liberals who have been randomly targeting Jews after the most recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out. Voight’s powerful message condemns antisemitism in all of its forms.

Source: Ben Shapiro, YouTube

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Jews have been randomly targeted by pro-Palestine protestors, and the attacks have been on the rise ever since, but we don’t see many Hollywood celebrities condemning these attacks.

Take left-leaning celebrities, for example. Actors like Mark Ruffalo and Gal Gadot have been eaten alive for speaking out, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think more people do condemn these acts but are afraid to be targeted by the cancel culture mob.

What do you make of Jon Voight condemning liberals for perpetrating attacks against Jewish people? Let us know in the comments section down below or on social media.

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