A resurfaced interview of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland from the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour sees the actor claim he pitched a “really passionate sex scene” for Spider-Man.

The interview resurfaced when Capital FM shared part of it to their official TikTok channel to wish Holland a happy birthday earlier this week. 



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The clip begins with Holland stating, “I was writing scenes and writing ideas and coming up with set pieces and just sending them off to Marvel. And a lot of them they were like, ‘No dude that’s a terrible idea.'”

He did reveal that they did incorporate some of his ideas, but he didn’t say which ones.

Holland explained, “But then there were a couple that they took and they are in the movie and stuff. It’s a movie that I’m like really, really involved in, not just as an actor.”

Source: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Holland would then be asked, “I want to know the scenes that weren’t involved. What was the one that you were like come on?”

The actor responded, “One of the scenes was a really passionate sex scene and they were like, ‘Noooo. I don’t think so.'”

In a separate interview promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home, he also joked about including a naked Spider-Man in the third film in the franchise, which is now titled Spider-Man: No Way Home.

At around the 6:30 mark in the above video, Jacob Batalon begins discussing a boxer outfit that’s available on Marvel’s Spider-Man game for the PlayStation. 

As the conversation continued, Holland suggested, “Maybe that’s what we should do in Spider-Man 3. We should do naked Spider-Man.”

Whether or not we will see a nude Spider-Man will have to wait until December when Spider-Man: No Way Home is expected to arrive in theaters.

Source: Spider-Man: Far From Home

What do you make of Holland’s comments? Do you think he was being serious or simply having a bit of fun with the interview? Or maybe a little bit of both?

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