Allegiance Arts Reveals Exclusive Look At Their New IndieGoGo Campaign For “The Saints” Graphic Novel

Source: The Saints

Allegiance Arts launched a brand new IndieGoGo campaign for their upcoming graphic novel The Saints from writer Mike Baron, artist Christian Rosado, and letterer Eric Weathers.

Not only did they recently launch the new IndieGoGo campaign, but they gave an exclusive look at a number of the pages from the 52-page graphic novel.


Source: The Saints

The book follows a world-renowned archaeologist named Jean Marc LaPointe as he is recruited into The Saints.

The official description reads, “On the cusp of a discovery that would rewrite history, world-renowned archeologist Jean Marc LaPointe finds himself in the crosshairs of dark and dangerous conspirators that will go to any length to keep their secrets.”

It continues, “LaPointe, now an international fugitive with nowhere left to run, is recruited by The Saints, a covert society guarding secrets too terrible to be known and tasked with saving the world from an ancient menace.”

Source: The Saints

According to the IndieGoGo campaign, the comic book is already in production. They note, “The script for The Saints is complete, and over half [of] the art is already finished.”

Source: The Saints

Along with the 52-page graphic novel, the campaign features a number of other perks for backers.

Those additional perks include posters, lapel pins, trading cards, a sketchbook, as well as Allegiance Arts’ Red Rooster graphic novel.

Source: The Saints

One of the additional perks also features a unique tie-in to the actual graphic novel. 

The IndieGoGo explains, “In THE SAINTS, the adventures of Jean Marc LaPointe are powered by Kill Cliff Clean Energy Drinks. We are thrilled to announce that Kill Cliff has signed Jean Marc as a brand ambassador in the prestigious Kill Cliff Cult Club, both in the book and in real life!”

They add, “Kill Cliff is offering our backers the opportunity to try a 12-pack of their new Joe Rogan-crafted Flaming Joe: Ignite energy drink. Imbibe in LaPointe’s drink of choice while enjoying THE SAINTS!”

If you are unfamiliar with Kill Cliff they are an energy drink company in the vein of Bang, Monster, and Red Bull.

Source: The Saints

There are also a number of stretch goals. At $50,000 gold foil covers are unlocked. At $80,000 backers unlock a Saints Sigil sticker. And at $100,000 a custom Saints shipping box is unlocked.

The IndieGoGo has currently been backed by 162 backers for $9,345.

What do you make of The Saints IndieGoGo? What do you make of these exclusive pages? Do you plan on backing?

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