Last week, a rumor shared by The Illuminerdi hinted that not only would Namor be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but that Marvel’s First Mutant would be portrayed by someone relatively unknown to most comic book audiences: Tenoch Huerta.

Source: Narcos: Mexico Season 1 Episode 3 “El Padrino” (2018), Netflix

Though he’s a star in the Netflix show Narcos: Mexico and is set to appear in the upcoming movie The Forever Purge, personally, I wasn’t sure about the casting.

He certainly doesn’t look the part of Namor, at least physically, which is odd considering how Marvel tends to make their stars ‘look’ the part of a hero, as evidenced by Paul Rudd and Christ Pratt’s respective transformations into Ant-Man and Star-Lord (That said, I’m willing to see how things pan out).

Source: Avengers Vs. X-Men Vol. 1 #8 “Avengers vs X-Men (Part Eight)” (2012), Marvel Comics. Words by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Adam Kubert.

However, the same willingness cannot be found among some MCU fans, as the rumor of Huerta being cast as the Atlantean prince has sparked outrage among a particular group of social media critics who have wanted to see him removed from the film since he was first announced for “a villainous role” in the Black Panther sequel last November.

Epicstream documented a number of Twitter users voicing their disgust at the Narcos actor being rumored for the role of the Sub-mariner character.

@scarletnova wrote, “NAMOR actor homophobic, racist and a misogynist how fo you manage to offend everybody??? oh brother

Source: `jo LV SPOILERS Twitter


“nvm the man who was casted as namor is homophobic and a horrible person the fun is over,” said @eIixirgenius.

Source: aniya Twitter

@PIXELATEJAKE_ asserted, “I heard rumors that Tenoch Huerta is going to be playing Namor. The least Marvel could do is choose somone that isn’t homophobic, victim blaming, and racist… please do better Marvel…”

Source: PIXELATEJAKE Twitter

Lack of Evidence?

As we’ve seen on social media before, whenever a wave of folks will rush to call someone out, there’s usually a lack of receipts to justify fan outrage. In Huerta’s case, all it took was one tweet that was just a bit too ambiguous to get him labelled one way or another.

The tweet in question was posted by Huerta on December 8th, 2018, and read, according to a machine translation provided by Google Translate, “Merry Christmas to everyone except the poor, immigrants, homosexuals, trans, feminists, liberals, indigenous people … And if you don’t understand that it’s a joke Not for you either!”

Alongside this tweet, Huerta also shared an image of an empty nativity scene captioned, “The nativity scene of the extreme right, without immigrants, refugees, arabs, and blacks. Merry Christmas!”

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter


While, on its face, Huerta’s tweet seems extremely bigoted, savvy Spanish speakers have pointed out that the post is sarcastic, and in actuality condemns conservative hypocrisy.

Source: Orion Perez Twitter

Something More To Consider

However, the outrage against Huerta’s casting was not limited to his ‘festive’ tweet.

A few more tweets, brought to attention by user @_LayBB last November when Huerta was announced for Wakanda Forever, documents more interesting tidbits from the actor.

“I’m not sure who’s in charge of casting for your @Marvel @Disney films, but clearly that person didn’t do their homework before casting @TenochHuerta for #BlackPanther2,” wrote @_LayBB. “Just a bit of research on his @Twitter account is enough to show us why.”

Source: 𝕃 𝕒 𝕪 ♡ Twitter

As seen in the examples acquired by @_LayBB through their “research on [Huerta]’s @Twitter account”, Huerta’s controversial social media history entails more than just his ambiguous tweet about Feliz Navidad:

In one tweet, Huerta asked, “Why do some feminists insist on showing that they have it greater than all?”

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter

In response to Huerta, a female fan chastised the actor, writing, “I started following you because I admired your work in Güeros, now I unfollow because you attack women who fight for equality. Shame.”

Source: Isa Twitter

To which Huerta handily replied to her, “If you can’t see the irony then good luck measuring your d*ck with the men.”

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter

Aside from this interaction, @_LayBB also dived into a number of other aspects of Huerta’s social media posts, such as his violent and abusive language, threats of inflicting harm on others, and most shockingly, his supposed association with Spanish terrorists.

Opening this can of worms with the hashtag #DisneyTerrorista, @_LayBB provided a litany of documentation about his own violent speech, mindset, and friendship with a more notorious individual.

“I’m sure none of the prior demonstrations are in any way relatable to your brand and your target demographic(a.k.a. minors) just as I’m sure parents do not appreciate an actor that uses vulgar,homophobic,discriminatory language,” added @_LayBB. “A boycott has already started with #DisneyTerrorista

Source: 𝕃 𝕒 𝕪 ♡ Twitter

In one tweet, Huerta wrote, “I swear on behalf of yisus that when I say things that are good a**holes (almost all the time) I am not thinking of offending anyone; Those f*cking offended sh*ts lacked spanking as little ones.”

Again, it’s a rough translation using Google. I’m sure it makes better sense to native Spanish speakers.

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter

“Let them be shot on their backs and upside down,” said the actor in another tweet. “Or let them be free for half an hour in a town square filled with people.”

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter

Another roughly translates, “Those who say say my tweet sounds violent are right. I’m sorry you are offended. I’ll erase it in a little while.”

Source: Tenoch Huerta Twitter


As seen above, @_LayBB noted that Huerta enjoyed a friendship with Katu Arkonada, a Spanish Marxist who, according to the Yucatan Times, has “been accused of being a Basque terrorist”, a Spanish organization with a long history of militant separatist fervor in the country.

Not only that, but the Yucatan Times further asserts that Arkonada “is an active militant of the abertzale left in Euskal Herria, which belongs to the radical Basque nationalism from which ETA emerged (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna from the euskera, ‘Basque Country and Freedom‘).”

Source: @_LayBB Twitter

Curiously, Twitter considers Arkonada to be so significant that the social media platform has given him a blue checkmark (Normally, I’d be quick to put on my tinfoil hat and start speculating the relationship Twitter has with people and organizations such as Arkonada, but I digress, as such ponderings are better left to our weekly Black Pill Streams).

Source: Katu Arkonada Twitter

So how does Arkonada tie-in with Huerta? According to social media, The Narcos star is ostensibly friendly with the separatist, who once described himself as a “tropical terrorist, socialist and abortionist”.

As seen in one social media correspondence, Arkonada once warned Huerta, “Be careful that I have a photo with you and it can go in the next opposition report during,” an unspecified and then upcoming “2021 campaign.”

Source: @_LayBB Twitter

Playing with Fire

That all being said, let’s put this information into perspective.

At face value, it appears that Huerta is friends with someone who is both one of the most notorious Marxists in Spain and an alleged collaborator of a known terrorist organization. Not only that, but on social media, Huerta presents himself as a violent and vulgar individual.

Source: Black Panther Vol. 4 #21 “Aqua-Boogie” (2006), Marvel Comics. Cover art by Gary Frank and Dean White.

So why is Huerta being cast in a Disney/Marvel film, or even being treated to upwards momentum in Hollywood? Or more importantly, for that matter, what’s going on within Disney (and Hollywood at large) that they don’t mind even a passing association with a militant and Marxist separatist organization?

What do you make of Huerta’s casting, given this bevy of information?What reason do you think Disney, and Hollywood for that matter, have for continuing to stay silent on the issue depsite the spread of the hashtag #DIsneyTerrorista? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!