Last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda found himself the target of a cancellation attempt by a mob of social justice warriors who took issue with the lack of Afro-Latino representation in the film adaptation of the popular artist’s Broadway musical drama, In The Heights.

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The In The Heights’ co-creator almost immediately addressed after they began to surface on social media, taking to his Twitter account to pen a lengthy message in which he basically apologised for the film’s lack of Afro-Latino characters.

On June 14th, Miranda tweeted, “I’m seeing the discussion around Afro-Latino representation in our film this weekend and it is clear that many in our dark-skinned Afro-Latino community don’t feel sufficiently represented within it, particularly among the leading roles.”

“I promise to do better in my future projects,” concluded the artist in his apology, “and I’m dedicated to the learning and evolving we all have to do to make sure we are honoring our diverse and vibrant community.”

Source: Lin-Manuel Miranda Twitter

However, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the cancel culture mob didn’t take kindly to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s apology. Social justice warriors were quick to hold him accountable for not previously addressing In The Heights’ “issues” of representation when, allegedly, his broadway show was historically criticised for the same lack of representation.

It also didn’t sit well with HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher, who in a recent episode of his talk show criticised Miranda for bending the knee, using the word ‘cringey’ to describe the artist’s apology.

Source: Real Time with Bill Maher, YouTube

“There’s LatinX performers, one black lead but no Afro-LatinX,” stated Maher during last Friday’s Real Time. “The committee that makes note of everyone’s skin tone discovered this, and then Lin-Manuel Miranda had to say ‘I’m truly sorry. I’m learning from the feedback, I thank you for raising it and I’m listening…I promise to do better in my future projects.'”

In response to Miranda’s apology, Maher exasperatedly asserted, “Please, stop the apologising.”

“You’re the guy who made the founding fathers black and Hispanic,” exclaimed Maher, referencing Miranda’s popular Hamilton musical. “I don’t think that you have to apologise to Twitter. For f***’s sake.

Maher ultimately concluded, “This is why people hate Democrats. It’s cringey.”


Maher does make some very valid points, especially when noting that the playwright portrayed the founding fathers as black and Hispanic in his musical Hamilton. If the mob cannot recognize that Miranda in on their side of the representation-debate, especially in light of his successful promotion of race-swapped versions of the founding fathers into popular culture, then they’ll never truly be satisfied.

Additionally, it’s odd that Miranda felt the need to apologize for this lack of Afro-Latino characters in a play/film in which white people are a minority, but not for portraying historically white people like Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and George Washington with non-white actors.

Your left-wing activism is showing, Mr. Miranda.

Source: Hamilton (2020), Walt Disney Studios

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