Woke Hollywood actor John Leguizamo recently shared his thoughts on the controversial topic of critical race theory, revealing that it is his “whole reason for being.”

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“Let me ask you, have you been the f*** out of shape about critical race theory?” asked the actor in a recent video shared to his personal Instagram account. “Well, the good news is [that] you may not be a racist motherf***er. You might just be ignorant about what the hell CRT is.”

Leguizamo continued, “Basically, you know, it’s a bunch of legal scholarship and academic think-y talk that just tries to figure out what systems are in place that f*** over minorities in the US in subtle ways, rather than the full-on in-your-face racism.”

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Concerned that his point may not have been understood, Leguizamo then attempted to provide an example for everyone to fully grasp the concept he and other like-minded individuals are so desperately trying to push on society.

“Like, is a black person unable to get a loan that a similar white person could get because the bank loan officer is a colossal racist a**hole?” the actor pondered. “Or is it maybe because, like, a ‘Latin-er X’ who can’t get a loan because he has no inherited property because their ancestors were dirty poor and possibly robbed of their wealth during the making of Texas and California, Nevada, and Arizona so that white people could get ahead.”

“And because the laws and attitudes that have improved but still affect people of colour today,” Leguizamo elaborated.

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The actor further then disingenuously argued that children are not being taught critical race theory, claiming that it is an “evolving discipline” and in which nothing is set in stone; at least, not as of yet.

“So here’s one thing. No one is teaching this to your young kids, calm the f*** down!” he continued. “It’s pretty high-brow college-level stuff, and if your kids go to college, they are going to definitely be exposed to this; whether you agree with it no matter what you think.”

He added, “Critical race theory is an evolving discipline, and part of the mainstream thinking in the field is that, because laws and attitudes are constantly changing, CRT also has to constantly change. So, none of this is set in stone. So relax, calm the f*** down.”

What’s quite hilarious, however, is the fact that he appears to be reciting the claims he so fervently supports from a cheat sheet.

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Things proceeded to get even more interesting when Breitbart called out Leguizamo’s above comments on critical race theory and asserted that the actor’s claims were unequivocally false.

As per a June report published by the outlet, “the nation’s largest teachers union [the National Education Association] recently approved a plan to promote critical race theory in public schools in all 50 states. What’s more, the aforementioned union stated that ‘we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.’

Breitbart notes, however, that the union eventually opted to remove the language from their official website after facing public backlash over their support of the controversial school of thought.

Furthermore, at the time, a video clip showing an Albemarle County, Virginia, school administrator clearly explaining that critical race theory was “woven through” all of his school’s class work and that parents simply could not opt their children out of its teaching, began to make the rounds across social media.

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Breitbart also pointed to a recent investigation conducted by independent journalist Christopher F. Rufo  in which he discovered that “at least 25 public school districts in 12 states are now teaching ‘Not My Idea,’ a book that claims ‘whiteness’ is the devil, luring children with the promise of ‘stolen land [and] stolen riches.'”

More detailed information on Rufo’s investigation can be found in the journalist’s subsequent thread on the topic, which clearly proves that Leguizamo is either unaware of the full extent of critical race theory’s adoption or conveniently decided to leave that information out of his rant.

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However, Leguizamo still wasn’t done lecturing others about the moral virtues of critical race theory, as on a follow-up Instagram post, the actor doubled down on his stance about the “banning” of the theory in schools.

“Remember this: race is a social construct, ok? Because there are no racial differences in intellectual ability or emotional maturity. None of that exists — because, again, we’re just people. For better or worse, we are all the same,” explained the actor, again seemingly unaware that this is not what critical race theory actually teaches.

He added, “And also, can you quit trying to ban the teaching of critical race theory? When not one of you s***heads can define it. Because we all know [that] what you really want to ban is criticism of white people theory, and that isn’t a thing that exists, so don’t tell me to calm the f*** down.”

Hilariously, the Leguizamo’s eye movements appear to indicate that he is reciting the claims he so fervently supports from a cheat sheet, phone, or whatever means he had available at the time he recorded both of his rants.

Either way, whether the actor is truly reading a pre-prepared statement or just focused on his screen, Leguizamo should try to do some actual reading instead of blindly pushing a narrative that easily accessible empirical evidence can easily bring down.

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