Rumor: Red Hood Movie Starring Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan In Development

In case you haven’t had enough of the Bat-Family on film or TV or of The Red Hood, specifically, a standalone movie for the vigilante and former Robin could be in the works.

Source: Titans, HBO Max

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That Hashtag Show is claiming DC Films is covertly working on a script for a movie planned as of right now as an HBO Max Original to come after Batgirl and Blue Beetle.

Casting is reportedly underway secretly but nothing is in place yet. However, just as Blue Beetle has cast Cobra Kai star Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes, the word from That Hashtag Show is that DC is looking closely at his co-star Tanner Buchanan as the rogue tormented Jason Todd.

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Buchanan’s fate would depend upon the director and there’s a shortlist of them as well. Names being eyed include the mostly unknown filmmakers Robert Machoian (God Bless the Child, The Killing of Two Lovers), Rose Glass (Saint Maud), and Shaka King whose biggest claim to fame to date is the HBO Max release Judas And The Black Messiah starring Daniel Kaluuya.

What is bound to disappoint some readers of this news, should it prove accurate, is they might go with adapting – yet again – the Death In the Family/Under the Red Hood story where Jason dies at the hands of The Joker only to be revived by a Lazarus Pit and wind up back in Gotham for revenge.

Source: Batman, A Death In The Family cover, DC Comics

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True, they haven’t made a big-budget live-action feature-film version of that arc, but it still feels like a case of “been there, done that.”

It’s also said that the Red Hood movie will tie into Chris McKay’s Nightwing movie that’s still in some sort of development, and that McKay is still talking about keeping alive.

Supposedly, this would give the film “multiple perspectives” – from Joker to Jason, Batman, Dick, and even the Gotham PD.

Source: Batman: Death in the Family (2020), Warner Animation

Curiously, however, while Red Hood may connect with the DCEU as it stands, that doesn’t mean we should expect familiar actors like Ben Affleck as it is noted new castings could be considered.

DC has the potential to modify continuity the way they did with Justice League, Aquaman, Birds of Prey, and The Suicide Squad, but this time it will be part of their push to create a street-level pocket universe on HBO Max to stand beside the tentpole releases.

The streaming service’s Original hit Titans, which notably takes place on another Earth, is currently retelling the Red Hood saga in its newly premiered third season.

So do you like this idea or are you already tired of seeing the Red Hood everywhere? Answer us thoughtfully below.

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