Genshin Impact revealed three new free primogem codes as part of their Version 2.1 Special Program Preview.

The free primogem codes are as follows:

The first one is: DSPVUN2BKH5M

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube

The second is:CB7UU6KT2H59

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube

And the third is:NTPVU7JTJYPD

Source: Genshin Impact YouTube

The Version 2.1 Special Program highlighted the Version 2.1 updated titled Floating World Under the Moonlight and announced the new version will arrive on September 1, 2021.

This new version will wrap up the main storyline expansion that saw the Traveler head to Inazuma and interact with the various factions there and begin to learn more about the Electro Archon.

Source: Genshin Impact

In a press release accompanying the Preview, the game’s developer miHoYo detailed that in Version 2.1 “players will be able to visit Watatsumi Island, home to the resistance forces with beautiful dreamlike scenery, and Seirai Island, a place of desolation shrouded in perpetual storms.”

They also revealed a number of new boss enemies including the Hydro Hypostatis, Thunder Manifestation, and a brand new Trounce Domain Boss in the Fatui Signora, who first appeared as an antagonist as the Traveler ventured throughout Mondstat.

Source: Genshin Impact

Version 2.1 will also introduce a number of new playable characters including the Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara. There will also be story quests for the Raiden Shogun and Kokomi.

Here’s how miHoYo described the new characters. First up is the Raiden Shogun, “The Raiden Shogun will be joining as a five-star Electro polearm user who can deal massive damage and provide helpful buffs to the team.”

Source: Genshin Impact

Next is Sangonomiya Kokomi, “Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and leader of the resistance forces, will be joining as another five-star character. Wielding the power of Hydro and a catalyst, she can provide a great amount of healing to teammates.”

Source: Genshin Impact

Finally is Kujou Sara, “Last but not least is Kujou Sara, the bold and decisive general of the Tenryou Commission loyal to the Shogun. She can deal solid Electro ranged attacks with her bow and provide buffs to her teammates.”

Source: Genshin Impact

Players on PlayStation 4 and 5 will also receive the game’s first crossover character in Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. The character will be available to all other players in Version 2.2.

Source: Genshin Impact

One of the main new features coming in Version 2.1 will be fishing. miHoYo explains, “Players can soon go angling for a variety of fishes across the continent of Teyvat, and they can be used to produce fish meat, or exchanged for rewards and new fishing rods from the Fishing Association.”

In fact, they will introduce a new furnishing item called the Pool of Sapphire Grace that will allow players to raise Ornamental Fish in their Serentiea Pots.

Source: Genshin Impact

Finally, they provided details on the Moonchase Festival. The festival will see “players will reunite with Keqing and Xiangling, cooking and tasting local foods and recipes, and explore the origins of this ancient traditional festival in Liyue Harbor.”

The event will also feature “a big treasure hunt across Liyue, Mondstadt, and Dragonspine in the Moonlight Seeker event.” You can earn a new four-star claymore weapon called the Luxurious Sea-Lord and increase its refinement through the event.

Finally, the event will also include a daily login event that will grant players various in-game rewards including 10 Intertwined Fates.

Are you looking forward to Version 2.1?

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