A popular TikTok cosplayer has been charged with manslaughter after reportedly fatally shooting one of her friends with a gun she falsely assumed to be unloaded.

As reported by Cosplay Central, TikToker Mary Ann Oliver-Snow also known as the cosplayer Yandere.Freak was arrested on January 18th after providing a statement to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office detailing the events that resulted in the death of her friend.

According to an alleged report from the the Assistant District Attorney of Harris County, Texas, Snow and her friends “were all drinking and got pretty drunk” during a group viewing of the Batman-based TV drama, Gotham.

Source: Gotham (2014), Fox

Amidst the festivities, the report notes that a gun had been left in her residence by her ex-boyfriend, but she believed that he had taken all of the bullets with him when he moved out.

The document notes that Snow “did not know there was a bullet in it, stating she has played with it before as a joke.” In fact, Snow detailed “they had been passing the gun around for hours and had been playing around with it.”

The report goes on to assert that she then “told her friends she had a gun like Penguin does.”

While in the living room of the residence, the deceased allegedly joked, “Oh, shoot me,” to which Snow pretended to do so. The deceased then told Snow, “Oh do me.”

Following this, the report notes that Snow “turned to her right, toward the Complainant face to face, and placed the gun up to the left side of her head and pulled the trigger.”

A witness to the event also detailed that the victim told Snow, “Hey ha-ha put the gun to my head.” The report also notes that the witness “heard the Complainant tell the Defendant to pull the trigger, believing the gun was empty, stating it was not supposed to be loaded.”


Snow has since been released on a $200,00 bond, and though she returned to posting TikTok content in the immediate aftermath of her arrest, the scrutiny brought upon her by the event recently receiving widespread attention has led her to private her account.

An evidence exchange in Snow’s manslaughter case, where it will also be decided whether she takes a plea or takes the case to court, has been set for October 21st

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