Actor Matthew Marsden Encourages People To “Have Faith, Do Your Part” And Remember That We Are Not Alone

Source: Source: Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, YouTube

English-American actor Matthew Marsden has taken to social media to encourage people to stay together during these difficult times humanity is currently going through, reminding us that we need to have faith and remember that we are not alone in this.

Source: Might Oaks Warrior Programs, YouTube

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I know things might feel overwhelming…” prefaced the actor, adding, “that you are battling this huge behemoth that can’t be defeated, but have hope!”

“These are times when the best of humanity rises to confront the worst,” he continued. “Have faith, do your part and remember, you are not alone!”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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While the actor doesn’t explicitly mention it, Marsden’s tweet is likely an inspirational message for people who may be struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those whose freedoms have either been restricted, or will soon be taken away.

Matthew Marsden  has actually been voicing his opinion regarding the COVID-19 vaccines for quite some time now, calling out the people who consider themselves to be morally superior than those individuals who have chosen to not get the vaccine.

“It’s amazing that people are calling the unvaccinated selfish,” pointed out the actor on Monday, adding,  “while simultaneously saying that if they do not compromise their morals, they should lose their jobs, travel, not be treated in hospitals, not be allowed to live their normal lives.”

He concluded, “That used to be called bullying.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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In a previously shared tweet, the actor questioned the methods in which COVID-19 patients have been recorded and categorised regarding their respective vaccination statuses.

“How do you prove that a vaccinated person that STILL gets Covid for the first time, has lesser symptoms than if they hadn’t taken it, especially considering they are still getting hospitalized?” posited Marsden.

He added, “How many got it pre vaxx and had mild or no symptoms and it wasn’t logged?”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“Did you ever think you would see the day where the beautiful country of Australia would be looked upon as a totalitarian regime?” pondered the actor in a separate tweet.

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Marsden is alluding to the recent events taking place in Australia, wherein very strict restriction measures have been imposed on its citizens, and with the country’s largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, currently in lockdown.

As a matter of fact, Melbourne police has reportedly fired pepper spray and rubber bullets at demonstrators — including men, women, and children — who have protested against lockdowns and mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passports.

“The are always gonna go for the kids,” also wrote the actor recently, making allusion to the newly announced coronavirus vaccine mandate for school children in California.

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Last week, Gavin Newsom, Democrat Governor for the state of California, announced that children will be required to be vaccinated before they can attend in-person classes as soon as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gives its approval.

“Once the FDA approves the vaccination in different cohorts starting with 12 and above, grades seven to 12, we will begin to apply that requirement in the next term, either Jan. 1 or July 1, whichever comes sooner,” Newsom said on Friday.

The Democrat Governor added, “Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more. Why? Because vaccines work. This is about keeping our kids safe and healthy.” 

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Calling out Gov. Gavin Newsom, Matthew Marsden said, “Newsom knew that he had to wait to push the vaccine mandate on kids, because people would have voted him out. This is just the beginning.”

“Elections have consequences,” concluded the actor.

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Further, Marsden also pointed out that, “in the midst of a deadly pandemic, they force doctors and nurses to quit,” adding that it “wasn’t long ago that these healthcare workers were lauded and appreciated as they worked, unvaccinated, with those with Covid.”

He added “You should not be okay with this ” in response to a tweet by Dr. Debbie Garratt, who disclosed that she will be closing her practice because authorised workers in the state of Victoria, Australia, will soon be required to be vaccinated to keep working on site. 

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“It’s amazing how the media covers people who haven’t been vaxxed and die of ‘covid’ and not say if they have comorbidities or are obese,” wrote Marsden calling out mainstream media outlets who have sensationalised the pandemic.

The actor asserted, “They also aren’t covering those that die of Covid after being vaxxed. This is propaganda. Report the facts. Thats your job. Do it.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

Calling for people to stop segregating those who have made the decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Marsden proposes that “Instead of vaxxed and unvaxxed, let’s say ‘those that can catch and spread Covid,'” adding, “Cause that is really what matters, right?”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

In yet another inspirational messaged shared on social media, Marsden encouraged his followers to “think of all the blessings you have,” and remember that it is up to all of us to change the world.

“Your state of mind is just that. A state. You can change it in a heart beat,” the actor proposed.

He continued, “Take a minute to go outside and look at the sky. Walk on the grass barefoot. Think of all the blessings you have. Remember that just one person can change the world then ask yourself, is that person you?”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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