Actor Matthew Marsden Criticises The Government’s Draconian Measures Being Implemented To Control The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Black Hawk Down actor Matthew Marsden has openly criticised the measures implemented by the government to control the population amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out how ridiculous things have gotten in the United States.

“They are isolating people deliberately,” the actor claimed. “If you travel from a state like California to Texas, you would see that we are living our lives normally. Very few mask. No social distancing. No fear.”

Marsden added, “Restrict travel and people think the whole world is the same. It’s not.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“This is all about control, and punishing those that will not toe the line,” the actor continued in a follow-up tweet. “You think they will stop with Covid? They will move to something else when they need to control another group and by then it will be too late.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“You know it’s all bulls—t when everyone is required to wear a mask on a plane, and then takes it off to eat and drink,” Marsden pointed out in a separate tweet, adding that the government’s implementation of mask mandates on board of planes is nothing more than “kabuki theater.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Marsden didn’t stop there, as he also took to social media to question the Vatican’s recently implemented COVID-19 vaccination mandates, which is now requiring all citizens, employees, residents, and visitors to carry a “Green Pass” in order to enter Vatican territory.

“How about freedom for the unvaccinated to go in the Vatican?” asked Marsden in response to a tweet shared by Pope Francis’ official Twitter account, wherein the supreme pontiff claimed that “Freedom makes free to the extent to which it transforms a person’s life and directs it toward the good.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Further pointing out how ridiculous things have gotten regarding mask mandates, Marsden drew comparisons with The Great War soldiers wearing gas masks to minimise the effect of mustard gas on the battlefield.

“In World War I when the troops were wearing gas masks in the middle of a mustard gas attack, they often took their masks off to eat their lunch, because it wouldn’t affect them,” wrote the actor.

He ironically added, ” Actually, no they didn’t, because that would be ridiculous.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Matthew Marsden then took to social media to share an anecdote that happened recently, revealing that a few members of the crew in a movie he was working on had tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be quarantined.

Interestingly, Marsden states that upon retesting, all previously “infected” members tested negative for coronavirus, but it was already too late and they all ,unfortunately, lost their jobs.

“I was working on a movie where three members of the crew that were coming onboard tested positive for Covid,” recalled the actor before adding, “They were devastated.”

He went on, “We thought it was odd that they came from separate productions, but tested positive together. [They] retested, and all came back negative.”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“They still had to be quarantined for two weeks, and lost the job as a result,” Marsden said. “Where is the science? Why, if we were to trust the testing, weren’t they allowed to work straight away? How many false positives have there been that have ruined peoples lives?”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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“Remember when we were told that some of the Covid tests couldn’t differentiate between a COVID and the flu, and we changed our reaction to them accordingly?” the English-American actor asked. “Oh, yeah. We didn’t,” he noted, questioning the legitimacy of some PCR tests.

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Criticising a new hospital system in Colorado that seeks to prevent unvaccinated individuals from being offered a transplant, Marsden reasonably asserted, “Sooooo… I guess unvaxxed should take their names off the donor list then?”

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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