Resurfaced Tweets Reveal Netflix Walkout Organiser Ashlee Marie Preston’s Own History Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Comments

Source: Team Trans, YouTube

Following the release of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, The Closer, the LGBTQ+ community took offence at his jokes about transgender individuals, accused him of transphobia, and even organised a walkout to protest both the streaming giant and the comedian himself.

The person behind the Netflix walkout in support of the individuals who felt “attacked” by Chappelle was transgender activist Ashlee Marie Preston, and recently unearthed tweets suggest that the organiser is nothing more than a pandering hypocrite.

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (2017), Netflix

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Thanks to a series of tweets originally compiled by Twitter user @machineiv and brought to widespread attention by independent video creator and journalist Matt Orfalea, we have solid evidence of Preston throwing around homophobic and racial slurs on social media.

“The protest accusing comedians of LGBT phobia, hate speech, & violence is led by Warren surrogate who threatened violence against an ‘ass f—k boy’ ‘d—k rider’, banished ‘that f—t f—er’, and bragged of performing actual violence on ‘this Asian b—es head.'” wrote Orfalea, sharing a sizeable amount of damning screenshots Preston’s own Twitter account.

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For example, in September of 2018, Preston wrote, “Bro…I’d beat the dog s—t out of you; furry slipper wearing a— f—k boy…IRL I’d smash your f—king head in like a can of A&W Root Beer—But ima fall back and let you keep pretending for the internet…d—k rider…”

Source: Matt Orfalea, Twitter

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Preston also authored tweets that are offensive towards Asians, stating in 2011,  “This Asian n—a in subway, gotta fat a—…he almost looks like b—h from behind…. #smh.”

Another tweet read, “Almost got hit by an Asian in a BMW as I crossed the street…..yes I know what you mean, but the important thing is that we didn’t say it.”

“Latino and Asian businesses need 2 stop bein rude & f—n disrespectful, & I kno its A LOT to ask in CA but speak f—n English 2,” wrote Preston in yet another racist tweets, this time also swinging at Latinos.

In yet another post, Preston reinforced a racist stereotype, telling her followers, “Another damn Asian almost hit me while crossin, what the f—k is it wit yall and damn vehicles? I have no idea.”

Source: Matt Orfalea, Twitter

In yet another series of tweets from 2011, Preston can be seen using a plethora of homophobic slurs for her followers to see on Twitter.

“That is thee last time I help that f—got f—er….he’s bringing ME problems Truman help him, ” the transgender activist unmannerly declared in one.

In another post shared, Preston wrote, “Got tha 9 on these muthaf—erz….f—got c—k suckers …leav em shook like jelly, in a jam…SMUCKERZ— artist— ME*”

Seemingly recalling a particular event Preston wrote, “Dinora is a slimey s—t… the kinda b—h that’ll get f—ed face down in a porta-potty….” before adding in a follow-up tweet, “I think this gurl overdosed I hope her homegurl don’t leave her wit them dudes….drunk drugged up Asian b—hes are predators dream..”

Source: Matt Orfalea, Twitter

“Asian h—s ac like they wont get karate chopped in they muthaf—n throat. What is this h—e staring at. Mind ya beeswax,” Preston also tweeted.

Reinforcing a stereotype commonly associated with Asians, Preston wrote,  “Another damn Asian almost hit me while crossin, what the f—k is it wit yall and damn vehicles? I have no idea.”

Source: Matt Orfalea, Twitter

“Make no mistake; sometimes honesty can be messy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient–but it’s always necessary in order to make real progress”, wrote Preston in a tweet which suggests she may believe reinforcing racial stereotypes and throwing around homophobic slurs falls in the category of ‘messy, uncomfortable honesty’.

Source: Ashlee Marie Preston, Twitter

“Just because someone is a woman, black, or trans doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically co-sign their bulls—t,” asserted Preston, in yet another post. “And as mass acceptance continues to thrive in America—We’ve began to see that some of our greatest oppressors are people from our own movements. I know y’all see it,” further proving how much of a hypocrite she is when talking about ‘mass acceptance’ in America.

Source: Ashlee Marie Preston, Twitter

More recently, in 2017 to be more precise, Prestontook to Twitter to make racist remarks about white transgender individuals who supported transgender Olympian gold medalist and registered Republican Caitlyn Jenner.

“Watching some of these white trans women get mad because I refuse to bow to Caitlyn Christ their Lord & Saviour…Look at whiteness work…,” Preston said, providing more proof that she only supports transgender individuals who share her political views.

Source: Ashlee Marie Preston, Twitter

Interestingly, in October of 2017, Preston actually  started a petition to prevent Caitlyn Jenner from being honoured by the St. John’s Center.

“The LGBTQ community demands that organizations STOP allowing Caitlyn Jenner to PURCHASE awards, honors, and accolades as an attempt to mask her damaged rapport with the community at large,” read the petition, before presenting a list of reasons as to why the former Olympian had “been nothing but harmful to the LGBTQ community.”

According to Preston, the ways in which Jenner harmed the LGBTQ community included, “Supporting an administration that has aggressively attacked transgender children”, “Justifying the discrimination & violence against trans women by stating that ‘they should put people at ease and not make them uncomfortable by looking like men in dresses”, and “expressing opposition to same-sex marriage on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show‘.”

Source: Ashlee Marie Preston, Twitter

Jenner eventually declined to receive the award at St. John’s Center following the massive backlash she received from Preston and other activists.

““In this spirit of unity and love, I’m going to decline the award they so graciously offered me for supporting their mission,” wrote Jenner in a blog post published at the time. “I understand that my presence is distracting from the real purpose of the event, which is to celebrate the important and life-saving work of St. John’s. I will continue my commitment to helping marginalized communities through my foundation.”

In 2018, however, Jenner got a standing ovation after donating to St. John’s Medical Center’s transgender health program just days before Christmas.

Ashlee Marie Preston – Source: Logo, YouTube

It is worth noting that Preston apologised for the racist and homophobic tweets in October of 2019, claiming that she wanted to take ” accountability for the past” while “staying rooted in the present.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and deeply apologize to those I’ve offended or hurt. I also apologize to those indirectly impacted by these developments,” Preston wrote, blaming those tweets on an alleged meth addiction.

Taking accountability for those past tweets was the right thing to do, but one can’t help but speculate that the only reason she apologised is because she got caught.

Regardless, it is still quite hypocritical for someone to attempt to cancel Chappelle for a comedy special that is not racist nor homophobic, especially when their own posts are far, far worse in every regard.

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Closer (2021), Netflix

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