Following the release of his new Netflix special The Closer, renowned comedian Dave Chappelle has found himself the target of the cancel culture mob in recent weeks after his routine managed to trigger and offend a number of woke social justice warriors.

Source: Dave Chappelle: Equanimity (2017), Netflix

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The outraged members of the LGBTQ+ community both accused Chappelle of transphobia due to the nature of some of the jokes he made in the special about transgender individuals and organised a walkout in protest of both the comedian himself and Netflix for giving him a platform.

The Netflix walkout in protest of the comedian took place this past Wednesday, and saw protestors and allies lay out a list of demands to Netflix which included the removal of all Chappelle-related imagery from the company’s offices, the hiring of “transgender content executives in leading positions and [a commitment to] promote an inclusive environment for them,”and the production of “trans or non-binary content on Netflix comparable to our total investment in transphobic content”.

Additionally, the protestors also demanded that Netflix acknowledge that Chappelle’s special “causes harm to the trans community”.

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (2017), Netflix

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Some Hollywood celebrities, albeit rather scarce, have openly defended the comedian’s routines and called out those who the myriad of unfounded accusations which have been against him.

One such defender was former actress Rose McGowan, who not only defended Chappelle and his new special, but also heavily criticised the outraged transgender activists, calling them “whiny” and labelling them as fake activists.

“Dear Whiny U.S. @Netflix Employees, I hear your feelings got hurt by Dave Chappelle & upset @JoeRogan didn’t get your fancy schools language memo,” the former Charmed actress prefaced. “Piss off you brats. Enough of your fake activism & obnoxious self-importance.”

Source: Rose McGowan, Twitter

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“Do any of you twerps even know your paycheck comes from the deeply corrupt?” asked McGowan, adding, “Your bosses are DOJ/CIA stooges in on smearing Assange in a fake documentary meant to misinform. You little Taylors risk NOTHING.”

She further asserted, “It is Zero Hour. Get real or f—k off. Right now it’s about facts not your f—king feelings.”

Source: Rose McGowan, Twitter

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While McGowan didn’t name the specific Assange-related documentary she was referring to, it is very likely that she’s referring to We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, which is set to begin streaming on Netflix on the 24th of October.

As per its official synopsis, the documentary “details the creation of Julian Assange’s controversial website, which facilitated the largest security breach in U.S. history,”

Source: NetflixFilm, Twitter

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In yet another tweet, McGowan doubled down on her stance regarding Netflix being a corrupt company whilst also taking a jab at stand-up comedian and actress Wanda Sykes, who was one of the celebrities who supported the transgender activists’ protest.

“@iamwandasykes make sure to promote your new show on corrupt Netflix while ‘you stand in solidarity,'” mockingly wrote the former Charmed actress in response to a tweet from user @thehomoarchy, who also criticised Sykes for supporting the walkout.

The user’s tweet in question read, “This is proper role modeling. Maybe you can bring attention to gays getting put in concentration camps in Chechnya, something useful. Or prostitutes in Brazil who aren’t privileged unlike the privileged T people in the US whose activism has become abusive.”

Source: Rose McGowan, Twitter

A regular collaborator with the streaming giant, Sykes has worked with Netflix to produce a stand-up comedy routine titled Wanda Sykes: Not Normal, does voice work for LGBTQ+ show Q-Force, and also stars and produces the recently released sitcom The Upshaws.

On the day of the Netflix walkout, Sykes tweeted, “Standing in solidarity with the Netflix employees speaking truth to power today and sending my full love and support.”

Source: Wanda Sykes, Twitter

McGoawn continued in her criticisms of the protestors on October 22nd, tweeting “Fight for something real” alongside a video of herself addressing the outraged.

“If you’re out there, and you’re bandwagoning for, you know, your feelings being hurt,” the actress begins her recording. “F—ing b—–s. God, you make us hate you. You’re the ones doing it, don’t you see?”

She stated, “Don’t you see that it’s not ‘the system’ that creates the power abuser. It’s the power abuser that creates your f—ing system. And if you don’t see that, and you think this is a rant – I got news for you kid. All it is is facts.”

“Today I saw a tree,” she then recalled. “It was a tree. I didn’t feel anyway about the tree. It was a tree. Feelings are not facts. You need to differentiate. You’re hurting everybody. All the work, the blood, sweat, tears, volunteer, money, clocked in the face at my first Pride march. You little b—-s.”

In a follow-up tweet, accompanied by the second half of her video, McGoawn pointed out, “How many activists leading the Netflix ‘protest’ got professional hair/makeup done before going on camera? And how many of them have publicists? Answer: all.”

“Now you have permanent job security, don’t you? Because if you were on the trans walkout – any of you – you can never be fired, because you can claim it was because of that, for retaliation,” she further criticized. “Why don’t you tell that to the cafeteria food worker services, women and men, that are striking that is not in the news, that nobody cared about. Do you care? Do you care that three days before Wikileaks, who exposed all the Clintons and their f—ing ties to all this bulls–t and how deep and corrupt and the Republicans and the Democrats are all in on it together and that man is being tortured and you b—–s don’t care.”

Drawing her video to a close, McGowan declared, “You wanna be a f—ing woman? Welcome to the b—h club, b—h.”

Accused of holding anti-trans sentiments by another user, who has since deleted their tweet, McGowan pointedly clarified, “No, I do not have anger towards trans people. I have anger over fake activism when people are dying and suffering we do not have time for performance.”

“Don’t you DARE SLANDER ME,” she concluded.

Source: Rose McGowan Twitter

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