The creator of Deus Vult and novelist Jon Del Arroz recently claimed that the most recent Star Trek animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy is pushing transgender propaganda on children.

Del Arroz’s claims came in a recent video he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

In the video, seen above, Del Arroz claims the episode lectures its viewers on gender.

He explains, “Where it goes down the SJW path and goes a little further, you see already there is no Star Trek aliens that you recognize from anything else before, is they start lecturing you on gender. And they use aliens to do this.”

“This is a very sneaky way to do things in some ways, but it’s also very overt. And they actually pause the episode, I think three different times in the episode, that’s what makes it something that you notice beyond just one instance of this. To actually have a correction of gender,” he continues.

Source: Star Trek: Prodigy via Paramount Plus YouTube

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Pointing to the characters named Zero and Rok-Tahk, Del Arroz elaborates, “This happens with these two characters at the end over here. You see this roboty looking thing. It’s like an energy being that’s constructed itself a robot shell; pretty cool concept in general.”

He continues, “But this is what they do with that. When they start talking about this robot person, they always go, ‘He blah blah blah blah blah blah.’ And then he stops them and goes, ‘Actually, it’s not a he or she it’s an energy being so it doesn’t have a gender.’ They do that a couple times during the episode just to make it clear that this is a non-binary person.

“It’s not just some strange alien or whatever. You have to like stop and be sure that politically correctly refer to their pronouns correctly. And they do that in order to indoctrinate children that this is a thing. And it’s not a thing in real life. There’s no such thing as a non-gendered person. It doesn’t exist,” he opines.

Source: Star Trek: Prodigy via Paramount Plus YouTube

Del Arroz then moves on to discuss Rok-Tahk, “Number two, you see The Thing, which is what I’m gonna call this here because it is obviously a rip off of Marvel’s The Thing. You see the orange rock monster stuff right here.”

He then notes, “It starts out with The Thing, they don’t have an universal translator in the mines where they’re working as slave laborers, as prisoners. So, The Thing like goes growling and scary at first, but once they get to a universal translator, they stop the episode again and it’s really a girl. And it stops and has a cutesy voice and sounds like a little girl.”

Del Arroz adds, “The guy actually stops and corrects himself and he’s like, ‘Oh! Oh! I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine you were a girl. I’m so sorry.’ This is an attempt to tell people that even though it’s a giant dude, it might be a girl on the inside. Might be a little girl on the inside. You don’t know so you shouldn’t assume a gender upfront. So, that’s what they did with this character also.”

Source: Star Trek: Prodigy via Paramount Plus YouTube

Del Arroz then states, “So two instances of that and happens multiple during the episode where they correct the misgendering and they’re very clear. They like stop. The timing of it is like this is an important thing to this show. 

“It’s a train wreck. It’s painful. And it’s teaching kids things that are not realistic in life. So I expect a little bit more of this,” he concludes.

Source: Star Trek: Prodigy via Paramount Plus YouTube

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To conclude the video, Del Arroz states, “Overall, this just doesn’t feel like Star Trek, and they really wanted to put that lecture in there, and they really wanted to conceal it in a way that the kids aren’t gonna notice it, they are just going to get programmed by it. And that’s what corporate entertainment does these days.”

Source: Star Trek: Prodigy via Paramount Plus YouTube

Did you watch Star Trek: Prodigy? What did you think of the episode? Did you think there was transgender propaganda in it?

**Editor’s Note: Jon Del Arroz has guest posted for Bounding Into Comics in the past.**

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