YouTube commentator Eric July, also known as YoungRippa59, doesn’t like DC’s introduction of trans-Amazons into their canon in the new comic Nubia and the Amazons.

Source: Nubia and the Amazons #1, DC Comics

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In a recent video, July declares the publisher is a dying brand whose letters stand for “Dead Company” and that they should be left to their fate over this stunt, which he believes is not intended to get publicity anymore than it is to sell comics.

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“Bad publicity can literally ruin a brand,” he says, having “seen it happen” himself many times as someone who doesn’t believe “all publicity is good publicity.”

July points out, one, “nobody who uses that phrase has actually owned anything,” and two, the publicity isn’t translating into sales or making money. “When you go look at the NBD stands, they don’t seem to tell a story that these people are making money,” he continued.

Then, after facepalming at the Screen Rant headline “Wonder Woman’s Sisters Bring First Transgender Amazon to DC Comics,” he proclaims Nubia – Diana Prince’s actual sister of ethnic background – “has been utterly destroyed.”

Source: Nubia and the Amazons #1, DC Comics

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She was around for decades but was only brought back to push “social justice horses–,” because as July observes, all they care about is “what statements they can make” while running lore “into the absolute ground.”

They do this to please social media users of Twitter and Instagram, for instance, thinking “that represents their customers.”

Reading the article and the summary for Nubia and the Amazons #1 by Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala, July cracks up wondering how Ayala still gets work and scoffed at the claim from Williams the new Amazon, a transperson named Bia, is not just a box to tick.

Source: DC Comics

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He asserts it’s clear they are trying to tick boxes of representation by virtue of Williams and Ayala’s remarks. “The fact that you’re mentioning that lets us know,” July reacts.

Bia’s gender identity was not announced before the book was published, because per the reason Ayala gave on Twitter, Bia is supposed to develop “in an organic way.”

Source: Vita Ayala Twitter

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So, in light of DC’s politics and storylines, July emphasizes they are a dead-and-gone company and if you want to give a new title the benefit of the doubt, his advice is “Stop it!” He doesn’t expect them or Marvel and who they hire to change.

Additionally, if you want to scratch the itch for some reading material from them, he urges you to buy back issues – but not the reprints as they still make money from those.

Source: Detective Comics Vol. 1 #967 “A Lonely Place of Living, Chapter 3” (2017), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Rafael Albuquerque.

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At the end of the day, “Batman is merchandise and brand sales” to them, July says. Bruce Wayne is whatever “they need him to be that day,” and they don’t care about him or any character any longer.

If you agree and stopped buying DC comics altogether, let us know down below.