A new Transformers miniseries titled Transformers: War’s End was announced by IDW Publishing.

The new miniseries is described by IDW Publishing as an “essential companion” to their ongoing Transformers series.

Transformers: War’s End is a four-part miniseries written by Brian Ruckley with art by Jack Lawrence.

Source: Transformers: War’s End #1

The series will see the return of the warlord Exarchon, who previously plunged Cybertron into darkness. Not only does Exarchon return, but he will be reunited with his generals Shockwave and Skywarp.

IDW adds, “Cyclonus, a warrior haunted by the horrors of that ancient conflict, seeks a glimmer of hope by testing the allegiance of Decepticon leader Megatron, whose own evil machinations have so recently fractured civilization into warring factions!”

Ruckley further provides details, “War’s End is about unfinished business: for both the characters and for Cybertron as a whole. It’s the return of Cybertron’s traumatic past to upend its present… and answers the question: If your planet has at its core the collective Spark of your entire civilization, just how vulnerable might that make you?”

He adds, “I love the fact that we will get to act this out with some of my favorite characters: Cyclonus, Team Stream, Pyra Magna, Geomotus, and Exarchon. They all get to take center stage, play for the highest of high stakes, and discover their fates and their futures.”

Lawremce provided his own statement, “Up to now, my Transformers work has been post- or pre-war, so with War’s End, I’m excited to contribute to the Cybertronian war itself. This story is, understandably, darker and grittier than what I’ve worked on before, so I’m looking forward to going shadowy and ominous with it. Plus, I get to draw characters I haven’t worked with in a big way – characters I’ve loved for more than 35 years. There aren’t really words for how incredibly exciting that is.”

Source: Transformers: War’s End #1

Editor Dave Mariotte also added, “Since launching in 2019, all our Transformers universe titles — the ongoing, GalaxiesEscapeWreckers: Tread & Circuits, the 2021 Annual, the Valentine’s Special, and the Halloween Special — have been the quilted pieces of an epic story, helmed by Brian Ruckley.”

Mariotte continued, “War’s End and the ongoing series are where those threads weave together, showing the full picture of the Transformers mythos — past, present, and future — that we’ve been building for years.”

The first issue of the miniseries will arrive in February. It will feature a Cover A by Angel Hernandez. Cover B is done by interior artist Jack Lawrence and a Retailer Incentive by E.J. Su.

Do you plan on checking out this new Transformers miniseries?