Joker actor Marc Maron ranted against what he described as anti-woke comedians in a recent episode of his WTF podcast.

Marc Maron

Maron, who voices Lex Luthor in the upcoming DC League of Super Pets film, began the segment on anti-woke comedians talking about why he got into comedy.

He said, “I realize this more and more, and it kind of unnerves me about the whole issue, is that I don’t know why any of you got into comedy, but I got into comedy because I didn’t fit in that well.”

“I was an awkward guy. I had my own issues. I didn’t like authority. I didn’t like having a boss. I don’t really do the team player thing that well. I wanted to speak my mind in a way that was uniquely mine. I wanted to not answer to f***ing anybody. I didn’t want to work with other people. I wanted to have total freedom to express my mind however the f**k I wanted. I wanted to figure it out. Solo,” he continued.

He went on, “I know a lot of people that got into comedy that ended up doing sketch, they ended up showrunning. Look, I’ve done ensemble work before, I don’t mind that. But stand-up was my way way to have my voice without anybody telling me s**t. My point of view. It’s not a team sport. I mean what the f**k?”

Source: DC League of Super-Pets

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Maron then transitioned to blasting anti-woke comedy, “But the idea that there are these now, there’s an anti-woke comedy, and that’s a point of view that many people want to have. That’s a team. So now these team players. These f***ing sheep. These anti-woke guys and gals are just f***ing hacks. They don’t even have the courage to have their own point of view.”

He began to mock these anti-woke comedians, “‘I am anti-woke.’ So you are team anti-woke? I thought you were a f***ing comic. I thought you were a guy or a woman with your own f***ing thoughts. ‘Yeah I am. I am a free thinker. I do my own research.’ Yeah, but your free thinking sounds like a hundred other f***ing idiots that are doing what the same free thinking as you. Team anti-woke.”

Marc Maron and Marlon Wayans

He then targeted comedy fans, “It’s like so many people that are ‘comedy fans’ are just f***ing these hack losers looking for a leader. I’ve never seen so many kind of people that want their freedom, that respect their freedom, that it’s all about this freedom that like really want to f***ing lick the boot, man. Really want to lick the boot. You anti-woke boot licker. I mean what the f***?”

“It’s an excuse for hacks. Isn’t that why we got into comedy? To be our own people. And look, man, I would say that my set right now is darker and probably more provocative than I’ve ever been in my life,” he continued.

“But is it woke? No, it’s just comedy. I’m just speaking my own mind. And I can handle if there is pushback,” he declared.

Marc Maron and Tate Donovan

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Maron wrapped it up, “But I’m just saying, man, if you are on team anti-woke. Tribe. Is that your tribe? Tribe anti-woke? You and Kid Rock.”

“You are not thinking your own thoughts. You’re a hack with an excuse for why you are failing,” he concluded.

Marc Maron

The most interesting part of this entire rant is that Maron calls out these anti-woke comedians for lacking courage to have their own point of view, but he’s the one who shows no courage by not actually naming any of these people he is ranting about. 

It’s almost as if the entire rant is projection and everything Maron is blasting anti-woke comedians for he is guilty of.

Tate Donovan and Marc Maron

What do you make of Maron’s rant against anti-woke comedians?