007 and Venom: Let There Be Carnage actress Naomie Harris recently dropped a bombshell story in You magazine that detailed what is, by all accounts, a sexual assault by a Hollywood A-lister during an audition.

According to the actress’s account, the actor stuck his hand up her skirt whilst she was in the middle of reading for a part, and neither the casting director, nor the director did anything about it.

She also described a separate incident that recently took place, though she refused to name either perpetrator.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube Channel

She specifically stated, “What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything because he was he is– such a huge star. That was my only #MeToo incident, so I felt very lucky given how rife that behaviour was.

“Now things have definitely changed: I was on a project where there was a #MeToo incident and there was no hesitation… (the perpetrator) was immediately removed,” she added.

If this had been revealed 4 years ago, it might have made bigger waves, but in late 2021, it sounds sketchy, at best.

And guess what? That sucks.

Source: Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Blu-Ray

The reason it sucks, is because we now live in an age where rape hoaxes and hate crime hoaxes are skyrocketing, exclusively because of the incentive structure put in place by societal elites, and far-Left government officials. Victimhood culture is a business, and business is booming. What this inevitably leads to are more victims of actual assault and hate crimes, who are left holding the bag. Is Naomie Harris telling the truth? 

Comedian Bill Burr once remarked on the “believe all women” schtick that went viral a ways back, particularly during the Brett Kavanaugh trial. His response was “Really? All of them?” The point he was humorously trying to make is that people lie – men and women, equally. Yet, the prevailing narrative is that people who claim abuse never lie, at any time, and they should be believed without hesitation, or (as it turns out) evidence.

(L-R): The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and Mayfeld (Bill Burr) in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

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The outcome is what anyone with a properly functioning brain would expect – an increase in rape hoaxes and false reports. Some of these were for the sake of revenge, while others were either politically, or financially (sometimes both) motivated. The following is just a small collection of false rape and sexual assault accusations issued by women in the recent past:

• In 2016, a female student at Austin Peay State University reported being sexually assaulted on campus, only to recant her story after an APSU investigation.

• A female Charleston College student accused her valentine hookup of date rape in 2017, which turned out to be false. Her victim was cleared by a jury.

• A Delta College-University Center Michigan student filed a false police report claiming she was raped in 2017, and was later charged.

• A George Washington University student accused two black men of raping a white girl in 1990, while threatening her with a knife. Her own lawyer called the campus police to quell the ensuing outrage, claiming she made the entire thing up.

Source: Lena Dunham, Girls, HBO

• Four Northwestern University females fabricated stories that they were raped, causing Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Telles to walk the stories back.

• A Kirkland, Washington woman claimed in a Facebook post that she was raped, only to later admit that she fabricated the story, because she was “traumatized” that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

• Actress Lena Dunham shared an extremely implausible story, claiming that she hooked up with a Republican voter, whom she egged on with dirty talk, at which point he raped her. Her initial reaction was to “burst out laughing” when a friend later suggested she was raped.

This is a small sampling of an extremely large pool of rape hoaxes, which, it turns out, have gone on for quite a long time at this point.

Source: C-Span YouTube Channel

Consider the case of Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of several horrific rape crimes, just as he was about to ascend to the Supreme Court. Several accusers came forth, one of which was Julie Swetnick, a serial liar and hoaxer who was quickly (and quietly) kicked underneath the sofa by Congressional Democrats after it became clear that she would become a costly liability. 

That left just one prominent accuser – Christine Blasey Ford, a diehard radical Democrat activist who testified about her supposed ordeal with Kavanaugh, which didn’t go particularly well. When pressed, Ford couldn’t remember a single snippet of noteworthy information regarding the incident in question, while friends she claimed were witnesses to the event denied having a clue what she was talking about. 

Even Ford’s attorney Debra Katz revealed during a speech at the University of Baltimore’s Feminist Legal Theory Conference that her testimony against Kavanaugh was politically motivated, saying “When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we will know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and that is important; it is important that we know, and that is part of what motivated Christine.” 

How bad was Blasey Ford’s testimony, you might ask? It was so bad that Ralph Blasey, the accuser’s own father, sided with Justice Kavanaugh on the issue. It’s also worth noting that Michael Avenatti, who was once tapped as a Democratic Presidential candidate, stuck his nose into the case in an attempt to railroad Kavanaugh’s nomination. He was recently sentenced to prison for attempting to extort millions from Nike, effectively ending his infantile political aspirations.

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Source: Skyfall, Blu-Ray

Steering things back to Naomie Harris, it’s worth taking a microscope at how the industry has handled the seemingly out-of-control rape culture and pedophilia over the last five to six decades, at the very least.

Controversial director Roman Polanski was forced to flee the country after sodomizing a 13 year old girl, yet Hollywood elites like Meryl Streep will sing praises about him to this very day. That’s quite the hypocrisy from a hardline feminist claiming to stand up for women’s rights.

Then came the much-ballyhooed Harvey Weinstein scandal, where hypocritical Hollywood elites and Democratic activists like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton claimed he was the best thing since sliced bread. Meryl Streep even referred to him as a “God.”

Yet, the moment the public turned on Weinstein en masse, he became the industry’s most convenient love-to-hate pariah. Is it any wonder why some aren’t willing to buy into Naomie Harris’s accusation so quickly?

For one, Harris made a cardinal mistake – she failed to name her accuser. That’s a major problem for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in an era where the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements are hemorrhaging support, particularly from the feminist side of the aisle.

The notion of a casting couch has been around for a very long time in Hollywood, and that’s no secret. Effecting actual change means holding perpetrators responsible, which is something celebrities seem to have a chronic problem with.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar UK, YouTube

Actress Rose McGowan was ripped up and down for dragging certain Hollywood bigshots like Harvey Weinstein into the spotlight, kicking and screaming the entire way. She’s since abandoned the #MeToo movement entirely, and publicly shamed the Democratic Party, saying she would no longer support them.

She even called out California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer, who supposedly offered her money on behalf of David Boies, Weinstein’s attorney, to make the problem go away. Unlike Harris, McGowan stuck her neck out to hold people accountable, and her career will probably suffer as a result.

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Daniel Craig stars as James Bond, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q in in NO TIME TO DIE, an EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios film Credit: Nicola Dove © 2021 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Will Harris take the same risk? If not, then why? What is to be gained by sharing a story without a shred of verifiable evidence, or a name to go on? Notice that Harris refuses to name all the people in the room at that time, which is cause for immediate skepticism. Anyone can say anything, at any time, for any reason, particularly if they’re prominent figures who could benefit from the exposure.

To the naysayers crying foul right now, I ask, do we really need a crash course on the Jussie Smollett case, at this point? The disgraced Empire actor was just found guilty on 5 out of 6 counts for falsifying a hate crime, while the jury have revealed that they withheld finding him guilty on the sixth charge, for the sake of “doing him a favor.”

All this effort, just so Smollett could cash in and become more famous, hoping it would lead to a larger paycheck. The incentive structure is real. 

Smollett now faces a massive lawsuit by the city of Chicago, to cover the costs of his foolishness, and his broad spectrum of Leftist supporters are either kicking him to the curb, or backing away slowly into the bushes. 

Source: Jussie Smollett Trial, CNBC, YouTube

One can only cry wolf so many times, before the public takes notice. When victimhood is incentivized by our cultural and governmental institutions, the predictable result is that bad faith actors and opportunists will come out of the woodwork. That’s not to say that Naomie Harris’s accusation isn’t truthful, especially given Hollywood’s sickening corruption, and a total abandonment of basic human morals at this point.

The question is, can we trust her?

Rory Kinnear stars as Tanner, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ralph Fiennes as M in NO TIME TO DIE, an EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios film Credit: Nicola Dove © 2021 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This sucks, because it makes things a lot harder for those who have gone through the trauma of racial hate crimes, rape, and sexual assault. The gold standard should be “trust, but verify,” but it’s now mutated into “distrust, and verify,” and that’s a symptom of a culture in decline. The Left have weaponized victimhood, and created an actual market for it, which is astonishing.

For all of the talk of how capitalism is the greatest evil in American society, these folks sure didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it by creating an entirely new product for the populace to consume. 

If Naomie Harris’s story is true, she should file a police report, and have it looked into. As it stands, this is just another example of a Hollywood actress who, at least on the surface level, appears to be more concerned with the progression of her career, as opposed to her own dignity.

She insinuates as much, by claiming that her own director, and casting director were too afraid to stand up to her supposed assailant. The moral cowardice of the Left continues to stand on full display, while they simultaneously stand on soapboxes, telling everyone else that they need to do better.

M (Ralph Fiennes), Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Tanner (Rory Kinnear) in a tense moment in M’s office in NO TIME TO DIE, an EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios film Credit: Nicola Dove

Our message to Naomie Harris is simple – do something about it. If your accusations are true, we’ll stand behind you, as will the majority on both sides of the political aisle.

It’s extremely unfortunate that an estimated 83% percent of sexual assault victims fail to report to the police, while 29% percent keep it secret, even from friends and family. Yet, we live in an age when morning-after regret is now considered “rape,” and that does a true disservice to real victims, with real stories to tell.

We’re constantly bombarded with strong messaging from the Left about female empowerment, yet individuals like Naomie Harris seem reluctant to channel that power into an actual police investigation, or at the very least, a name-drop.

Source: Swan Song, Blu-Ray

It remains to be seen if Harris will divulge more information about this encounter over the next few weeks, but there’s no reason to hold your breath. Even if the accusation is true, it won’t affect anything, save for Harris getting some media coverage.

The only person who benefits from that, is Harris. The countless other women this perpetrator may have assaulted, or will assault in the future? They’re on their own. Shame on everyone who let this go unreported, if the story is actually true.

Distrust, and verify. Welcome to the modern age.

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