General Hospital Actor Ingo Rademacher Files Lawsuit Against ABC After Network Denies His Request For Religious Exemption From Vaccine Mandate

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General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher has filed a lawsuit against ABC after the The Walt Disney Company-owned broadcasting network declined to grant the actor his requested religious exemption from Hollywood’s COVID-19 mandates and instead opted to end his longtime contract.

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In November, Variety reported that Rademacher had been fired from the long-running soap opera because he did not want to comply with Hollywood’s vaccine mandate, which took effect that same month.

Prior to this announcement, the actor had also been very outspoken about the draconian mandates being implemented in general. A mere two days before the news of him being dismissed by the network started doing the rounds, the General Hospital actor took to social media to share a particular message to his followers.

“I will stand with you to fight for medical freedom,” wrote Rademacher on Instagram, adding the near mandatory #medicalfreedom #nomandates #woke #awakening #coersionisnotconsent hashtags, causing woke social justice warriors who came across his post to melt down.

Source: Ingo Rademacher, Instagram

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According to Rademacher’s recently filed lawsuit against the Disney-owned network, the actor “requested a religious exemption to the Covid Vaccine Mandate,” but “ABC refused to accept Mr. Rademacher’s request,” in spite of the network initially assuring employees that they “would grant exemptions for sincerely held religious objections.”

 “ABC’s actions are blatantly unlawful,” the document continues. “ABC does not have the authority to force a medical treatment on its employees against their will. Even if it did, it must offer religious exemptions to the forced treatment to anybody who requests one.”

Source: General Hospital, YouTube

The lawsuit also declares that all Californians, Rademacher included, have “a right to bodily integrity and a right to refuse medical treatment, both of which the Covid Vaccine Mandate violates.”

“He also has a right to informational privacy,” the document further asserts. “ABC violated those rights by forcing Mr. Rademacher to disclose his personal medical information to continue working on General Hospital.”

Source: General Hospital, ABC

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The document also states that the former General Hospital actor “brings this action to hold ABC accountable for its unlawful discrimination and invasion of Mr. Rademacher’s privacy rights.”

Interestingly, the plaintiff also brings up the fact that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden “would not commit to receiving” a vaccine when President Trump was still in office and worked with pharmaceutical companies to begin developing treatments for the virus as evidence that his hesitancy was not unfounded.

Source: General Hospital, YouTube

“The way he (Trump) talks about the vaccine is not particularly rational. He’s talking about it being ready, he’s going to talk about moving it quicker than the scientists think it should be moved,” Biden said in August 2020. “People don’t believe that he’s telling the truth, therefore they’re not at all certain they’re going to take the vaccine. And one more thing: If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that need to be done, and the trials that are needed to be done.”

However, as the lawsuit asserts, “Then Mr. Biden won the presidency and the tune changed. Still, President-elect Biden said he would not mandate that Americans get the Covid shots, three of which—developed by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson—had been approved for emergency use by the FDA.”


The document also includes then-vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris who, as detailed in Rademacher’s lawsuit against ABC, said she would not be taking a vaccine against the coronavirus.

“Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us,” said Harris in September 2020 when asked whether she would take a vaccine developed under Trump’s presidency. “I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump. And it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it.”

Source: President Biden, Twitter

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The lawsuit further explains, “Although ABC may argue that the vaccine mandate serves as a compelling interest, there are feasible and effective alternatives that have a lesser impact on privacy interests,” asserting that the mandate is “irrational” because there is no solid evidence that the “Covid-19 shot prevents people from contracting or transmitting the virus.”

At the end of the lawsuit, Rademacher included a personal statement, wherein he concluded, \”I am entitled to a religious exemption against mandatory vaccination for Covid-19 on the basis of my deeply and sincerely held moral belief that my body is endowed by my creator with natural processes to protect me and that its natural integrity cannot ethically be violated by the administration of artificially created copies of genetic material, foreign to nature and experimental.”

“Discrimination against me on the basis of my religious values and rights of conscience is contrary to law and the Civil Rights Act,” the actor continued, “Disparate treatment of me on this basis is not permitted under State and federal law.”

Source: General Hospital, YouTube

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Rademacher made headlines last month when he referred to transgender Biden Administration official Rachel Levine as a “dude,” successfully managing to trigger both woke SJWs and a sizeable number of his General Hospital co-stars.

The actor eventually took to Instagram to apologise to the woke mob and his co-stars, who were already accusing the General Hospital actor of transphobia and calling for his firing from ABC’s long-running TV series.

However, it wasn’t even Rademacher who used the word “dude” to describe Levine, as the outrage against him was sparked by his retweeting of conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey, who wrote on Twitter, “Hello, and welcome to ClownTown, where the dude on the left is an empowering woman, and the woman on the right is a white supremacist.”

Source: Allie Beth Stuckey, Twitter

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“The left always likes to run with, ‘Ingo Rademacher is transphobic’ instead of pointing out the fact that I was comparing that, while it’s not okay to call a black woman a white supremacist, I don’t think either that it’s okay to call a transgender an empowered woman because, where does that leave women?” said the actor in a video posted to Instagram shortly after the incident.

He elaborated, “Think about that for a second. Where does that leave women? Women have fought so hard to get on a level playing field with men. They weren’t allowed to do anything back in the day. They were nothing, so I don’t agree with that.”

Rademacher then specified that he does apologise for “not crossing out ‘dude’ and putting ‘transgender,’” noting that “personally, I wouldn’t have written it that way, that was somebody else’s post.”

“Again, that’s not an excuse. I should’ve just crossed it out, but the comparison there is just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left-wing media,” the actor concluded.

What do you make of Ingo Rademacher filing a lawsuit against ABC for not exempting him from getting the Covid-19 vaccine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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