Novelist Patrick S. Tomlinson took to Twitter to describe Tucker Carlson as a “white supremacist” after Bounding Into Comics reported that he was ordered to pay attorneys’ fees and had voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against 60 John Does accusing them of defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference, and civil conspiracy.

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

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Tomlinson was ordered by Judge Ethan P. Schulman of the Superior Court of California in San Francisco County to pay $23,739.25 in attorney’s fees and costs after a John Doe filed a complaint requesting the court quash Tomlinson’s request for a subpoena to Cloudflare Inc, in regards to a lawsuit the science fiction author had filed against 60 John Does in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Source: San Francisco County Superior Court

Following this order, Tomlinson would voluntarily dismiss his lawsuit in Wisconsin on January 19, 2022.

Source: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Tomlinson reacted to Bounding Into Comics report on Twitter writing, “Looks like I really upset the bootlickers over at Bounding Into Comics by saying Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist so I just wanted to say for the record: Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson continued, “Oh, and Bounding Into Comics, I couldn’t help but notice you left out the part in your “article” where the people we were trying to identify have impersonated me hundreds of times, doxxed dozens of people around me, trespassed on and vandalized our property, SWATTed our home.”

In a subsequent tweet he wrote, “Made fake reports to the police falsely accusing me of everything from arson to kidnapping and murder. Physically stalked me across multiple states. Made numerous death threats and suicide demands towards me and rape threats against my wife. Threatened to kill our pets.”

“You didn’t include any of that in your little article, did you? What part of the above is ‘free speech?’ Go on. Tell me,” he continued.

He concluded, “Still waiting, Bounding Into Comics. What about stalking, death threats, trespassing, vandalism, false police reports, and SWATTing is free speech? I’m listening.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

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From there Tomlinson posted a 29 tweet thread, where he paints himself as the victim, despite the court of law ruling against him in California where he was ordered to pay attorneys’ fees and voluntarily dismissing his own case in Wisconsin.

He began the thread writing, “Thread time. Well, the cat’s out of the bag and I’ve been getting questions about this, so I guess it’s time to break cover. As many of you know, for 3+ years I’ve been the all-consuming obsession of a small but dedicated cyberstalking group.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson

He continued, “Their campaign of targeted harassment here on twitter has included more than 300 accounts impersonating me, as well as other twitter users in my sphere. They’ve spammed replies, harassed and threatened followers, and made hundreds of sexist/racist/homophobic comments.”

“They’ve also launched numerous mass false reporting attacks against my account and others, trying to and often succeeding in getting accounts falsely suspended by tricking the moderation algos. But their behavior here pales in comparison to everything else they’ve done,” he wrote.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson then stated, “Over the course of the last three and a half years, members of this group of terrorists have used phones and fax to harass local businesses I frequent with obscene calls and pornographic images. They send fraudulent food orders to my home almost daily.”

“They have doxxed the private information of dozens upon dozens of people around me so they can be targeted by members of the group for harassing, obscene, or threatening texts, phone calls, voicemails, or emails, either pretending to be me, or blaming me for the doxxing,” he claimed.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

“They’ve used the contact forms on the websites of dozens of prominent people in my industry, usually women or POC who they see as more vulnerable targets, once again to impersonate me and send sexually or racially demeaning messages hoping to damage my professional reputation,” he argues.

He goes on, “They’ve repeatedly filmed themselves trespassing on our property at night when my wife and I are either out or asleep upstairs. They’ve recently escalated to vandalism of our home, my motorcycle, and car.”

“They have physically stalked me into public spaces across multiple states, from here in Milwaukee, to DC, and over last weekend in Detroit, where they take spy shots of me working or relaxing they then share on the webforums set up to plan and coordinate their harassment,” Tomlinson tweeted.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

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“They text me dozens of times, every single day, from multiple anonymous, spoofed phone numbers numbering in the thousands. They use these harassing texts to defame and threaten, often sharing the spy shots they’ve taken to try and intimidate me,” he continued his accusations.

Tomlinson went on, “They have made multiple death threats, suicide demands, and rape threats against my wife through text, voicemail, email, and other venues. Including death threats sent to my publisher, family, and friends. They have threatened to burn down our home and kill our pets.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

The thread continues, “They have doxxed our home address and phone numbers dozens upon dozens of times, including to the short-lived white supremacist hit list website, Coal Fax, which was a repository of addresses of interracial couples marked for execution by neo-nazis before it was shuttered.”

“They’ve made numerous fake reports to the Milwaukee PD, anonymously and falsely accusing me of everything from arson to kidnapping and murder, hoping to trigger an armed police response that leads to a deadly confrontation, aka SWATTing, which they nearly succeeded in doing,” he writes.

“All this is to say we’re not dealing with ‘trolls’ but hardened, knowing cyber criminals who have built an anonymous online community around the planning and execution of crimes against randomly-chosen targets of opportunity,” he claims.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson then claims that the police did not pursue alleged local crimes because they were an “out-of-state online mob.” He tweeted, “To combat this criminal cabal, my wife and I have pursued and exhausted all legal avenues open to us. Despite the trespassing, vandalism, physical stalking, and false police reports, the local MPD has neither the resources or jurisdiction to tackle an out-of-state online mob.”

“Through our lawyer, we were put in contact with a special agent of the FBI who, after reviewing the evidence and facts of the case concluded, yes, crimes were undoubtedly taking place, but the Bureau would not spend resources on an investigation ‘Until they kill someone,'” he added.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

He continued his story, “Since Law Enforcement proved itself either unable or unwilling to, you know, enforce the law, my wife and I took the step in Oct 2020 to begin civil proceedings against the stalker community for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.”

“A number of subpoenas were drafted and sent out to the various webhosts of the stalkers’ web forums to compel the unmasking of the ringleaders so they could be pursued for civil damages or even criminal prosecution in their home jurisdictions,” he tweeted.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

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He next points the finger at Cloudflare, “However, Cloudflare fought against these subpoenas. Exactly why they’re comfortable taking money from criminals and hosting an exclusively cyberstalking website that violates their own TOS in multiple ways is unclear. So, we were forced into CA court.”

“Despite the fact neither I nor any of the stalkers live in CA to our knowledge, and none of their criminal actions happened in CA, we found ourselves in a San Franscisco (sp?) courtroom with a judge who exhibited less than zero understanding of the case,” he wrote.

Tomlinson then claims, “At one point, the Judge Pro Tem admitted that he had to ask his son what ‘trolling’ meant, a question which of course had no bearing on the case because as already explained, these are cyberstalkers, not trolls. Still the case proceeded until it hit Section 230.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

“If you’ve followed internet politics for any length of time, you know 230 is part of a 90’s era law that insulates websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc from civil penalties for the content generated by their users. It was not intended to shield participants in a conspiracy,” the novelist tweeted.

He goes on to write, “The web forums had moved hosts several times because in many jurisdictions like Iceland, the EU, and even Russia, doxxing private information is illegal. The admin admitted publicly that he moved back to US based Cloudflare so his users could continue to doxx at will.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson then reveals the judge ruled against his claims, “However, this nuance was completely lost on the presiding judge who, in the final hearing, decided that the anonymity of the people who have been criminally stalking my family for more than 3 years takes precedence over our physical safety and refused to ID them.”

“Even more inconceivably stupid and cruel, the judge further agreed with opposing counsel that we should be forced to pay our stalker’s legal fees for the privilege of being the targets of their sick clinical obsession. $24k we owe to the people who’ve made sport of our lives,” he stated.

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

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He began to wrap up the thread writing, “That’s the story as it stands today. We went to the courts for help and instead watched as they not only validated and emboldened the people whose stated goal is to drive me to suicide, but joined in helping them harm us even more. Everything above is supported by evidence.”

“We’re not looking for sympathy, and we’re not asking for money. This thread is meant to inform and raise awareness of the utter inadequacy of the law as it sits to tackle modern problems, and indeed exacerbate them. Reform is urgently needed, and fast. Please, share the word,” he tweeted.

He then added, “Geez, I didn’t even remember the literally thousands of fake 1 Star reviews they left using sockpuppet accounts on all of my books in a coordinated review bombing attack designed to tank my ratings and writing career.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

“Oh, and Bounding Into Comics, this is what you defended as “free speech” while dishonestly conflating it with utterly unrelated tweets about Tucker Carlson being a white supremacist (he is one). Still want to know why you think SWATTing and vandalism are free speech issues,” Tomlinson tweeted.

He then concluded, “Of course this all begs a very important question. Who runs a cyberstalking website and spends $23,000 dollars just to keep their name anonymous? Who is that afraid of owning up to what they’ve done, unless they know it’s criminal?”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

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While Tomlinson attempts to paint himself as the victim he has made multiple threats against people. 

Back in 2018, Tomlinson tweeted, “For the Nazis threatening to disrupt #worldcon2018 on Saturday. -Many people, including me, will be escorting attendees into the building. -You will each individually be watched, filmed, and photographed. -Those photos and videos will be uploaded immediately. -You will be known.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

In a subsequent tweet he added, “For the pathetic little surge of incel twits who mistook this tweet as anything but a PSA, it isn’t. It isn’t an invitation for a lesson on what Nazi means today, or details on the escort plan. You’re not owed anything, or welcome on my TL.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

It’s possible this threat if actually carried out could meet the definition of stalking in California, which states, “Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking.”

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

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On Facebook, he justified punching people for simply wearing a MAGA hat.

He posted, “So apparently some open-mic blond lady who likes to wear a MAGA hat and mouth off to other comics during their sets got herself a black eye and is now crying about it on social media.”

“Let’s get something straight here, a MAGA hat is not just a hat. It is a recognized symbol of hatred, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and creeping authoritarianism. It is a public announcement that you personally support Trump’s declaration that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers. You want to ban Muslims from traveling to our country,” he continued.

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

“You want to strip trans troops of their right to serve their country. You approve of kidnapping thousands of immigrant children from their asylum-seeking parents and then losing them into a network of concentration camps where they’ve been sexually assaulted and have even died,” Tomlinson wrote.

“Wearing a MAGA hat announces you’re okay with Trump’s treasonous coordination with Russia to steal the 2016 election. You’re okay with his calls to violence against protestors at his rallies, his calls to violence against the press which has led to multiple bombs being mailed to media offices. You’re cool with his non stop attacks on our law enforcement and intelligence communities as they present more and more evidence of his lifetime of crimes. You’re fine with his demonization of the dozens of women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape,” he claimed.

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

He went on, “Your MAGA hat says you’re behind him when he intimidates witnesses on Twitter, obstructs justice in plain sight by firing the people investigating him, or even those who aren’t adequately protecting him from justice. You’re onboard with him flagrantly lying more than 9,000 times in just over two years.”

“Your MAGA hat says you’re on the side of the people who mail bombs to democratic politicians, the people who run over protestors with cars, the people who burn black churches and shoot-up synagogues,” Tomlinson stated.

“Your MAGA hat is a declaration of your fealty to the destruction of our pluralistic society, and your open hatred for more than half of the people who live in it,” he claimed.

He added, “Your MAGA hat says you’re fine with lawlessness as long as it is in service of your racist, proto-fascist agenda. Your MAGA hat is a threat of violence against everyone who doesn’t look, think, pray, and love exactly like you.”

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

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He then asserted, “And since you’re fine with lawlessness, and since you’re cool with violence to advance your intolerance, guess who doesn’t get to cry about it when someone takes the law into their own hands and socks you in your stupid face for threatening them, their friends, their families, and the soul of our nation?”

“You. You don’t get to cry about it. Play fascist games, win fascist prizes,” he wrote.

“P.S. And for all the pearl-clutcherswho will doubtless say “But a man should never hit a woman!” don’t worry, I’m sure we can find some roller derby lesbians willing to throw an elbow or two,” he concluded.

Source: Patrick Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson also advocates violence against anyone he deems a Nazi, which includes Tucker Carlson and Jordan B. Peterson.

He tweeted, “Because this is giving so many people so many problems, here’s a two step guide to the ethics of punching Nazis: 1: Yes, it’s okay to punch Nazis. 2: No, people punching Nazis are not the real Nazis. Hope this clears things up.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

Tomlinson also appears to claim that he illegally assaulted three individuals he deemed Nazis.

In response to a user asking, “Which three nazis have you silenced by illegally assaulting them?”, Tomlinson wrote, “The three who have gotten in my face. I didn’t bother taking their names. Just their dignity.”

Source: Patrick S. Tomlinson Twitter

While Tomlinson attempts to paint himself as a victim, he is anything but, as he routinely advocates and justifies violence against his political opponents and has even appeared to brag about illegally assaulting three people.

On top of this, Tomlinson’s own thread appears to show that multiple law enforcement agencies and a court of law have ruled against him and even ordered him to pay attorneys’ fees.

Source: Patrick Tomlinson YouTube

What do you make of Tomlinson’s claims?

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