Hypocrisy: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Deletes Transphobic Tweet After Denouncing Podcaster Joe Rogan

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has silently, and quite hypocritically, deleted a transphobic tweet, after initially supporting Joe Rogan amidst the ongoing Spotify controversy, and later denouncing the podcaster for his use of the N-word in the past.

In a tweet responding to writer and left-wing activist Don Winslow, Johnson apologised for throwing his support behind Joe Rogan, claiming that he was not aware of the podcaster’s use of the N-word, and calling this particular realisation a “Learning moment.”

Source: Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Winslow’s original tweet read, “Dear [The Rock], You’re a hero to many people and using your platform to defend Joe Rogan, a guy that used and laughed about using the N word dozens of times, is a terrible use of your power.”

“Have you actually listened to this mans many racist statements about Black people?” asked the disgruntled writer as he concluded the tweet directed at Dwayne Johnson.

“Thank you so much for this. I hear you as well as everyone here 100%. I was not aware of his N word use prior to my comments, but now I’ve become educated to this complete narrative,” Johnson explained, adding, “Learning moment for me. Mahalo, brother and have a great & productive weekend.”

Source: Dwayne Johnson, Twitter

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Donald Trump Jr. was quick to call out the Hollywood star’s hypocrisy, sharing a now-deleted comment from 2011 wherein Johnson can be seen accusing a twitter user @katierobin23 of “turning tranny tricks.”

“What is this transphobic violence?!?” initially wrote Trump, Jr, retweeting Johnson’s unearthed comments and questioning his use of a term the transgender community deems as transphobic.

Source: Donald Trump Jr., Twitter

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Coming to the realisation that the Jumanji: The Next Level star had quietly deleted his tweet, Donald Trump, Jr. doubled down, tweeting a screenshot of Johnson’s now-deleted tweet for everyone to see.

“Wow, The Rock, you can’t just try to quietly delete transphobic attacks without giving a groveling apology and expect to ever work in Hollywood again,” wrote Trump, Jr. adding, “Do UnderArmour, Ford, Apple, Netflix and the rest of his sponsors/partners agree with this hateful rhetoric?”

Johnson’s now-deleted tweet read, “Don’t be angry Ms Katie. It’s not our fault you’re turning tranny tricks to put yourself thru nursing school.”

Source: Donald Trump Jr., Twitter

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Transgender Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner was also critical of Johnson, writing, “Hmmmm… the double standard is real. The Rock I love you but cmon dude…let’s be real. Cancel culture has got to go. Use your platform.” Jenner then thank Donald Trump Jr. for highlighting Johnson’s now-deleted comment.  

Source: Caitlyn Jenner, Twitter

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In the comments section of Dwayne Johnson’s apology tweet other public figures have called out the actor’s hypocrisy, sharing videos that reveal the former professional wrestler’s own history of transphobic and racist comments.

A clip that sees Johnson doing a racist impression of the Chinese language, during his professional wrestling days, was shared by political commentator Mike Cernovich. 

Senior Editor at Human Events Jack Posobiec shared a more recent clip of the hypocrite Hollywood star, where Johnson calls fellow former pro wrestler John Cena a “bloated transvestite Wonder Woman ready to fight crime.”

Dwayne Johnson was quick to apologise when he was made aware of Joe Rogan’s previous usage of the N-word. As of writing, the Jungle Cruise star has yet to apologise for the transphobic and racist remarks he’s made in the past.

Dwayne Johnson is Frank Wolff in Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2021 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What do you make of Dwayne Johnson hypocritically deleting transphobic comments after denouncing Joe Rogan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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