Comic book creator and novelist Jon Del Arroz, the creator of Deus Vult and Justified, recently explained why he believes that “The Batman is some of the worst woke cringe Hollywood’s ever released.”

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In a video titled “The Batman Is Some Of The WORST Woke Cringe Hollywood’s EVER Released,” Del Arroz asserts, “the level of woke bar has dropped to where, ‘Okay, well it’s expected that we’re just gonna have a completely diverse cast so I’m just gonna deal with that and ignore it. Hah hah, it was only a couple of lines where they talk about white privilege or whatever. That’s fine it was a great movie anyway.'”

“That seems to be where the conservative side of things has settled at,” he added.

The Deus Vult creator continues, “I gotta tell you everybody, don’t accept it. You need to just check out of these movies 100%. Check out of these brands 100% and not go and see these movies. It is imperative that we stop Hollywood in their tracks. And we stop this in their tracks.”

“We can’t accept this bar being the new normal. We have to go back. They have to go back. And that’s how it’s got to work right now,” he asserted.

Source: The Batman

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While referencing a Glamour article titled “Catwoman’s Implied Bisexuality in The Batman Does Not Count as Representation,” Del Arroz says, “These studios are actually chicken s***s about certain things. They’re very brazen about black people are the most wonderful, beautiful, rainbow, yay, people on the planet. That now has been totally accepted and we have this like black people worship going on in Hollywood and in our mainstream culture that is just totally cool. But if you fight that you’re racist.

“But if you notice, they made Catwoman black, Commissioner Gordon black, everybody good’s black. The lady who’s the mayor now at the end of it or whatever who’s going to be hope for change, she’s black. Everybody good is black. Everybody bad is white except Batman. They were not brazen enough to change Batman yet, but I could see that coming in the next Batman iteration for sure,” he states.

Source: The Batman

Del Arroz then specifically takes issue with Catwoman and the way her sexuality is depicted in the film, “This is what’s going on. I guess they had a gay black woman Catwoman. And it was implied. So they had this whole deal where she’s living with some other girl. She keeps calling this other girl baby and then she refers to Batman as baby later, which implies this whole deal.”

He continues, “You can miss it because you don’t actually see anything on screen and so they did that intentionally. Because they know that if they actually put that in front of you people would pull their kids from going and seeing this movie. Because people don’t want their kids inundated with homosexual propaganda. It’s obvious.”

Source: The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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“Now, it’s there,” he proclaims. “And the thing that this does subtly in the background — they do this on purpose — is that now these big characters are starting to get this if you look in the comics they have Superman openly making out with some gay, weird, pink-haired dude.”

“So, now the comics are pushing the next front, which is just going to be just open gay pornography,” he predicts. “And that’s going to be coming out very soon in these movies because now they’re just implying it.”

“But they’re still too scared to actually do it because they know what they are doing is wrong so they are trying to just condition audiences towards it like they have towards the black as good, white is bad sort of situation that’s been out there,” Del Arroz declares.

Source: Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 1 #5 “Who’s Got You?” (2021), DC Comics. Art by John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb.

Del Arroz then transitions to a Washington Examiner article titled “Batman can defeat villains but not anti-white wokeness in new film.” He asserts that anti-white wokeness is a big part of the film.

Del Arroz explains, “There’s a whole scene where she sits there and talks about these white privileged a**holes. There seems to be an Antifa group out there who’s like talking about hope and change and all that and rioting because, of course, these white privileged a**holes.”

“Of course the bad mayor is a white male. The bad commissioner is a white male. The bad guy Riddler is a white male. The Penguin, bad is a white male. There’s another crime mafia boss, white male. Everybody bad is a white male. Everybody good is a minority. That’s just how it goes,” he elaborated.

Source: The Batman

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He next discusses Batman’s role in the film saying, “The Batman just kind of sits there and gets emo about stuff the entire movie, where he sits there and sulks about he really can’t change things as much as he wants throughout the entire deal.

“It’s definitely that whole Tom King iteration of Batman, where he’s a grumpy, depressed individual and not really so much of a hero,” Del Arroz adds.

Source: Batman #66

Del Arroz goes on to state, “Everybody’s getting race swapped and it’s totally fine now. Everybody’s just cool with that. So it’s interesting to see how the bar’s moving and how conservatives just go along with it.

He continues, “Because I see a lot of YouTubers out there just hailing this film and saying it’s pretty good. And they go, ‘Oh, there’s really not that much wokeness in it.'”

“Got the same thing with Spider-Man a few months ago even though there’s a rant in that  about how he hopes there’s one day a black Spider-Man. Even though there’s a race-swapped everybody in that movie also,” the Justified writer asserts.

Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon in Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

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Del Arroz concludes his video stating, “Notice it is going on. What you can do is just not go see these Hollywood films. It’s pretty obvious and easy. And you can support indie products, which are trying to replace these at the end of the day.”

Del Arroz recently launched a Kickstarter for his isekai-inspired book, A High School Girl In The Crusades. He has currently raised $1,240 from 22 backers.

Source: The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Entertainment

What do you make of Del Arroz’s criticism of The Batman and his assertion it’s “some of the worst woke cringe Hollywood’s ever released?”

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