Marvel Comics writer Donny Cates recently took to Twitter to allege that “CG incels” harassed him with photoshopped pictures, but while making this claim he also said that comic book professionals actually harassed her before he even began dating her.

Source: Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Cates, who is currently the author on Hulk and Thor began in his thread with two now-deleted tweets. 

In the first one he responded to a user that wrote him, “It’s creepy when any dude talks about your wife’s appearance in any way. There’s no such thing as a nice compliment about your wife’s looks.”

Cates responded, “Oh I disagree. But it’s very situational and had to be in good faith. Like, I think if a good friend (male or female) that you both know and trust tells your wife that she looks pretty in a dress or that her outfit looks great or whatever it’s totally appropriate.”

In the next, he wrote, “Megan Hutchison-Cates has worked in film for 15 years and comics for like ten. So a lot of her friends are naturally men. And they* are very respectful of our marriage and of Megan and if one of them commented on an Instagram post saying she looks beautiful I wouldn’t bat an eye.”

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

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Cates then claimed Hutchison was getting harassed when the two first began dating, “I will say this though. And I won’t name any names. But when dating Megan, I would often go and hang at her table while I was on breaks. And I was ASTONISHED at how naive I had been about what women go through in this industry as far as s****y creepy dudes.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

He continued, “And, these days Megan Hutchison-Cates and I don’t really have to deal with this anymore. It died down A LOT when we publicly came out as a couple.”

“And that’s good that they backed off. But it’s so F***ED UP that these guys ONLY backed off once they knew she was with someone with power,” he added.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

He went on to claim the harassment from some of these individuals was so bad he could put their careers in jeopardy, “Like, oh, you were perfectly fine harassing and staking my (at the time) girlfriend before but NOW that you know that she’s with someone who could hurt your career if you act out like…NOW you’ll behave like a gentleman. Super cool. So pathetic.”

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

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After claiming that a number of comic book industry professionals he worked with had been harassing his now-wife, he went on to accuse “CG incels” of harassing him with photoshopped images of his wife.

He wrote, “Anyway. I woke up today with a bunch of CG incels sending me dozens of DM’s on Instagram telling me (and showing me with photoshopped pictures of her) all the things they ‘want to do to her.’”

“And I know they never will. It’s just then trying to get a rise out of me. But yeah,” he added.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

Cates does not provide any evidence of this claim whatsoever, but he concludes the thread writing, “Still maybe a little amped about the whole thing. Sorry. Rant over. TL:DR: Don’t be a dick to my wife.”

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

Cates wouldn’t just target what he describes as “CG incels.” In a separate thread, he claims it is Christians that are harassing him.

Cates responded to one user who wrote, “as a right wing guy i have found this thread to he a strange read. being protective of wife/family/friends is 90 percent of conservative values. Getting emotional seems like the right call to me.”

“Yeah man. Your guess is as good as mine. And what’s fascinating to me, is that A LOT of the people that send me these sexually inappropriate things about my wife very often have profile pictures with like…wife’s and kids and claim to be protectors of gods word,” Cates claims again without providing any evidence.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

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He continues, “Look. As much as the internet has latched on to how Megan and I dress or whatever…we aren’t satanists.”

“And we’re both very okay with people who has a religious connection. Literally two of my best friends on earth are devout Christian’s,” he adds.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

“I guess I just want to stress that I have nothing against people that are religious. None whatsoever,” he declared. “I just find it odd that the aggressive ones who claim to be devout followers of Christ, are the same ones sending me DM”s to go kill myself.”

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

Cates also claims the alleged harassment that he does not provide any evidence of is some nefarious plot to get people to crowdfund Comicsgate projects.

He wrote on Twitter, “Comicsgate had figured out that they can’t hurt me. Not emotionally, or financially. So now, their new thing is trying to goad me into some big argument thing (so they sell more books obviously) by attacking Megan.”

“It’s been going on for years now,” he asserted.

Source: Donny Cates Twitter

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Prominent Comicsgate member and the creator of Cyberfrog Ethan Van Sciver responded to Cates’ claims using a standard meme format of creating a conversation.

He wrote, “Comics:

Marvel Writer: It’s cool when dudes hit on my wife as long as they do it the right way.”

Comics: What the hell are you talking about, dude?”

Marvel Writer: CGers DID IT WRONG THIS MORNING!!!”

He then asked for evidence, “Receipts, you wetbrained femme? This industry is f***ing crazy.”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

In another tweet, Van Sciver shared screenshots of Cates’ tweets.

He wrote, “THE COWARD DONNY CATES issue #1 1. Donny offers oblique blind item commentary about the ongoing problem of women (like his wife) being mistreated in comics. 2. Donny panics and scapegoats ‘CG Incels’ rather than accuse his peers, the actual male feminist predators in comics.”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

Jon Del Arroz, another member of Comicsgate, responded to Cates’ accusation on YouTube.

He stated, “If Donny Cates can’t [show evidence] here I’m calling shenanigans and I’m calling that Comicsgate had nothing to do with this. And Donny, you owe Comicsgate an apology.”

What do you make of Cates’ accusations without any evidence? What about Van Sciver’s and Del Arroz’s response?

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