Novelist and the author of the Combat Frame XSeed trilogy Brian Niemeier recently posited that Hollywood has convinced three generations to reject God in favor of nihilistic consoomerism.

Source: Combat Frame XSeed

Niemeier took to Twitter where he shared a screenshot from what appears to be 4Chan with a post reading, “I just… I just cannot believe this is it. This is life. There is no magical third act where I am the star in some fantasy adventure. I won’t suddenly gain superpowers and fight cartoonish villains. This is it. This is all it will ever be.”

The post continues, “50 more years of quiet, drab misery. Our one shot at consciousness is spent on something so unimaginably boring. My ‘gift’ of sentience is spent wageslaving, consuming media, messing around with hobbies that will never fill the void, eating, s****ing, cleaning. And that is all there is.”

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In response to this, Niemeier wrote, “Note to normiecons who still think economics > culture: Hollywood has psyoped 3 generations into rejecting their destiny as glorious, immortal beings ruling from God’s throne in exchange for nihilistic consoomerism.”

Source: Brian Niemeier Twitter

In a subsequent tweet, Niemeier added, “If unlimited cape flicks, vidya, porn & junk food not only can’t satisfy you but leave you feeling emptier than before, maybe you do have a soul & it can only be fulfilled by spiritual goods.”

Source: Brian Niemeier Twitter

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Niemeier elaborated on just how Hollywood psyoped three generations of Americans over on his blog back in January when he responded to a question from a follower asking, “What would you suggest a conservative creative do if he wanted to write films instead of novels?”

First, he asserts that Hollywood did not “spread its message through heavy-handed propagandizing.” Instead he argues that “Hollywood reached this point by using subtle storytelling techniques to erode audiences’ defenses.”

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He went on to detail what these techniques are pointing to the “archetypal trope of the protagonist” or “the character who drives the story by setting out on a quest to achieve a concrete goal against opposition.”

Niemeier notes that Hollywood made sure to make their protagonists extremely likeable so that audiences will “identify with the hero.”

With audiences identifying with the hero, they would then have that hero achieve “their goals by acting according to the Death Cult’s morals.”

To reiterate he writes, “To bring movie audiences around to your way of thinking, show characters they like being successful by acting in line with your moral standard.”

Source: The Hymn of the Pearl

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Now, you are probably wondering who or what is the Death Cult, well Neimeier explained who and what it is back in June 2019 in post titled A Tale of Two Cults.

In the post he explains “the Death Cult is a heretical mutant offshoot of Christianity that discards Christian doctrines it doesn’t like, warps the others into anti-human inversions of their original purpose, and enforces them with rabid zeal.”

Source: Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40

As an example of how members of the cult operate he notes they “must work tirelessly to smash the patriarchy, bash the fash, and end the scourge of whiteness.”

He further notes, “All of this boils down to relentlessly attacking the Christ and His disciples, though admitting that out loud breaks the Death Cult’s discipline of the secret.”

Source: Souldancer

In order to combat the Death Cult and the Hollywood psyop campaigns, Neimeier recommends creatives “tell stories with appealing heroes who win using Christian moral principles.”

He notes there was success in the 80s with slasher flicks that saw fornicators and drug users being viciously slaughtered while the virgin girl survived.

He explains, “The slasher genre died out in the early 90s. If you look at teen sex and drug use statistics, both declined from their peak in 1980 and only started rising again in the 90s. That’s not to give all the credit for the reduction in degeneracy to slasher flicks, but it’s undeniable that those movies exerted considerable influence on the youth culture of the time.”

Source: Combat Frame XSeed: CY 40 Second Coming

And Neimeier isn’t just preaching, he’s actually practicing it as not only is he the author of Combat Frame XSeed, but he’s also the author of the Dragon Award winning Soul Cycle series, the high fantasy novella The Hymn of the Pearl, and the Combat Frame XSeed: S Series.

What do you make of Neiemeier’s claim that Hollywood has psyoped three generations to reject God and instead embrace nihilistic consoomerism? Do you agree with his theory on how they did it and how to combat it?

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