Power Rangers Dino Fury, the latest entry in the American adaptation of Super Sentai and the second under Hasbro’s since they acquired the rights from Saban Brands, has been awarded LGBT advocacy group GLAAD’s 33rd Outstanding Kids and Family Programming Award for its introduction of the series’ first mainline lesbian ranger, Izzy Garcia.

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 Episode 5 “Stitched Up” (2022), Netflix.

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Receiving the award during a May 6th New York ceremony for GLAAD’s 33rd annual Media Awards – a previous ceremony was held in Los Angeles on April 2nd – the Nickelodeon (season one) and Netflix (season two)-produced Western counterpart to Japan’s Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger announced their win on Twitter, tweeting from the official series account, “The cast, crew, writers and production team of Power Rangers Dino Fury is delighted to accept the 2022 #GLAADawards for Kids & Family Programing.”

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 Episode 5 “Stitched Up” (2022), Netflix.

“Power Rangers promotes acceptance of all and celebrates our differences,” the crew added alongside an image of Izzy and her girlfriend, Fern, in attendance at prom during the fifth episode of the series’ second season, Stitched Up. “Go Go Power Rangers!”

Archive Link Source: Power Rangers Official Twitter

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Izzy’s lesbian sexuality was confirmed in 2021 during the events of Power Ranger Dino Fury’s thirteenth overall episode, The Matchmaker.

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 13 “The Matchmaker” (2021), Netflix

Therein, after being set up on a surprise date with a male friend – as well as a a battle between the Rangers and Void Knight minions Slyther and Fogshell – Izzy reveals to her teammates her interests lie in the fairer sex.

As the episode draws to a close, Izzy’s brother and the team’s Black Ranger, Javi, sees his sister holding hands with her former athletics rival Fern as the two proceed to walk off into the sunset for a ramen date.

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 13 “The Matchmaker” (2021), Netflix

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In winning this award, Power Rangers Dino Fury beat out such competition as Disney’s Amphibia, Diary of a Future President, Doogie Kameāloha, M.D, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and The Owl House, Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club and Centaurworld, as well as Nickelodeon’s Danger Force.

News of the series’ win eventually reached Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Blue Ranger actor David Yost, who left his role as a founding Ranger due to facing constant harassment over his own homosexuality by the show’s crew.

Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995), 20th Century Fox

“The reason that I walked off is that I was called ‘f—–‘ one too many times,” Yost told Power Rangers news YouTube channel No Pink Spandex in 2010. “I had just heard that several times while working on the show from creators, producers, writers, directors… Basically I just felt like i was continually being told I was not worthy of being where I am because I’m a gay person. And I’m not supposed to be an actor. And I’m not a superhero.”

Source: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 Episode 52 “Blue Ranger Gone Bad” (1995), Saban Brands

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In response to the series’ win, Yost exclaimed, “Nice job! Congrats to you all & thank you for taking a stand and making a difference in the world! Together we are more!”

Archive Link Source: David Yost Twitter

Power Rangers Dino Fury’s GLAAD Media Award win for Outstanding Kids and Family Programming comes a little over a month after the organization’s CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, told a crowd in attendance at the aforementioned Los Angeles ceremony, “There’s no more time to sit on the sidelines. We need Hollywood on the front lines, fighting for our rights and telling our stories.”

“Hollywood must take meaningful action and will soon convene the biggest brands, agencies, studios, and streamers together with two goals,” said Ellis. “One, to commit to improving the quantity, quality, and diversity of LGBTQ images, especially in kids and family programming. And, two, to speak out against anti-LGBTQ legislation in favor of rights like the Equality Act.”

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 5 “Winning Attitude” (2021), Netflix

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She continued, “In just one day, on March 8, the Florida Senate passed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which was signed into law this past week. The South Dakota Senate passed a bill that bans discussion of ‘divisive concepts’ like race and sex in college courses.”

“The Idaho House of Representatives passed a bill that would send librarians to jail if they let minors check out books that include LGBTQ topics,” she told attendees. “And the New Jersey Supreme Court denied an appeal that would bar a religious organization from offering so-called ‘conversion therapy.’”

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 Episode 5 “Stitched Up” (2022), Netflix.

“This all happened not in one month, not in one week, but all in one day,” Ellis concluded. “I expect every industry executive in this room to join us. GLAAD will give you the playbook. But we won’t give you a pass.”

Source: Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 21 “Void Trap” (2021), Netflix

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