Alec Baldwin Takes Shots At Senator Joe Manchin, Calls Him A “Traitorous Democrat” For Voting Against Radical Pro-Abortion Bill

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Disgraced actor Alec Baldwin recently took shots at West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, going as far as calling him a “traitorous Democrat” for voting against his own political party’s radical pro-abortion bill.

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On Wednesday the 11th of May, Manchin said that he would not be voting in favour of the Democratic Party’s latest pro-murder bill, officially called Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 (S.4132), which sought to legalise abortion at the federal level.

Sure enough, when the time came to vote, the Senate failed to pass the Democrat Party’s pro-abortion bill by a score of 49-51, failing to collect the 60 total votes needed to invoke cloture and end the debate on the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022.

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“I was hopeful that the Democratic Party having control of the agenda would put a piece of legislation forward that would codify Roe v. Wade,” the Senator told Fox News of his decision to vote against the bill. “To me, that would be the reasonable, rational thing to do,”

The Senator went on, “The bill we have today to vote on, Women’s Health Protection Act…make no mistake, it is not Roe v. Wade codification, it is an expansion. It wipes 500–500 state laws off the books. It expands abortion.”

Source: Senate Fails To Advance Bill Protecting Abortion Rights Ahead Of Supreme Court Decision, CBS Miami YouTube

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As per History’s recap of the ongoing legal battle, “Roe v. Wade was a landmark legal decision issued on January 22, 1973, in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, effectively legalizing the procedure across the United States.”

“The court held that a woman’s right to an abortion was implicit in the right to privacy protected by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution,” the site continues, adding that “prior to Roe v. Wade, abortion had been illegal throughout much of the country since the late 19th century [and] since the 1973 ruling, many states have imposed restrictions on abortion rights.”

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Manchin previously faced some intraparty backlash in December of last year after he openly opposed the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Act over his legitimate concerns that resulting inflation would harm West Virginians.

“I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,” the Senator said during an interview with Fox News. “The inflation that I was concerned about is not transitory. It’s real, [and] it’s harming every West Virginian.”

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Enter the insufferably woke Baldwin, who took offence at Senator Manchin’s decision to vote against the bill and even called for his removal from office.

“More dangerous than the unhinged Republican is the traitorous Democrat,” wrote Baldwin according to a tweet from his currently-protected Twitter account shared by Breitbart. “Remove Manchin.”

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It is worth noting that amidst his advocacy for the murder of unborn babies, Baldwin still has yet to see any repercussions for fatally shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza with a prop gun on the set of his film Rust last October.

As her office currently investigates the case, Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies told Deadline that “certain individuals” – including Baldwin – “may be criminally culpable for his/her actions and/or inactions on the set of Rust.”

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Meanwhile, Baldwin has also been named in a handful of legal complaints relating to the tragic incident, including those filed by Rust gaffer Serge Svetnoy, Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, and the slain cinematographer’s family.

Adding insult to injury, Baldwin has claimed that these parties, including Hutchins’ family, have chosen to file suit against him instead of the “people who likely seem negligent” solely because he is rich.

Source: ABC News, YouTube

“Their attitude is ‘Oh, the people who likely seem negligent have no money, and the people who have money are not negligent,” Baldwin told an audience at the Boulder International Film Festival on March 7th. “But we’re not going to let that stop us from doing what we need to do in terms of litigation,’

“Why sue people if you’re not going to get money?” he concluded. “That’s what you’re doing it for.”

Source: Oxford Union, YouTube

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The actor is also facing an unrelated defamation lawsuit from the sister of fallen U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum, who was killed in the Biden administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, after he accused her of participating in the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th, 2021.

In this case, the disgraced actor’s legal team has filed a motion with the United States District Court of Wyoming to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that he merely “expressed his opinion about a matter of public concern.”

Source: ABC News, YouTube

What do you make of Baldwin’s call for the removal of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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