In the latest instance of the streaming platform making changes to their Marvel content, Disney Plus has censored the utterance of an anti-white racial slur from the ‘Fake Mandarin’-centric short film All Hail the King.

Source: All Hail the King (2014), Marvel Entertainment

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Released in 2014 as a special feature included on the physical home release of Thor: The Dark World and the second of Marvel’s now-defunct ‘One-Shot’ series of MCU tie-in short films, All Hail the King takes place after the events of Iron Man 3 and finds the aforementioned Trevor Slattery, as portrayed by actor Sir Ben Kingsley, in prison for his perceived role as the head of the Ten Rings.

Source: Iron Man 3 (2013), Marvel Entertainment

Upon his arrival at Seagate Prison – where once was held one Carl Lucas, a.k.a. Luke Cage – Slattery’s list of illegal deeds soon found him idolized by his fellow criminals, eventually amassing a small following of dedicated followers within the facility.

At one point during his stay, an absent-minded Slattery accidentally spills his lunch on a fellow inmate named White Power Dave (Matt Gerald).

Source: All Hail the King (2014), Marvel Entertainment

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A short-tempered Dave then proceeds to threaten Slattery, only for his unofficial bodyguard, a black man named Herman (Lester Speight), to lead a charge of the actor’s followers to his defense.

It is here where Disney has made their edit to the short.

Source: All Hail the King (2014), Marvel Entertainment

In the original cut of All Hail the King, as he rushes to Slattery’s side, Herman can be heard aggressively calling out to Dave, “Hey, cracker!”

Source: All Hail the King (2014), Marvel Entertainment

However, in the cut of the film currently available to stream on Disney Plus, Herman simply yells out “Hey!” with his dialogue cut at the exact moment he finishes this first word, the result of which now leaves his attempt to intimidate Dave coming off as more of a scared cry.

In further and hilarious proof of the episode’s censorship, the title’s Disney Plus subtitles still present the original line uncensored.

Source: All Hail the King (2014), Marvel Entertainment

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As noted above, this is far from the first time Disney has censored Marvel content on their signature streaming platform.

In March, the company was found to have censored the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, editing two scenes of violence from Sam and Bucky’s trip to Madripoor to make them less ‘bloody.’

Disney later claimed that this “alternate cut of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was accidentally uploaded in an attempt to correct a credit,” and has since restored the original cut of the episode.

Source: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season 1 Episode 3 “Power Broker” (2021), Marvel Entertainment. Original release.

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Not even a week later, Disney Plus was discovered to have edited out the ‘In Memoriam’ tributes to Stan Lee and actor Reg E. Cathay from the final episodes of The Punisher and Luke Cage, respectively.

Like the above episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the original cuts of these two episodes have since been restored.

Source: Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 13 “They Reminisce Over You” (2016), Marvel Entertainment

As of writing, Marvel has yet to comment on their censorship of All Hail the King.

What do you make of the censorship of ‘cracker’ by Disney? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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