After Shoving Woke Politics Down The Throats Of Consumers, Disney’s Favourability Rating Takes Massive Dive

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Disney’s favourability rating has taken a massive dive since last year, a new poll has revealed, which sees the company’s approval collapsing from 77% to an embarrassing 33% amongst respondents. 

Unsurprisingly, these are not the results that mainstream media outlets wanted to focus on.

Source: ‘This Is Me’ Pride Celebration, Disney Plus

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For context, the poll was commissioned by NBC News and conducted by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies from the 5th of May through the 10th of May, asking a total of 1,000 adults a series of questions in relation to politics, political figures, and Disney.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, President and Vice President of the United States — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively — as well as former President Donald Trump are amongst the political figures mentioned in the poll.

Conversely, other institutions and political affiliations mentioned in the poll commissioned by NBC include The United States Supreme Court, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party, with Disney being the only corporation named.

Source: Out (2021), Pixar

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Florida Politics published an article pointing to one of the results obtained by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, which showed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “edged out” by Disney in terms of popularity. 

According to the article, “The poll showed Disney outperforming DeSantis in overall popularity, with 33% for Disney and 28% for DeSantis,” which is accurate data found in the NBC-commissioned poll.

The article was shared on social media by Florida Politics publisher Peter Schorsch, with the caption, “The Mouse > The Governor. NBC News Poll: Disney edges out Ron DeSantis in popularity,” attempting to put their own spin on the poll’s results.

Source: Peter Schorsch, Twitter

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Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo was quick to call out Schorsch’s post, writing on his personal Twitter account, “Yikes. I’ve polled Disney and cannot emphasize enough how abysmal these numbers are for them.” 

Sopo even shares a screenshot of the poll commissioned by NBC to drive his point home, writing, “Disney’s name ID is 100%. Their fav/unfav rating was 77-21 (+56) last year. Their pos-neg rating is now 33-30 (or +3).”

“Entertainment brand ratings shouldn’t be on par w/politicians,” Sopo also pointed out.

Source: Giancarlo Sopo Twitter

Writer, filmmaker, and researcher Christopher F. Rufo echoes Sopo’s sentiment, taking to social media to support the notion that Disney’s favourability rating has dropped considerably in the last year, attributing this massive dive to the company’s incessant pandering to the woke mob.

“The share of Americans with favorable impression of Disney has collapsed from 77% last year to just 33% today,” notes Rufo, adding, “This catastrophic reputational damage—and a warning to other companies about the cost of going woke.”

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

In a series of follow-up tweets, Rufo doubles down on this particular statement, adding, “Disney, which built a family-friendly brand over the course of a century, is now less popular than both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

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“It’s stunning: brands typically have much higher favorability ratings than political figures,” he continued. “But when Disney started to promote left-wing racial and sexual politics, it soon had a favorability rating roughly equal to the most polarizing national politicians. A lesson there.”

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

The particular section of the poll Rufo is referring to places Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on top of the favourability chart with a total of 62% favourability, followed by Joe Biden with 37%, Donald Trump and The United States Supreme Court tied with 36% and Disney with 33%.

Source: NBC News Survey May 2022, Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies

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Rufo went on, “We will see if this has translated into financial consequences at the next quarterly earnings report.”

“The most recent quarterly earnings report only covered through April 2, before the leaked videos drove the media cycle and before the DeSantis legislation,” he noted.

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

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The leaked videos Rufo brings up in his tweet were shared by himself in March of this year. As shown in the material obtained by the journalist, Disney’s President of General Entertainment Content Karey Burke, and others admitted to having an agenda that seeks to push gay and queer content in programs targeted to children.

In one of the videos, Burke, who claims to be the mother of transgender and pansexual children, pointed out how important it was for her to have “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories.”

“I’m here as a mother of two queer children, actually. One transgender child and one pansexual child,” she disclosed in the midst of Disney and the state of Florida’s war over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill (HB 1557) that leftists have falsely labelled ‘Don’t Say Gay.’

Karey Burke via Bionic Buzz, YouTube

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She continued, “And also as a leader. And that was the thing that really got me, because I have heard so much from so many of my colleagues over the course of the last couple weeks in open forums and through emails and phone conversations. I feel a responsibility to speak, not just for myself but for them.”

Burke would later admit, “We have many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories and yet, we don’t have enough leads and narratives in which gay characters just get to be characters and not have to be about gay stories.”

“That’s been very eye-opening for me,” she stated. “I can tell you it’s something that I feel that perhaps had this moment not happened, I as a leader and me as my colleagues would not have focused on. Going forward, I certainly will be more so.”

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The bill, signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banned the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade, or in a manner that is not age-appropriate.

“In Florida, we not only know that parents have a right to be involved, we insist that parents have a right to be involved,” said DeSantis as he signed the bill into law on Monday the 28th of March.

Source: Governor Ron DeSantis YouTube

In yet another tweet, Rufo pointed to Giancarlo Sopo’s tweet calling out Florida Politics’ article, writing, “We have demolished Disney’s reputation: the company’s favorables are down an astonishing 53 points.”

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

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Rufo is not wrong in his assertion, as he has been actively taking on Disney’s woke practices and was the one who brought to light the company’s “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

In an interview with political commentator and talk show host Megyn Kelly, Rufo said that he had been eyeing Disney and their political agenda for a while, declaring that he reported on the company’s internal employee training program “that was saying that America is fundamentally a racist country.”

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According to Rufo, Disney’s woke program “was telling white employees to complete a white privilege checklist and address their white fragility,” only to then openly support “a number of fashionable left-wing causes like defunding the police and decolonising your bookshelf.”

Rufo also said that “One of the most egregious and shocking examples of critical race theory in the workplace” came from Disney, as he explained that once he got hold of the leaked videos, provided by his sources within the woke company, he knew that “this is some exclusive information that people need to hear.”

Source: ‘This Is Me’ Pride Celebration, Disney Plus

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In a more recent tweet, Rufo shared two of his tweets in the format of the “How it started/ How it’s going” meme, bringing attention to a post he made on the 30th of March pitted against his most recent post about the company’s collapse in favourability since last year.

“We are waging moral war against Disney. We are turning half of their costumers against them,” prophetically wrote Rufo in March after he shared the company’s leaked videos.

Source: Christopher F. Rufo, Twitter

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Rufo’s original posts were also retweeted by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, who asserted, “And not a moment too soon.”

“How many children do we need to sacrifice to our narcissistic delusions of tolerance?” Peterson further inquired. “See Disney exec claims her children are trans and ‘pansexual,'” he went on pointing towards Burke’s comments seen in the leaked video, adding, “Now imagine what she must be like.”

Source: Jordan Peterson, Twitter

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“Utterly well deserved and perhaps a turning point,” Peterson also said as he retweeted Rufo’s comparison post, hoping, “Maybe the woke moralizing of the corporate elite will slow….”

Source: Jordan Peterson, Twitter


What do you make of Giancarlo Sopo and Christopher Rufo’s comments on Disney’s favourability ratings taking a massive dive in this recent poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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