It’s June everyone and you know what that means…get ready to see more rainbows than an episode of “My Little Pony” on DMT.

Now watching a TV show about 10-year-olds becoming sexualized drag performers probably isn’t your cup of tea and there is perhaps a list out there for people who love this type of content.

Source: Generation Drag

One thing that you have to understand about Hollywood and the way studios operate is that if they are producing questionable content, they are doing it for a reason. For years, the LGBTQ community has claimed that no one is after your kids.

But when Disney went to war against the state of Florida over their Parental Rights in Education law that bans the teaching of gender identity and transgender ideology to children in kindergarten through third grade, that narrative changed. The message went from “we aren’t grooming your children” to “protect trans kids.”

Source: Generation Drag

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If you have followed the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” over the last few months, then you have noticed a massive increase in American public schools sponsoring drag events with an audience full of children, some of the children participate in these events without the knowledge of their parents of course.

At the end of May the account revealed a “performance” at Abbott Middle in Illinois.

On May 15th, they reported that a school counselor in Arizona was accused of having sex with a teen student after organizing a drag show. 

The account then followed that up noting that a teacher in Arizona was arrested after arranging a drag show for allegedly having sex with a student.

Source: Libs of Tik Tok Twitter

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In a subsequent tweet, Libs of TikTok reported, “In Jasper Indiana, a pride event with a drag queen performance is being advertise for all ages and they are encouraging kids to bring cash to tip the drag queens.”

Source: Libs of Tik Tok Twitter

Back on April 12th, Libs of TikTok reported, “Students in a Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District school were treated to a drag queen performance by a ‘drag teacher’ during school hours. Imaging if they focused on teaching math, science, and history instead of drag. This is sickening.”

Media outlets such as The Washington Post were so upset at this Twitter account for exposing what is happening at American schools, they released a full-blown hit piece to bring the account and the woman behind it down.

Why is the Amazon-backed paper so committed to stopping “Libs of TikTok”? That’s an irrelevant question because you should be asking yourself…Why are there so many drag queen events in public schools? Why is drag queen story hour being pushed in so many public squares towards our youth? Why is the military of the US allowing drag queens to read to children on base? The answer becomes crystal clear when you watch “Generation Drag.”

Source: Generation Drag

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You may remember watching a preview for “Generation Drag” a few weeks ago. Former model Tyra Banks executive produced the series for the streaming service Discovery+ and now the 6-episode series has been released just in time for PRIDE month.

The show is a documentary-style series that profiles the lives of children as young as 10 years old as they prepare to perform at “Dragutante,” a drag show that is designed especially for minors.

The show explains how each child found their way into the LGBTQ community with most of them claiming that they knew they were LGBTQ at ages that predate kindergarten. The stories are very similar, a child who grew up in a family that would be considered financially well off but didn’t fit in with their peers, some children showing clear cut signs of emotional abuse, have all found new light as child drag performers.

During the initial testimony, every child tells a similar story about how they went to a PRIDE parade or they watched an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and immediately became interested in the world of drag. This is where the children gained their identity as a member of the LGBTQ community. Soon these children would adopt pronouns and gender identities that their parents would have to conform to.

Source: RuPaul’s Drag Race, YouTube

The parents of these children are all confused by their children’s newfound persona as drag queens but after doing what everyone called “research” which consists of reading articles online about LGBTQ identities that are never explained in any detail in the series, the entire family becomes proud supporters of their new drag children and they go on shopping sprees together to find dresses, mini skirts, and leather boots…for children…some as young as 10-years-old.

So what did we learn here? A lot, if you were paying attention.

Source: Generation Drag

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Nearly every child on this show talked about how drag queen programming was their introduction into the LGBTQ community. Each child talked about how watching drag queens on television inspired them to become drag queens themselves. It is clear based on the testimony of the children themselves that drag queens had an effect on them and many see them as a gateway into the much broader LGBTQ community itself.

This is not projection or speculation, this is straight from their own mouths.

Source: Generation Drag

With that information being known, ask yourself this question? If you were trying to groom more children into the LGBTQ community, how would you do it? With drag queens. Where do you have access to most children at one location? Schools.

In a world where food processing plants in the US are exploding at an alarming rate with little to no explanation or coverage, to assume anything is just a coincidence is foolish. “Generation Drag” claims to want to give voices to LGBTQ youth who wouldn’t otherwise have them but reading between the lines exposes the bigger game at play.

When these child drag stars become more popular with the LGBTQ community, they begin to be mentored by other much older drag queens, most of which are in their 40s and 50s. The children call these people their “Drag Moms.” The older drag queens guide the children and their parents into the world of drag and audiences are treated to 12-year-old boys in skirts and knee-high socks learning how to walk in platform heels.

Source: Generation Drag

Now of course only a bigot would have serious questions about the morality and even legality behind a 50-year-old man training a scantily clad pre-teen in how to dress and walk like a grown woman but fortunately, we live in a society where you are not allowed to even question the motivation of a scenario like this.

It is pretty hard to not watch a show like this and not be immediately depressed by the reality of the situation. These children have no real guidance in their lives, they have no true sense of community around them, and their parents have essentially given them to the drag community to be groomed and raised in society. Most of these kids don’t even have real friends so the only person considered such are the middle-aged drag queens leading them in the first place.

Source: Generation Drag

But that doesn’t matter to the LGBTQ because broken and vulnerable children seem to be the bread and butter of the drag community. When you understand the story that the show is telling, you understand why so many major entertainment corporations and activist organizations are focusing on increasing the exposure of LGBTQ content to children and why they are using drag queens to do it.

A community that can not reproduce naturally can only grow through indoctrination and the end result is a community that can no longer reproduce.

It is important now more than it has ever been before to pay close attention to your children and who your kids are being exposed to because the LGBTQ community has plans for your children, whether you factor into those plans or not.  

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