Dungeons And Dragons Artist Tess Fowler Blames Ethan Van Sciver For “Endlessly Driving Hate At Amber Heard”

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Former Dungeons & Dragons artist attacked ComicsGate again this week, this time pushing a wild conspiracy theory that definitive Green Lantern artist and creator of Cyberfrog, Ethan Van Sciver, is somehow responsible for “endlessly driving hate at Amber [Heard].”

Source: Amber Heard Testifies in Defamation Trial – Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Day 15, Law&Crime Network YouTube

Fowler began her attacks by posting several screenshots of tweets espousing standard conservative viewpoints advocating for traditional marriage, saving children from abortionists, and celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse’s right to self-defense.

The D&D artist lambasts Van Sciver’s passionate tweets, stating, “This is who is radicalizing incels, right here. You want to know the source? You want to know who’s preying on out of work comic book pros and driving trolls into your social media mentions? This guy. He’s worse than Alex Jones. All you have to do is look at what he posts.”


Source: Screenshot, Twitter

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It’s unclear what Van Sciver’s tweets have to do with incels, as most of the prominent comic creators in his ComicsGate movement are happily married with children. Fowler’s claim about “preying on out-of-work comic book pros” is also strange, given that Van Sciver has a reputation for elevating comic professionals to make incredible sums of money for their crowdfunding projects.

Examples of Van Sciver’s influence to bring attention to underrated artists include celebrated Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti, who struggled with his Garbage Man crowdfund at $15,552 by the end of its campaign, who now has his Wraith of God clocking in a whopping $143,374 as of the time of this writing. This sum is far more than most professionals make in the comic industry with a full-time slate of work.


Source: Wraith of God, IndieGoGo

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Van Sciver has also helped famed Batman artist and co-creator of Bane, Graham Nolan, whose Giant-Size Two-Fisted Manly Tales anthology has grossed $123,796.

Nolan’s prior independent crowdfund, the critically acclaimed Return to Monster Island, only made $32,245 before his regular appearances on Van Sciver’s “ComicsGate Kings” live streams.

Source: Graham Nolan Facebook

While these artists are accomplished and celebrated in their own rights, the clear impact of Van Sciver’s influence on them is worth nearly six figures for each book they produce. Fowler might mistake “preying on” for the work she receives in the comic book industry, where artists routinely make less than $100 per page of art or a total of $2,200 per issue of comics.

But Fowler goes further than her original hate-filled tweet against Van Sciver, tying him to the Amber Heard defamation verdict, stating, “However you might feel about Heard/Depp, it was one of this guy’s weird, obsessive devotees who was referenced in the trial for endlessly driving hate at Amber online. The sheer volume of their hate filled lies is overwhelming to deal with. I speak from experience.”

She added, “Know the source. Know what and who you’re dealing with so that you aren’t blindsided. Its best to not engage them. Block. Block their followers. Stay safe.”

Source: Screenshot, Twitter

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Fowler seems to be referencing popular YouTuber, That Umbrella Guy, who gained massive media attention when one of Amber Heard’s lawyers accused witness Morgan Night of following TUG, as he is commonly known. Night refuted this accusation on the stand with, “I don’t know. I don’t care or follow the Umbrella Guy.”

TUG is a longtime friend of Ethan Van Sciver and an advocate of Johnny Depp regarding the defamation Depp suffered from Amber Heard. However, he is hardly an “obsessive devotee” of Van Sciver as he is painted. TUG has more channel subscribers than Van Sciver, hailed by the public as one of the best commentators on the trial and other cultural topics.

It appears as if the Amber Heard verdict drove many politically-motivated comic book and gaming insiders to attack fans of Johnny Depp and anyone who is associated with content speaking out about the defamation.

To say it is a stretch is an understatement, as Van Sciver spends the majority of his time drawing his Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet comic and has not done much commentary on the trial compared to other YouTubers.

Source: Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet

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