Videos of drag performers dancing for children surfaced over the weekend, sparking outrage across America as it appears the new push for LGBTQ+ Pride Month is increasingly targeting children as a demographic.

Protestors clashed with drag fans at several events, and videos showed children in sexual situations including children handing dancers dollars like they are adults at strip clubs, and a performance in front of a neon sign that states, “it’s not gonna lick itself.”

Source: Mr. Misster Bar

The drag push comes months after Disney came under fire for supporting public schools teaching children as young as eight years old about sexual situations in Florida.

Protestors gathered at Disney parks after Disney declared its allegiance to LGBTQ+ children’s programming, causing many Americans to question whether the company was grooming children into those lifestyles.

Source: Disney Twitter

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Most of the children’s drag show controversies centered around Texas clubs, but Mile High Comics also held a Pride Month drag performance.

Mile High’s owner, Chuck Rozanski, is a drag show performer himself, going by Bettie Pages. He is the instigator of hosting these performances at his store, and routinely calls comic customers who oppose such shows in children’s spaces, “homophobic.”

Rozanski posted a picture of the event to Facebook, stating, “Our cast from tonight’s All-Ages Drag Show at Mile High Comics! It was a wonderful event, filled with love, and innumerable smiles. Love is love.” 

Source: Charles Rozanski Facebook

One of the performers who goes by Jessica L’Whor, advertised the drag show on Facebook, “THIS AFTERNOON!!!! We are so excited because the drag for all ages show is back in action over at Mile High Comics!!! 4pm doors, 5pm show!!! All ages and family friendly! Only under 21 allowed to perform! As we support these kids and The Dru Project!” The Dru Project is a non-profit which encourages youth LGBTQ+ lifestyles by giving LGBTQ+ children scholarships to college.

Source: Jessica L’Whor Facebook

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L’Whor, whose stage name appears to be a misspelling of “le whore” appeared along with three other adult drag performers who appeared in front of several children. The only comments on the performance as of this writing were positive from adults who encouraged the drag performers as if their dancing for children is a positive thing.

A parent who attended the event stated, “Was an outstanding time last night, all of the kids were full of excitement and the love and support in the room was beyond words!”

Another parent posted, “I really wish I had been able to do the things like this when I was a kid. It would have had a profound impact upon my life. It’s so special that you/MHC create a space where this can happen.”

Source: Charles Rozanski

More adults chimed in saying, “So happy you are there for the youth,” and “Thank you for giving the kids a chance to express themselves in a safe and loving environment.”

Source: Charles Rozanski Facebook

Oddly, this is not the first time Mile High Comics, a comic book store and not a nightclub, has been hosting drag show events. These shows have been going on at their primary location in Denver, CO since 2019.

The events used to draw regular protests, but as Mile High Comics continued to host the shows, the media attention died down and the parents who were upset with a comic book store pushing sexualized performances in a children’s space eventually stopped going to the store.

Source: Mile High Comics Facebook

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The original shows nearly concluded in riots, according to Mile High store owner, Chuck Rozanski. He wrote on his website at the time,“One question that I am frequently asked is why I would get my business, Mile High Comics, deeply involved in social justice. It is, after all, almost a given that taking a stand on any issue in our polarized society is guaranteed to lose you some segment of your customer base. Yup, I get that very clearly. Quite frankly, however, I do not care.”

He added, “It is not that I wish to deliberately offend anyone (or lose their patronage), but rather that I now have an ability to speak on a national/international platform for the rights of transgender, non-binary, and gender-fluid people, many of whom are under constant attack. If I have to sacrifice in order to help them, then so be it.”

Source: Charles Rozanski Facebook

Even though he states he does not wish to deliberately offend anyone, it appears as if he puts his social agenda above his business and community health, because such performances can only deter responsible parents who don’t want their children exposed to drag dancing from purchasing comics.

His rant continues to defend his show as less sexual than others he has seen on YouTube as if it makes the premise of drag shows for children acceptable.

Source: Jessica L’Whor Facebook

Do you think it’s acceptable for comic book stores to host drag shows for children? Leave a comment down below and let us know.

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