Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth is taking a break the platform, after claiming that her allegedly abusive husband was dictating both her work and finances.

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Though some clips remain, as reported by Dexerto, Kaitlyn Siragusa made damning claims regarding her streaming career as Amouranth in a since-deleted October 15th livestream.

The streamer had built a reputation of maximizing her sex appeal — as much as Twitch terms of service would allow, that is — and had been accused of doing so in an attempt to boost donations from male viewers.

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

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Some even accused her of “lying” to her viewers when it was uncovered she was married to Nick Lee in 2018, as though she had led them on with false promise of potential sex or a relationship. This would later lead to her harassment and doxxing.

On October 15th however, Amouranth claimed her marriage was abusive. She alleged Lee had forced her to stream while commanding her finances and leaving little for her.

The inciting incident was Lee allegedly asking her to continue presenting herself as single (despite being uncovered in 2018), and focus on the “hot tub” streams. Later information would also suggest an incident during TwitchCon played a role.

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

Given that the original stream being taken down, the exact order in which the events unfolded is unclear. In one clip Amouranth, seemingly looking distressed, claimed, “I’ve been wanting to tell people… ‘Let’s just stream together, let’s just tell ’em that we’re f–king married,’ cuz it’s like our relationship would be better instead of fighting all the time.”

“But nooo,” Amouranth mocked, “Mr. ‘Don’t Say That Or It’ll Ruin The Business Model, It’s Not Time Yet.’ F–k yourself, I’m done with it. I’m not gonna f–k you anymore, piece of s–t… […] You want me to tell ’em I’m single? It’s about to be true, piece of s–t. Go f–k yourself. Small dick anyways.” 

Amouranth also shared an alleged series of abusive texts from Lee, the spelling errors suggesting it was typed quickly or in anger. “Next time when I say a plan. Do It. Sun F—k. Dumb F—k. Do you understand????” When Amouranth asked “What plan are you talking about?” Lee allegedly replied “F—k you gtfoutsidec. I’m calling you.”

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

When Amouranth said she couldn’t talk at the moment, Lee allegedly threatened to throw her out of the house with her “luggage” and “stupid merch,” along with deleting her social media accounts within a month, “buyign options that expire and blasting the cash,” and shutting down her bank account.

Lee had also allegedly threatened and eventually claimed to have donated $750,000 as punishment for not calling him back, spread across smaller amounts with demands to call back within several minutes and even seconds. Other alleged threats included “If no call in 1 minute I will absolutely make sure Kyran (Amouranth’s horse) goes to meatpaxking house,” and “I’m about to tweet about you swatting me.”

Source: Amouranth, Twitch

Another pair of clip shows Amouranth seemingly talking with Lee on the phone. Whether he was aware his conversation was being livestreamed has not been verified. As with many of the clips, the context prior is also unknown.

“Why did you say you were gonna kill my dogs?!” Amouranth asks, to which Lee replies coldly, “Leave the house.” She refused, citing the safety of her pets, with Lee replying she should “take the dogs and leave.” He then frantically claimed Amouranth is interrupting as he tries to answer her questions, and conflating his answers with other questions.

“What are saying, you just told me you were gonna kill dogs if I didn’t do a 24-hour stream,” Amouranth defied. “Nope. Did not say that,” Lee denied. “Now you’re being a liar.” As Amouranth tearfully insisted he did, Lee yelled, “I said I’m going to tell you what I said, in terms of the earlier — cuz you’re still saying that I… Oh my God… You said… Why are you pausing, you didn’t ask a question, you said a statement. Did you say that?”

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

Lee’s alleged total loss of composure continued. “I was waiting for you to tell me what I didn’t say, especially… It’s a context… is literally… I was waiting for a response. You were just calling me crazy.” As Amouranth denied it, Lee yelled, “No no no no no! Dude, I’m gonna give you one last chance! I’m about to irrevocably destroy everything! I can tell you something that shatters you forever. And I’ll start tweeting about it to!”

When the streamer claimed she didn’t understand, Lee replied, “Because you are literally telling me I did not say something that I literally said.” Amouranth attempted to interject, with Lee yelling over her, “Right here right now dude, you’re about to lose your entire f—king life in terms of everything that’s been built, because you’re too obstinate to just accept — merely accept — that you didn’t hear a thing. I’m already very forgiving about that.”

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

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Other clips show Amouranth claiming Lee broke the lock on her door attempting to stop her from calling the police (showing a door with no mechanisms and cracked around the knob) and took her phone away, threw furniture into the wall hard enough to dent it, had all of the log-in and two factor verification for her social media profiles.

Uncited reports have also claimed Lee made the streamer work long hours, leaving her as little as three to five hours to sleep. This would be further corroborated by Amouranth’s statement.

The pair had been to therapy in 2020, with even a psychologist allegedly stating Lee kept Amouranth in a “fancy prison.” While Lee “changed for a bit” after that, the Hot Tubs category and the financial opportunity it would bring caused him to relapse.

Source: Amouranth, Twitch

Seemingly towards the end of the livestream, Amouranth claimed that to Lee “an amicable split would be me getting $1 million and him getting the rest, and then him also still getting 10% for not doing any of the work. That was an amicable ‘generous split’ to him.” 

“And even then when I tried to agree to that, he would back away from it and be like ‘No! I wanna ruin your reputation, and fake-tweet, and come after you online, and talk shit, and ruin your life.’ And I’m like, ‘OK.'” 

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

One of the last clips from the stream shows what seems to be a female assistant speaking to Amouranth, asking what happened and that she had been trying to call her. She asked, “Are you taking your medicines, what’s happening?” Amouranth inquired back, “What are you talking about? Why would you ask if I am taking my…” at which point the livestream ends.

The popular Twitch streamer seemingly regained control of her Twitter account. Initially retweeting a message of support, Amouranth herself tweeted, “Someone called cops, be back later.” A similar message was also shared on another clip with “cops are here.”

Source: Amouranth Twitter

Some doubted Amouranth was telling the truth, even claiming the whole livestream had been scripted. While some have seen her as a “Twitch thot” — even after the allegations of Lee orchestrating her behavior — Amouranth had previously been accused of lying about quitting OnlyFans, and having lied when filming in public, telling a store clerk she was on a video call, and being kicked out of a gym.

“Lol you people are so gullible,” mocked user boredstif1 on Reddit. “Do you not remember the last few years/months where she adamantly proclaimed she was NOT married? It was a big thing, her mods even banned people who talked about it, etc.”

Source: boredstif1 Reddit

“Now I guess the secret is too big to contain, and to avoid being ‘the bad guy’ she cooks up this story that not only 1) admits she’s married, but 2) coincidentally avoids all scrutiny by blaming her ‘big mean husband’ who…made her lie?” boredstif1 proposes. “HA.” 

“I guess it really is that easy to make millions off lies AND garner sympathy during the reveal, all you need to do is blame someone else when you get caught. ‘the devil made me do it, feel bad for me’ hilarious. GG on her end though, bravo.” Due to Amouranth’s emotional state, along with the evidence of Lee exhibiting the signs of a controlling and abusive husband, the vast majority believed Amouranth’s claims.

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

On October 18th, two days later, Amouranth returned to Twitch. While she didn’t go into many details, she explained her animals were safe “in case crazy people showed up.” She explained that in the prior stream Lee had called her, and that she unmuted the stream “an hour into the call” as he began to threaten about tweeting “fake sh—t.”

Previously refusing to listen to any recording of himself during an argument, the stream was also seemingly the first time Lee had heard his own behavior. “And I think when he heard himself in that call it really sunk in how much of an a—hole he is,” Amouranth explained.

Despite Amouranth not revealing what had happened to Lee, she revealed she had access to all her accounts and finances, that her husband was “getting help,” and that she was “seeking legal and emotional council.”

Source: Amouranth via Twitch

Amouranth thanked those that reached out to her but also claimed her TwitchCon cameraman and unnamed others had taken the chance to use the situation for “personal gain and clout.” The streamer claimed her cameraman had “withheld information, and sat on communications which made certain situations more explosive than they needed to be.”

He had also escalated the situation by calling security and then police during TwitchCon, along with sparking tensions seemingly between Amouranth and Lee. When police turned up, he left to rebook their flight, “flip-flopped” which of the pair he acted “loyal” to — sharing information about her welfare — and allegedly encouraged those concerned to “show up at [her] door.”

Source: Amouranth, Twitch

Amouranth explained she needed time to process everything before she streamed again, and what was best for her next. Nonetheless, she would continue her Real Work company, as she had built an “awesome team” that could “make great things happen.”

The controlling nature of her husband may have been further exposed, as Amourtanth also claimed she would finally be able to see her horses again and watch the TV shows she wanted to. The streamer showed delight at not having to expose her cleavage “every day” ‚ even comparing it to Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter being given clothes to earn his freedom.

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