New Star Trek Comic Disgusts Readers With A Vulcan Lecturing The Crew On Gender Pronouns

Source: Star Trek Vol.1 (2022). Words by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing. Art by Ramon Rosanas and Lee Loughridge.

The Star Trek franchise has become one of the most mocked properties on the internet in recent years, mired with controversies because of the identity politics constantly pushed by the show, books, and comics.

In a recent IDW comic, the writers perpetuated the franchise’s woke content by lecturing its readers on gender identity by using Vulcan characters as a vehicle to gaslight readers who aren’t obsessing over pronouns.

Source: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Official Trailer, Paramount+ YouTube

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The decline of Star Trek’s popularity among fans began with Star Trek: Discovery, which first flaunted racial divisions and an explicit on-screen homosexual relationship before pushing even further to the bottom of the identity politics barrel when they introduced a Trill character who, despite obviously being a woman, lectured her crewmates and audience on how she wanted to be called “they/them.”

In novels, Star Trek author behavior turned off several fans to their TNG-era continuation series, with long-time Trek writer David Mack canceling his guest of honor appearance at MidSouthCon. He did so to taunt the state of Tennessee, which had a law that prevented employers from coercing their employees into taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Mack wrongfully stated that his action was “because Tennessee state law makes proof-of-vax requirements illegal.” The law did not impact the convention, which could have required proof of vaccination to attend, but they chose not to.

Mack went on to attack fans upset with his cancelation, stating, “I doubt you understood any of my books, anyway.”

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The comics have been no refuge for Star Trek fans who want to keep current-year left-wing agenda out of their science fiction reading. In 2021, IDW named embattled personality Heather Antos as the line’s editor. Under her tenure, fans complained about how she took no care with continuity, which was highlighted in several editorial failures in a recent issue of a Deep Space 9 comic.

The current controversy comes from the newly released Star Trek (2022) #1, which features a pre-Picard era where Benjamin Sisko returns from the Bajoran Wormhole only to find that people are killing the Bajoran prophets, which needs to be stopped. The book is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, best known for their work on Batman Beyond.

Star Trek #1 (2022). Words by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing. Art by Ramon Rosanas and Lee Loughridge.

In the issue, a Vulcan named T’Lir is speaking with an Andorian named Lilly, using the plural “their” to refer to the U.S.S. Theseus.

Lily corrects T’Lir, stating, “Her crew—ships are girls.”

T’Lir then retorts, “The gender binary is illogical, and we both know it.”

Star Trek #1 (2022). Words by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing. Art by Ramon Rosanas and Lee Loughridge.

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The interchange is meant to reinforce 2022 gender identity politics propaganda based on the English language, which is nonsensical in a 24th-century era as the language wouldn’t be anything like it is today, and presumably, an Andorian and Vulcan would have the benefits of a universal translator which wouldn’t even likely have English-based pronouns.

Moreover, if a Vulcan were trying to reinforce the logic in this speech, he wouldn’t refer to an inanimate object like a ship by the term “their” which, despite being a plural word, is a pronoun. He would instead use the proper word “it”. The only reason to insert this kind of dialogue is to lecture readers on gender pronouns, making the Vulcan sound more like a current-year teenage girl than a logical scientist.

This kind of pause in the story to virtue signal identity politics is creeping into comics more often and is yet another sign of the poorly thought-out editorial oversight of Ms. Antos, who has repeatedly demonstrated she is more interested in left-wing politics than maintaining accuracy in comic franchises.

Star Trek #1 (2022). Words by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing. Art by Ramon Rosanas and Lee Loughridge.

What do you think of the Star Trek (2022) #1 Gender Identity Lecture? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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