Race-Bent Robin Arrives In New Trailer For The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’

Gotham Knights shock and awe
Gotham Knights cast via The CW Network YouTube

A new trailer for Gotham Knights was released by The CW and among the things it shows us is a look at the show’s Robin suited up, although not much. Those who have followed our coverage know the Robin in question is no Boy Wonder but rather a take on a Girl Wonder co-created by Frank Miller.

Carrie Kelley in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2

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It’s Carrie Kelley – a version of her anyway – who was Batman’s sidekick, initially, in the Dark Knight Returns series of graphic novels. A redhead, she was reimagined for Gotham Knights as a young lady of color and is played by Navia Robinson, known for her roles on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home and Netflix’s Free Rein.

As Carrie, Robinson is clearly in costume in the few glimpses of her we get. She even introduces herself to the series’ inexperienced would-be heroes, but all we can tell is she fancies goggles in a nod to the bespectacled comic iteration and wields a baton. Like a de facto leader, she also rallies the troops without being the focus.

Robinson as Carrie Kelley-Robin

Robinson as Carrie Kelley, Robin, in Gotham Knights via The CW

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The trailer centers more on Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) who is interrogating all the kids in order to find out who killed Bruce Wayne. He seems to think “Joker’s Daughter” Duela Dent did it or at least that is what’s implied. She is played by Days of Our Lives actress Olivia Rose Keegan who smiles at the mention of the Harlequin of Hate.

Gotham Knights has nothing to do with the videogame of the same name though the show borrows aspects of the game’s premise. Bruce Wayne is found dead, his true identity is exposed to the world, and his adopted son — a new character, Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan) — teams up with Carrie and children of Gotham Rogues to clear their names as all of them are suspects.

Misha Collins in Gotham Knights via The CW Network YouTube

The series doesn’t debut for two more months but it’s already the laughingstock of Internet fandom skeptical of its quality. It premieres on Tuesday, March 14th at 9 pm/ET with Superman & Lois serving as its lead-in. The CW may hope to give Gotham Knights some steam from a more acclaimed show which is arguably a futile move with their DC line-up fading away irreversibly.

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