Mark Hamill Tries To Appease Angry Leftists After Liking A J.K. Rowling Tweet

Iconic Star Wars actor Mark Hamill got the sharp end of the horn a few days ago when he left a like on Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s tweet, where she defended herself against a bizarre accusation from a biological male. The witty comeback was typical of Rowling, who always punches up in the never-ending battle against the transgender social mob, but it was Hamill himself who caught the most flack, simply for showing support.

Mark Hamill tries to back-pedal out of a Twitter controversy on his official page

The backlash grew at a geometric rate, which led to “Mark Hamill” trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The actor stayed silent throughout most of the ordeal, but it wasn’t long before he took to Twitter in an attempt to explain himself to the masses who had suddenly turned on him like Chancellor Valorum during the Naboo blockade crisis. It was a contradictory and altogether unconvincing gesture that satisfied no one, relegating Hamill to the status of a cultural fence-sitter.

Hamill began his tweet by saying “What I “liked” about this exchange was someone speaking their truth to power. Twitter is, unfortunately, no place for nuance.” 

Luke Skywalker returns in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ (2021), Disney+

In one sentence, the actor tried to downplay the reasoning behind his like, while at the same time repeating an oft-used Left-wing nostrum about subjective personal truth. The question should be asked as to whether Hamill also spoke his own “truth to power” regarding the issue of the radical transgender movement. 

He continued with “It’s imperative I make this abundantly clear: I support human rights for EVERYONE, regardless of their gender identity, PERIOD.” 

J.K. Rowling during a Virtual Author Visit interview, via YouTube

Fine words, but the continuing row between the radical Left and J.K. Rowling has nothing to do with support – or lack thereof – for human rights. It’s a clash between subjective self-identity, and basic biological and scientific realities. Denying the silly insinuation that men and women can change their sex or gender is not a rejection of anyone’s human rights, any more than it would be to deny that Mark Hamill is an actual Jedi with mystical Force powers.

In the end, it was little more than contradictory nonsense masquerading as exposition, but it’s doubtful that many were convinced. The facts remain – Hamill liked a very specific kind of tweet sent in opposition to a very specific type of character attack, and it stuck out like a lightsaber in a dark room. 

Meghan Murphy sets the record straight on gender identity in response to Mark Hamill on Twitter

Canadian journalist, podcaster and Substacker Meghan Murphy moved to quickly rebut Hamill’s tweet, stating “No one has a gender identity. You have a sex and a personality. No one cares how you ‘feel’ about ‘gender’ on the inside.” 

UNDOOMED criticizes Mark Hamill’s lack of conviction on Twitter

Anti-SJW content creator Undoomed went for the direct approach by attacking Hamill’s apparent lack of conviction. “Jesus christ man, grow some balls. You don’t apologize for hitting the like button.” 

Brandon Morse has bad news for Mark Hamill on Twitter

RedState.com Deputy Managing Editor Brandon Morse had a far more ominous take, telling Hamill “It’s too late Mark. You’re marked.”

Some have theorized that Hamill left the like because he enjoyed the fact that India Willoughby, a biological male, was speaking his “truth to power” in retaliation against J.K. Rowling, but that has as much chance of standing up as Han Solo after a torture session in the bowels of Cloud City. Plus, it raises the question – why leave the like on Rowling’s tweet, instead of Willoughby’s? 

Mark Hamill on a 1977 interview with the BBC, talking about Star Wars

Regardless of the motive, it’s probable that Mark Hamill yearns for the power to flutter his fingers and distract everyone from this debacle in the same way Obi-Wan Kenobi distracted those stormtroopers hanging out near the Death Star’s tractor beam controls. In a week’s time, everyone will have moved on, but this latest exchange is yet another example of a radical Leftist straying from the Woke orthodoxy, only to try and save face and appease the baying mob.

Slade Hale

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