Amidst Wookieepedia Scandal, Luke Skywalker Labeled As LGBTQ+ Individual Based On 2022 Short Story By Activist Writer Sam Maggs

Star Wars: Union #1 (1999), Marvel Comics

Amid the current scandal involving Star Wars fan encyclopedia Wookieepedia and their decision to include pronouns on their character pages, the website also labeled Luke Skywalker as an LGBTQ+ character based on a recent short story by activist writer Sam Maggs.

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As part of the site’s LGBTQ+ Individuals character page Luke Skywalker is listed alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi, Wilhuff Tarkin, Rae Sloane, Vel Sartha, Chelli Lona Aphra, and others.

Screenshot of Wookieepedia’s LGBTQ+ Individuals Category page

When questioned as to why Luke Skywalker was included on the category page, Wookieepedia first answered by writing on Twitter, “There is a story in which he felt romantic feelings towards a guy.”

Wookieepedia Twitter

The site went on to claim their source for this assertion is the short story “Luke on the Bright Side,” written by Sam Maggs and published in June 2022 in Stories of Jedi and Sith, an anthology book marketed towards children ages 9-12.

Wookieepedia Twitter

Interestingly, the actual story doesn’t appear to show any romantic feelings expressed by Luke Skywalker towards Sergeant Reyé Hollis of Alliance Special Forces despite Sam Magg’s clear history of pushing her activism into her stories.

The short story follows Luke’s arrival to Hoth to be use the Force to aid the Rebel Alliance in digging given their radar equipment is not functioning.

In the process of being escorted through the base by Hollis, the two fall victim to an ice worm attack and bury them beneath the base. Luke must use the Force to find the weak points in the ice so they can dig out and free themselves.

There is a point in the story when Luke clenches Hollis’ hands and goes into a trance of Tatooine. It appears Luke focuses on Tatooine to aid him in using the Force to create heat to keep them both warm. 

Star Wars: Stories of Jedi and Sith (2022), Lucasfilm Press

Maggs writes, “I look down at our faintly glowing hands and then back up at Reyé I wouldn’t say he looks happy; I don’t think the guy has looked happy a day in his life. There’s still some doubt in
his eyes. But I will say—if I’m going easy on myself—that he looks impressed. I flash the same big grin I gave him the first time I saw him. ‘See? Jedi aren’t all bad.'”

The two then begin to use their heated hands to dig their way out. The story ends with a hopeful Luke, but one who is not expressing any kind of romantic interest in Hollis.

Maggs concludes, “And when we start to dig, it isn’t long before the light breaks through, just like I saw in my mind’s eye. The Force has never steered me wrong. I know it never will.”

Star Wars: Union #4 (2000), Marvel Comics

Wookieepedia making up a romantic interest between Luke Skywalker and Hollis appears to be just another example of the outlet denying the truth in order to push a misguided and evil agenda that was most recently showcased when they decided to include pronouns on all their character pages.

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