Celebrities in the music industry proudly put on a satanic performance at the Grammys this past Sunday and their media allies subsequently mocked anyone who objected to it. This is just the latest event that shows how thoroughly progressivism has defeated conservatism.

Some guy calling himself 'Kim Petras' and Sam Smith on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammys.

Some guy calling himself ‘Kim Petras’ and Sam Smith at the Grammys (2023), Recording Academy / Grammys YouTube

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Americans have poured billions of dollars into the conservative and libertarian movements for decades and have nothing to show for it. Conservatism has lost every fight it has ever been in and has surrendered every institution of importance. And the satanic performance led by Sam Smith at the Grammys this past Sunday makes this truth clearer than ever.

In one respect, the pathetic celebrities engaging in a satanic performance at the increasingly irrelevant Grammys is oddly welcome because it shows the true nature of the industry in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to deny any longer. So the production and the proud defense of it were absolutely perfect in that sense.

At the same time, the whole thing shows how progressives now have no opposition. That they can giddily offend like this while knowing they will not suffer any immediate repercussions reveals that they control everything that matters in America. And in case there is any doubt about whether the performance was meant to be satanic and to offend, yes, yes it was.

Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 reported on Saturday that “my sources say the production of this number ‘is going to make a lot of people very upset, and I guarantee there will be calls to CBS from outraged Christians.’” He added that, “Apparently Smith — who is six foot five and a big person — will be playing Satan, there will be a lot of devil type stuff, devil worship, and ‘pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen.’”

Variety tweets that "Sam Smith, Kim Petras Bring Satan, Cages and Whips to Grammys in Fiery ‘Unholy’ Performance."

Official Variety Twitter Account

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So, again, progressives can do whatever they want and no one can stop them. And that’s because they’ve thoroughly defeated conservatives. Indeed, progressives have so defeated conservatives that they now even control the Conservative Opposition. This control is quite visible when comparing how proud progressives are of the satanic performance versus how they get conservatives to denounce people who support normal things.

For instance, all it takes for progressives to get conservatives to denounce a Christian Nationalist is to call him a “white supremacist,” “anti-Semite,” or a “Nazi.” Conservatives will immediately do so. They won’t hesitate and they certainly won’t Debate The Accusation In The Arena Of Ideas. They’ll just mindlessly denounce him and drive him to ruin so they can receive a pat on the head.

Think about that. Progressives have so thoroughly defeated conservatives that they have conditioned conservatives to believe they must drive “white nationalists” out of polite society while simultaneously allowing progressives to remain a part of it even as progressives embrace satanic displays. That is an impressive and complete victory. And that is an undeniable defeat of conservatism.

It’s time to abandon conservatism, and to become pro-good and anti-evil instead. And within the realm of entertainment that means that creators need to create art that treats prressives and their sacred cows—everything and everyone that they worship—with the contempt that they so rightfully deserve. Time for some long overdue reciprocity.

Excerpt of official music video of 'I'm Not Here To Make Friends' by Sam Smith.

‘I’m Not Here To Make Friends’ (2023), Sam Smith YouTube

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No apologies and no debating the matter.

And when progressives and conservatives react with outrage? Laugh at them. And never forget that conservatism lost to a group of weirdos who view Sam Smith as a hero.

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