Alison Brie recently stripped nude and went running through a hotel all the while she had someone record it for her Instagram account. And the brazen act nakedly demonstrates how America allows women to play by one set of rules while forcing the male peasant class to play by a much stricter one.

Alison Brie in the AMC TV series 'Mad Men.'

Allison Brie as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men (2007-2015), AMC+ YouTube

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On Feb. 16, The Hollywood Reporter uncovered info on Alison Brie and her husband Dave Franco’s latest movie, Prime Video’s Somebody I Used to Know. The piece revealed that the film contains some graphic nudity, and also laid bare the real-life inspiration for it.

The article begins by noting that “actor and filmmaker Dave Franco directs his” wife “through several nude scenes, including a full-frontal streaking sprint across a golf course.” And it was “Brie herself” who served as “the inspiration for the scene.”

Alison Brie in the AMC TV series 'Mad Men.'

Allison Brie as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men (2007-2015), AMC+ YouTube

Brie is quoted as saying that she “had a real penchant for streaking in my college years” and has “in more recent years . . . gotten back into it.” According to IMDB, Brie is 40-years-old. In other words, the raw reality is that she’s a middle-aged woman.

Later, the article quotes her husband as saying, “She did it in the hotel right before we got here.” He added that, “She went up and down the hallway, and that’s a true story!” Immediately following his comments the article has an embedded Instagram post that contains a video of an apparently naked Brie (strategically pixelated) running down what appears to be a hotel hallway.

Alison Brie in the AMC TV series 'Mad Men.'

Allison Brie as Trudy Campbell in ‘Mad Men’ (2007-2015), AMC+ YouTube

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All of this is played for laughs and treated as if it’s something both perfectly legal and altogether normal. But what if a middle-aged man decided to be cocky and do the same thing that Brie did? How would people react in that situation?

Would he receive a baldly positive write-up in a national publication? No. Would the public shower him with praise? Probably not. Would social media mock him for showing his shortcomings. Highly likely. Would he be charged for indecent exposure or otherwise breaking the law? Possibly, maybe even probably.

Alison Brie in the AMC TV series 'Mad Men.'

Allison Brie as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men (2007-2015), AMC+ YouTube

And what about lectures on “toxic masculinity” and “male privilege?” Pretty horrifying just thinking about the possibility of having to endure dozens of rants from dozens of bums. Left and right very well could find common ground, with both sides denouncing the “crudity” and “vulgarity” on display by a middle-aged man, and bemoaning “the coarsening of our culture.”

The bottom line is that a middle-aged Hollywood actress went streaking through a hotel and was praised for it. Yet if a male peasant (of any age) did the same thing society would be much less forgiving. At best, it would condemn him for it and make him the butt of jokes. At worst, it would bust him for it. It’s female privilege unclad for all to see.

Alison Brie in 'Spin Me Round' (2022).

Allison Brie as Amber in Spin Me Round (2022), IFC Films

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Anyone who keeps abreast of current events knows that the ruling class deluges society with the notion that the country is a patriarchal society that oppresses women. That’s a stark fantasy. Indeed, the unveiled truth is that the nation is a matriarchal society where women of all ages enjoy female privilege of the highest order.

And Alison Brie streaking through a hotel, posting video of the titillating act on Instagram, and receiving praise for it is a pretty good example of how great it is to be female in the woman-ruled United States of America.

Alison Brie in 'Community' (2009-2015).

Allison Brie as Annie Edison in Community (2009-2015), NBC

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