If there’s one thing the radical Left can be counted on, besides pushing upside down anti-reality Woke nonsense on a second-by-second basis, it’s pure, unadulterated hatred of America, and everything she stands for. The latest proof comes courtesy of – you guessed it – MSNBC, a bastion of extreme far-Left loons well-known for false narratives, dishonest pseudo-journalism, and propaganda work on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Maverick back in the pilot’s seat in ‘Top Gun: Maverick” (2022), Paramount Pictures

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Editor Zeeshan Aleem has been taking well-deserved flack from anyone to the Right of Bernie Sanders for his comments regarding Tom Cruise’s follow-up to the classic 1986 hit Top Gun, which earned a shipload at the box office at a time when every other property was falling flat. Top Gun: Maverick was an excellent sequel by every standard, omitting all political talking points in favor of good old fashioned actioneering.

It was also a throwback to the glory days of 1980s pro-Americanism, spearheaded in large part by the Reagan administration following nearly a decade and a half of Left-wing anti-American venom being pumped into the minds of the populace. And for that reason, it’s easy to understand why Top Gun: Maverick is seen as villainous by people like Zeeshan Aleem, who continue to profiteer handsomely off of America’s bountiful wealth and opportunities, whilst simultaneously running it down.

Zeeshan Aleem's Facebook profile picture from his official page

Zeeshan Aleem’s Facebook profile picture from his official page

He begins by patronizing the 2022 sequel, even as he throws shade at it. “Top Gun is as insidious as it is entertaining.” It’s the opening preface for everything that follows. “It does not merely revive a forgotten human-centered spectacle; it also beckons for a return to accepting the American war machine as a beacon of virtue and excitement. It’s a poisonous kind of nostalgia, one that smuggles love of endless war into a celebration of live action.”

One has to wonder if Aleem even watched the film, as the storyline does not feature a war. Similarly, it does not explicitly name its foe, which was done in order to scrub both films of politics in order to tone down the tensions of their respective times. In the 1980s, this would have been the Soviet Union. Today, it’s undoubtedly the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Maverick and his team on the way to their objective in ‘Top Gun: Maverick” (2022), Paramount Pictures

Aleem then tries to make the case that Top Gun: Maverick is “propaganda,” rather than the straightforward action adventure movie that it is. “In exchange for access to military aircraft, the producers of the movie agreed to allow the Defense Department to include its own ‘key talking points’ in the script,” Aleem continues. “Perhaps equally important, the script had to be written in a manner that flatters the military in order to secure the buy-in of the Pentagon.”

Again, Aleem displays complete ignorance of the first Top Gun film, which Maverick was obviously trying to build upon. The franchise has never been about glorifying war, or propagandizing on behalf of endless foreign conflicts. Rather, it’s about one man trying to come to grips with his own inner demons by doing what he loves best – flying in fighter craft at blistering speeds.

Maverick and the guys play volleyball in ‘Top Gun’ (1986), Paramount Pictures

And…the occasional beachbound volleyball game.

Aleem continues his diatribe with “I don’t object to anyone’s enjoyment of the film, but I hope it tanks at the Oscars.” 

This is yet another example of the split between the radical Left, and most Americans who view the country in a patriotic manner, while still acknowledging its shortcomings. It’s the natural outgrowth of actual propaganda shoveled forth by the Left wing of the country, who believe that the world starts and stops with America, while every other country on Earth is a victim of it.

Maverick loses his cool in ‘Top Gun’ (1986), Paramount Pictures

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Zeeshan Aleem was born in Washington, D.C. (which explains a lot), and received a bachelor’s degree in American Studies. He admits in his bio that he was trained in critical theory, the Marxist groundwork that eventually gave way to the revolting ultra-racist indoctrination ideology that is critical race theory. He then earned a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Chicago.

In other words, fully indoctrinated into Left-wing anti-Americanism from a young age. All one need do is analyze the Leftist rags that Aleem has written for – The New York Times, The Guardian, VICE, Huffington Post, Vox, Politico – to understand where his politics lie. This is a man fully ensconced in extreme-radical Leftism; essentially rolled off an assembly line and turned into another faceless propagandist for the Marxists on the march.

Maverick gets a target lock in ‘Top Gun: Maverick” (2022), Paramount Pictures

Therefore, it’s not surprising he’d attack a fun action film about planes that fly really fast, and pilots who pull off near-suicidal maneuvers both for the adrenaline rush, and their commitment to duty. The Left have always loathed the American military, and by extension, America itself. It’s easy to remember people like Jane Fonda, or the treasonous John Kerry smearing Vietnam vets on behalf of the VVAW, which was highly influenced and controlled by the Nation of Islam.

In all instances, Leftists who attack America for its military presence on the world stage seem to conveniently (oh-so-conveniently) forget what happened during the aftermath. In the case of Vietnam, tens of millions were brutally murdered by the swift Communist onslaught that followed in the wake of the fall of Saigon and the eventual pullout of the American military in the region.

Maverick races a fighter jet in ‘Top Gun’ (1986), Paramount Pictures

Whenever America goes isolationist, the world suffers greatly. Whenever America backs down on the world stage, actual evildoers rush in to fill the vacuum and take advantage. Men like Zeeshan Aleem would praise the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, while turning a blind eye to prepubescent girls being raped in their own homes by the Taliban. The hatred of America trumps everything else – including actual human suffering.

The great irony is that two things can, in fact, be true at once. It’s inarguable that America has blood on its hands, and nobody would suggest otherwise. For the Left, however, that’s all they want to talk about, as opposed to the overwhelming good of America’s military presence around the globe. It brought an end to hundreds of years of bloody European wars, it lifted 70% of the world out of poverty in the space of just a few decades, and it paved the way for an interconnected planet that discouraged large-scale conflicts, based almost entirely on its trade and supply chain systems.

Maverick coming in for a rough landing in ‘Top Gun: Maverick” (2022), Paramount Pictures

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In the end, Zeeshan Aleem is a small-minded man desperate for media clout and Leftist praise who cannot properly process the ramifications of American foreign policy, and by extension, the role its military plays around the globe.

Therefore, all he can really do is spit and sneer at Top Gun: Maverick, due to the limited scope of his own geopolitical understanding. It’s classic Leftism in a nutshell – hate America because you were told to by some Communist sympathizing Woke professor at a university that over-charges on tuition fees, while happily taking government subsidies on the side.

Hangman and Rooster make peace in ‘Top Gun: Maverick” (2022), Paramount Pictures

Kudos to Russell Brand for obliterating MSNBC during a passionate rant on a recent episode of Bill Maher’s show. Meanwhile, men like Zeeshan Aleem will always be around in one form or another, just waiting for the political climate to fester to their liking.

Fortunately, his relevance may soon be coming to an end as America’s citizens start fighting back against the mind-cancer of Wokeism. 

Also, the Oscars don’t deserve Top Gun: Maverick. 

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