Blaze TV host Steve Deace shared a second trailer for Nefarious, the upcoming live-action adaptation of his novel, A Nefarious Plot.

Jordan Belfi as Dr. James Martin in Nefarious

Take a look:

The trailer sees Jordan Belfi as Dr. James Martin tasked with determining if inmate Edward Wayne Brady played by Sean Patrick Flanery is mentally fit to be executed by the state of Oklahoma after being tried and convicted of multiple murders.

However, the examination quickly goes sideways when Brady claims to be a host of numerous demons calling themselves Nefarious. 

Nefarious Film Poster

On Twitter, Deace promoted the new trailer comparing the film to C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and The Exorcist.

He wrote, “Here it is — the full trailer for NEFARIOUS or if The Exorcist and Screwtape Letters had a baby.”

Steve Deace Twitter

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Deace previously explained to the Epoch Times why he chose to make a film adaptation of his novel, “I do think media, academia, the lines are drawn. There’s no persuasion that can happen there anymore. Everybody’s gone to their sides.”

“Storytelling is the last place left I think where persuasion and real persuasion can happen,” he continued. “And that’s why my company we invested millions of dollars that I frankly didn’t have to make this movie. Because we think that it’s the last place left where real persuasion can occur.”

“Because just as the Lord died for us when we were dead in our sins, the people that we’re up against that are spreading this evil, he died for them too,” he said.

The official description for the film reads, “The official description for the film reads, “On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.”

The movie is written and directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. Alongside Belfi and Flannery it also features Tom Ohmer as Warden Moss.

The film arrives in theaters on April 14th. It will have a premiere in Dallas on April 4th.

Sean Patrick Flanery as Edward Wayne Brady/Nefarious in Nefarious

What do you make of this trailer? Do you plan on checking out this film when it arrives in theaters?

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