The Equalizer television series on CBS recently tread on familiar ground, with a March episode portraying everyday white people—“the guy at the grocery store” and “the mailman”—as the “new face” of “antisemitism” and “white supremacy.”

White actors portray Nazis attacking a synagogue in the CBS television series 'The Equalizer.'

White actors portray Nazis in the ‘Never Again’ episode (2023) of ‘The Equalizer,’ CBS YouTube.

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On March 12, the far-left TheWrap glowingly reported on the episode “Never Again.” It opened by stating that, “The Equalizer touches on a tragic topic in tonight’s episode that is, unfortunately, currently sweeping the country – antisemitism.” And in later paragraphs, the post focused on who the TV series deems responsible for the antisemitism.

For instance, TheWrap pulls a few lines from the character of Harry Keshegian, played by actor Adam Goldberg. Harry mentions that his elders warned him of the hatred he’d face in America, saying things to him such as, “You’re white until they find out you’re Jewish.” He concludes his thoughts by regretfully musing: “And I didn’t pay any attention to it.”

As if to drive home that the white villains of “Never Again” aren’t some kind of anomaly, TheWrap later adds that Harry “soon learns that the new face of hate isn’t the swastika or white hoods, ‘it’s the guy at the grocery store or it’s the mailman.’” In other words, any ordinary white person is a potential white supremacist threat.

And as if to clarify that those thoughts aren’t just those of the character of Harry, TheWrap turned to Adam Glass, the co-showrunner of The Equalizer. “We can’t fight hate alone. We need each other,” he told the far-left outlet. “We need to keep standing up for one another. It’s hard work, it’s tiring work, but it’s the work of our lives.”

Actor Adam Goldberg smugly delivers his lines as 'Harry' in the CBS television series 'The Equalizer.'

Adam Goldberg as ‘Harry Keshegian’ in the ‘Never Again’ episode (2023) of ‘The Equalizer,’ CBS YouTube.

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And so as to leave no doubt as to who the “we” is and who the “hate” is Glass added: “We’re in a time when white supremacists are actively working to sew [sic] hate between marginalized communities. Can’t allow that to separate us.”

Neither the storyline of “Never Again” nor the comments from Glass are shocking. Indeed, they are par for the course when it comes to Hollywood’s portrayal of and views about white people. Furthermore, Queen Latifah, the star of The Equalizer, is no stranger when it comes to sharing her thoughts on race.

Actress Queen Latifah as 'Robyn' punches a white man in the CBS television series 'The Equalizer.'

Queen Latifah as ‘Robyn McCall’ beats a white man in the ‘Never Again’ episode (2023) of ‘The Equalizer,’ CBS YouTube.

On March 2, Variety gushed about how Queen Latifah’s “Queen Collective has developed into a flourishing pipeline for women and non-binary filmmakers of color in both the film and advertising industries.” The article then features multiple instances of Queen Latifah boasting about the success she’s had in hiring nonwhites and other people with the characteristics she prefers.

Now comes the part where conservatives wail, “Could you imagine if the races were reversed? If it was a show that portrayed everyday nonwhite people as being a potential threat to whites? And if a white actor boasted about hiring whites? So many people would be cancelled if that happened!”

Actress Liza Lapira as 'Mel' delivers a buttstroke to the head of a white man in the CBS television series 'The Equalizer.'

Liza Lapira as ‘Melody Bayani’ delivers a buttstroke to the head of a white man in the ‘Never Again’ episode (2023) of ‘The Equalizer,’ CBS YouTube.

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But that’s the wrong approach. There shouldn’t be any hysteria or whining. If this is how Hollywood wants to treat whites, so be it. However, the rules should be noted and other artists should apply them in a decidedly different direction. In other words, artists should create stories where heroic whites fight back against nonwhite villains.

And while both progressives and conservatives will rage at the idea of white people playing by the same rules that Hollywood has set, the irony is that doing so would result in finding the precious common ground that progressives and conservatives always say they want. After all, actor Kumail Nanjiani recently complained about how Hollywood is “reluctant to cast nonwhite actors in villain roles.”

AI art generator Gabby's interpretation of actor Edward Woodward as he appeared in his portrayal of Robert McCall for 'The Equalizer' on CBS (1985-1989).

AI-generated art of Edward Woodward as Robert McCall–the original ‘Equalizer’ (CBS, 1985-1989), (Gabby)

Hollywood has made it clear what it thinks of white people. The “Never Again” episode of The Equalizer is just the latest example of this thinking. Complaining about it accomplishes nothing and only results in Hollywood laughing with glee. So the only reasonable response is to play by the same rules that the entertainment industry has set.

This means that new creators need to make white heroes and nonwhite villains—even going so far as to portray nonwhites in the exact same fashion that The Equalizer portrayed whites in “Never Again.” And creators need to be unapologetic about it—no matter how much progressives and conservatives cry about it, and no matter how much they demonize them for doing so.

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