Star Wars actor Mark Hamill’s political ignorance and complete denial of reality has achieved legendary status over the years, but his latest gaffe may have broken the camel’s back. In a new video posted on his Twitter account, Hamill chatted up Ukrainian soldiers without realizing that one of the groups had a Nazi flag in the background.

It was enough for the actor to trend on Twitter once more, for all the wrong reasons, in what is the latest in a series of tone deaf virtue signals regarding the war in Ukraine.

Mark Hamill on the set of THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. © 2021 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

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Hamill’s tweet included a message that read “It was a pleasure meeting with the brave Ukrainian drone operators. We talked about the challenges they face on a daily basis, but they also wanted to talk about Wookiees & farm boys & droids, oh my!”

However, many Star Wars fans, including a significant number of Jewish Twitter users, were none-too-thrilled by Hamill’s nonchalance and ignorance.

@josephllagrange tweeted out “You’re supporting fascists and trying to make it sound cute with Star Wars references.”

Twitter user @josephllagrange goes off on Mark Hamill for supporting Ukrainian Nazis

Twitter user @josephllagrange goes off on Mark Hamill for supporting Ukrainian Nazis

@comradebirb quickly provided some visual aids for Mark Hamill to digest, showing the breakdown of Neo-Nazi symbols commonly utilized, which include the infamous Black Sun present in the aforementioned video.

Twitter user @comradebirb educates Mark Hamill on Nazi imagery used by Ukrainian soldiers

Twitter user @comradebirb educates Mark Hamill on Nazi imagery used by Ukrainian soldiers

Former U.S. Marine and geopolitical commentator @BrianJBerletic went straight for the jugular by highlighting the presence of the Nazi flag in the video roundtable discussion with Mark Hamill. “Did you not notice the Nazi flag in the background? If they are this unconcerned about anyone noticing, imagine what other aspects of Nazism they feel free to indulge in. Easy to understand the necessity behind Russia’s decision to launch the special military operation.”

Twitter user @BrianJBerletic points out the uncomfortable and obvious for Mark Hamill

Twitter user @BrianJBerletic points out the uncomfortable and obvious for Mark Hamill

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The video was originally posted on UP24’s Twitter page, which was spearheaded by President Volodymyr Zelensky as a means to capture the hearts and minds of sympathetic people around the globe. Unfortunately, it’s also showcasing an ugly side of a war that has very few good guys, but many shades of interlacing grey. Mark Hamill talking with Ukrainian fighters sporting Nazi symbolism is about as bad as it gets, and fans were quick to ratio his tweet whilst letting him know.

Twitter user @askeeve pointed out the racist significance of the Nazi symbolism, to which Hamill responded, “I have no idea what that flag signifies. My support is simply for Ukraine over the Russian invasion. PERIOD.” Not exactly a stellar move on Hamill’s part, to say the very least.

Twitter user @askeeve confronts Mark Hamill for chatting with Neo-Nazis on Twitter

Twitter user @askeeve confronts Mark Hamill for chatting with Neo-Nazis on Twitter

It’s the perfect encapsulation of the “support Ukraine” fad that has swept over the Left since Russia made moves on the country. It’s also a reminder of the sharp 180-degree turnabout from the days when that same Left-wing media proclaimed Ukraine to be corrupt to the gills, with a plague of inescapable Nazism at every turn.

However, when the Leftist overlords move the narrative in one direction, the fanatics are expected to follow suit without question, and never exercise even a sliver of independent thought.

Sean Penn lends his Oscar statuette to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, AFP News Agency YouTube channel

Sean Penn lends his Oscar statuette to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, AFP News Agency YouTube channel

This latest gaffe couldn’t come at a worse time, thanks in large part to last week’s leakage of classified documents regarding the Ukraine war by a 21 year old officer at the Pentagon. While the Leftist media tried desperately to swivel the focus onto the leaker, the world kept eyeballing the actual materials, which showed that the war in Ukraine isn’t going as swimmingly as everyone first thought.

It also cast some serious doubts on the cozy-warm relationship between the Biden White House and Zelensky, who has since begun ruling like a tyrant.

Black sun symbol on the floor of Wewelsburg Castle, the former site of Heinrich Himmler’s SS School and cult site. Photo Credit: Dirk Vorderstraße, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The flag in question featured in the video represented the Black Sun, which is commonly associated with Neo-Nazi groups the world over. SS officer Heinrich Himmler was especially fond of it, perhaps due to its perceived association with the occult, which he was very interested in. He even adopted a variant of the Black Sun as a central design element for the spiritual home of the Schutzstaffel (SS) at the Wewelsburg Castle. Over the years, the Black Sun, much like the original Swastika, have both been viewed within a wider historical context that has since been sullied by the ugliness of Nazism.

However, in the context of the Ukraine war, where Nazi elements do operate, it seems rather obvious. This isn’t the first time Western nations have had to deal with this uncomfortable truth, either. In March of 2022, NATO was left embarrassed when they failed to recognize the Nazi Black Sun symbol on the uniform of a Ukrainian soldier. Before the war broke out, vast swathes of Left-wing media groups routinely criticized the presence and influence of Nazis within its borders.

Putin announces the official war against Ukraine, via Global News

Putin announces the official war against Ukraine, via Global News

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For context, the claim that Nazism is prevalent in Ukraine is something of a complicated truth. The simple fact is that Neo-Nazis have, and do operate within Ukraine to this very day, but it’s a far cry from the propaganda used by Vladimir Putin to try and justify the invasion of Ukraine. Over the past 8 months, Putin has all-but abandoned this narrative completely, as well as his claim that “gay demons” were in charge of Ukraine, and needed to be fought.

Yes, that’s a thing.

However, the Left need to acknowledge that Nazism is, in fact, a real problem for Ukraine, and for all their labeling of Right-wingers and dissenters as “literal Nazis,” they seem conveniently oblivious, blind, or nonchalant about their own support for it. Mark Hamill cannot have it both ways. Either he supports Nazism because a faction just so happens to be aligned with the movement he particularly likes, or he needs to condemn it across the board, with no exceptions. The same goes for a Left in general that seem absolutely willing to overlook revolting ugliness and racism when it suits their preferred agenda.

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Perhaps it’s because that same radical Left values many of the same principles and policies as Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi Party, which include the abolishment of capitalism, government control of commerce, denial of property rights, identity politics, indoctrination of children by the state, eugenics, and other social and political horrors. When forced to address the obvious links between Left-wing radicalism and traditional fascist beliefs, things can get uncomfortable…rather quickly.

In truth, Mark Hamill simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but that’s the entire point. Today’s radicalized Left are taught not to think objectively, but to follow the established narrative, regardless of the ugliness attached to it. The intellectual, by contrast, is encouraged to think openly, examine all corners of an argument, and acknowledge the subtle nuances and gradations within. Failure to do so is tantamount to an indoctrinated herd mentality, which, of course, is what every radical Leftist secretly yearns for.

Mark Hamill and United24's Star Wars poster fundraising campaign video

Mark Hamill and United24’s Star Wars poster fundraising campaign video

In the meantime, Mark Hamill will have to deal with more embarrassment, right after standing behind J.K. Rowling’s stance against the transgender cult, and his tone-deaf autographed Star Wars poster debacle, which was set up to raise funds for military drones in the wake of billions of dollars being sent to Ukraine by the Biden administration.

Will the madness and stupidity ever end? Will the Left ever realize the folly of their own ideology? Only Yoda knows, and he’s nowhere to be seen these days.

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