Facebook reportedly censored a post that reads “Jesus died so you could live” and claimed it went against the company’s Community Standards on hate speech.

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Washington Times columnist Billy Hallowell reported on Twitter that a Facebook post he made back in April that reads, “Jesus died so you could live.” was censored by Facebook for violating the company’s Community Standards on hate speech.

Hallowell shared to Twitter the message he received from Facebook that declares, “Your post goes against our Community Standards on hate speech.”

Facebook further warned, “No one else can see your post. We have these standards because we want everyone to feel safe, respected and welcome. If your content goes against our Community Standards again, your account may be restricted or disabled. You can disagree with the decision if you think we got it wrong.”

Billy Hallowell Twitter

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Hallowell seemingly appealed the decision, but indicated that Facebook didn’t budge. He tweeted, “Facebook doubled down.”

Billy Hallowell Twitter

He then followed that up with another post confirmed he did indeed appeal the decision, and Facebook did not budge, but instead chose to remove the post altogether.

Hallowell tweeted, “I appealed Facebook and this is their response. Accused me of violating ‘hate speech’ and removed the post. My message? ‘Jesus died so you could live.’ Very, very bizarre.”

Facebook’s response to his appeal reads, “We have removed your post from Facebook.” It also states, “Your appeal was reviewed and your post does not follow our Community Standards for hate speech.”

Billy Hallowell Twitter

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In an article published in The Washington Times Hallowell commented on Facebook upholding the removal of the post for hate speech. He wrote, “The entire ordeal was surreal and, frankly, disturbing. I’m not at all interested in purporting to be a victim, but as an advocated of free speech and religious freedom, the idea that a message as innocuous as ‘Jesus died so you could live’ would be censored or banned is patently bizarre.”

He even went on to note that he tried to further contact Facebook, but made no headway explaining, “I made it a point to contact the Facebook press office as well as directly messaging a staff member — but to no avail. Thus far, no one has replied.”

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What do you make of Facebook censoring the message “Jesus died so you could live?”

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