There was a rumor some time ago, back before James Gunn was given the keys to the DC Universe and when the Snyderverse seemed poised for a comeback five years too late, that the Red Hood – Jason Todd version – was getting a solo project. Some reports indicated this would be standalone and Tanner Buchanan, the kid in Cobra Kai, was in talks to star.

Curran Walters as Red Hood in Titans (2021), HBO Max

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That part may have been more hearsay than anything, but it is being confirmed a Red Hood project had a chance of being realized as a spinoff of Titans starring Curran Walters. The Jason Todd actor performed a greatest hits comp of Jason’s most well-known moments for four seasons, including dying and coming back to don the Red Hood helmet and jacket.

He also found time to woo Deathstroke’s daughter Rose and bring her into the fold, which wasn’t the brightest idea. However, that plot thread could have continued in a new series or a fifth season of Titans according to showrunner Greg Walker, who said the idea was pitched, sold, and had writers working on a treatment – if not more.

The Deathstroke suit in Titans, HBO Max

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Led into the thought by a question – “What would Rose be doing now?” – in a Cinema Blend interview, Walker answered, “I can imagine her and Jason Todd connecting again. We had talked about that, we were playing around with a Red Hood spinoff and bringing Rose back.” This worked for him as he is a fan of the actress that played her.

“Chelsea [Zhang]’s such an extraordinary talent, and to be able to tap into that character again and have her brother’s consciousness out there in the world to tap into as well, would be fun,” Walker added. “Yeah, that’s a story I would love to do in Season 5. If you can get a Season 5, I’ll do it.”

Curran Walters as Red Hood in Titans (2021), HBO Max

Max and DC Studios said “Big fat chance!” to a fifth season that would have caught up with Rose and her brother Jericho, and maybe even Big Daddy Deathstroke despite his condition of death, but a lost treatment might be recyclable. “No, we sold it. [Writers] Bryan [Edward Hill] and Rich [Hatem] were working on an outline,” Walker revealed.

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