Marvel Comics writer Donny Cates recently revealed he’s recovering from a horrific car crash that resulted in brain damage.

Absolute Carnage Vol. 1 (2020), Marvel Comics

Cates first informed YouTube channel ComicPop Returns at San Diego Comic-Con about the crash. Hosts Tiff and Sal shared their conversation with Cates, “Donny Cates apparently was involved in an automobile accident. He was severely injured. He actually has the scars to prove it. It’s insane.”

Sal continued, “Broke a bone near his ocular area and went through a severe period of rehabilitation and is now trying to essentially recover the pieces of his life.” Tiff then added, “He’s like missing six months.”

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“He doesn’t remember like the last at least six months or at least that’s what he said.” Sal reiterated.

Sal then detailed that Cates’ stutter is now more pronounced after the accident, “He has been very vocal about the fact that he used to have a stutter. You might have caught it any of his interviews. It’s a little bit more pronounced nowadays.”

He then emphasized, “He was severely injured and he’s now recovering and trying to pick up the pieces of his life.” Sal then also detailed that Cates divorced his wife.

Donny Cates pictured alongside Oscar Osorio at San Diego Comic-Con via Oscar Osorio Twitter

Cates would provide further information about his accident to Bleeding Cool informing the outlet, “I was in the backseat of a car pulling off the highway when we were hit by a truck from behind, sending my head into not just the middle console but also my open laptop. The result of which shattered my orbital socket, sliced my head open like a grape, and caused a not-insignificant amount of bleeding on my brain.”

He continued, “So yeah, for me, I was in a car heading to the airport and then boom.. kinda…. teleported to a hospital ER with no real idea what the hell had happened or who I was or… yeah. Not my favorite thing that’s happened this year. And it’s been… a weird year.”

Venom Vol. 1 (2019), Marvel Comics

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Referencing the video from ComicPop Returns, Cates added, “But, like the video says, I’m back on the mend, and it’s better every day. The good news is that l I’ve had the opportunity to read my own books and have them all be a surprise! Did you know Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually Frank Castle? Wild.”

He concluded, “I’d like to say I’m sorry to all my fans and friends and YouTube trolls and whoever else if it’s seemed like I’ve just disappeared. I’ve had to relearn how to tie my own shoes and feed myself and all that boring crap, but I assure you, a little brain damage won’t stop me from doing….whatever it is that I do that you all seem to enjoy so much.”

Hulk #1 (2021), Marvel Comics

Cates is known for his work on a number of Marvel Comics books including Thanos, Thor, Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Hulk, Absolute Carnage, and Doctor Strange: Damnation. His last published work at Marvel was Ultimate Invasion #1, which released in June. Before that was Thor #33, which released in April.

Outside of Marvel Comics, he’s known for his creator-owned work such as Redneck and God Country published at Image Comics.

Thor #33 (2023), Marvel Comics

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